His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Αίσθηση της Ζήλιας

“She is a queen.

Her soul is royalty.”

-Adrian Michael

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Hades’ silver orbs darkened slightly at her words, turning from the magnificent silver color she loved into a dark steely grey. She shivered slightly as she watched his huge form sitting elegantly in the sit across from her looking marvelous as always –perhaps a bit more than usual with that black chiton he was wearing tonight.

The wooden table in between them was filled to the brim with all kinds of foods that were tantalizing her nose, but she paid them no mind. She could not bring herself to care about food when she was in his presence and he was looking at her so intently.

“You are breathtaking.”

He simply answered her question with a shrug of his shoulders.

Persephone blushed at his words but hoped he hadn’t noticed it. The candles’ dim light covering her redness and her embarrassment. She took a gulp of her golden cup, gulping the sweet favored red wine in delight.

“I like your dress”, he said to her, leaning forward in his seat.

“Why?“, she asked him curiously.

Remembering the earlier words of Hecate about his possessiveness, she wanted to find out for herself if they were true or not. Was the Lord of the Dead as jealous and possessive as the Goddess of Witchcraft had warned her about?

“It puts me in a dilemma.”

Persephone furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as she watched him taking in her form once again.

“What kind of a dilemma, my Lord?“, she finally asked.

He let out a dark laugh escape him as he drank all the red liquid from his cup.

“Should I let you keep it and lock you up in my room or should I simply rip it off you?”

Persephone’s emerald orbs widened in surprise as she registered his words. Her heart began to race as she tried to hide her embarrassment by sipping her wine. On the other hand, Hades seemed to be completely comfortable, enjoying her discomfort with a smirk on his lips. Well, at least, she had found out that Hecate was dead spot right.

“You know, my Lord...I can wear whatever I want.”

She hoped that she sounded confident and stern, but doubted she had succeeded. Following Hecate’s advice to become a confident woman who was her own person and didn’t need anyone else was a lot harder than she had imagined. However, she thought this was a good start judging by Hades’ surprised reaction.

“Is that so, my sweet?“, he asked her with a raised eyebrow.

He hid it well, but he was actually surprised at her courage. He thought his flower would blush and stutter an apology, but she surprised him by supporting her decision –even if this was all about a certain tantalizing dress. He couldn’t say he didn’t like this behavior of her, because he would be lying terribly.

His eyes darkened further as she already began to change and let her true self come up to the surface –the self that wasn’t suppressed by her mother or anyone else. Persephone was letting him see a side of her nobody else knew about –one she even didn’t know existed, and he was simply loving it.

She hummed as an answer to his question while playing with a candle’s flame. Looking up at him and into his silver orbs, she dared him to set boundaries to her.

He leaned closer to her, smirking slightly.

“This still can’t stop me from ripping them off.”

Persephone leaned back in her seat, moving away from him. He watched her curiously as she distanced herself.

“Is this what you did to that water nymph too?”, she asked him.

Hades’ eyes widened in shock as he watched her play with the remains of her cup. He leaned back in his seat as he gazed at her, wondering how she had found out about this. Of course, Hecate would make sure to tell her the truth –the Goddess of Witchcraft never lied, even when it came to saving herself. Considering she wanted to have a good and friendly relationship with the Underworld’s upcoming Queen, it should have not surprised him at all.

He closed his eyes momentarily and pinched the bridge of his nose in slight anger. He should have known that something like this would have come up to the surface sooner or later. He just wished for it to have been known later.

"Minthe means nothing to me...she never did and she never will”, he said to her honestly.

Persephone hummed in acknowledgment, trying to seem as unbothered as possible. Why did this bother her so much?

“Minthe? Is this her name?“, she asked him.

Hades cocked his head to the side, his black locks falling upon his shoulder.

“Are you jealous, my love?“, he questioned, surprised by her behavior.

He had known her since she was a child and she had not even once acted like this. Was his Goddess as possessive of him as he was of her? Well, at least, they wouldn’t end up like Zeus and Hera...hopefully.

“Do I have a reason to be?”

Emerald orbs stared deeply into silver ones.

“A Goddess isn’t comparable to a nymph.”

Persephone narrowed her eyes at him. He wasn’t giving her any information –anything else to grasp upon and calm herself down. She didn’t know anything else about this mysterious nymph rather than the fact that he had a relationship with her and that her name was Minthe. She took a deep breath trying to calm down her nerves before she finally spoke.

“Until the Goddess makes sure that this nymph is not going to be a problem, she is going to have to keep her distance”, she stated as calmly as she could.

She gazed at the shocked God in front of her.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, my Lord, I would like to return back to my champers.”

She slowly stood up, fixing her scarlet dress in the process. She turned around ready to leave the table and return to the silence of her room, where she would be able to think clearly. She held her head high as her sandals clicked on the marble floor, leaving a confused and baffled Hades to look at her retreating form.

His eyes widened when he finally wrapped his head around her words and he instantly stood up following her petite form. When he finally caught up to her, he gently grabbed her forearm and turned her to face him.

“You don’t mean this, do you? About the distance part?“, he asked her nervously.

She sighed before she looked into his eyes.

“This isn’t about me being jealous. This is about you hiding the truth from me. I am not angry at you for being in a previous relationship –I understand that you had a life before me. But I am angry at you for having to find out about it from Hecate and for the fact that you continue to not say anything even though I ask you!”

A stray tear left her eye and made its way slowly down her rosy cheek. His thumb instantly wiped it away, not letting it move further down. He couldn’t bear it when she cried –it hurt him like hell.

“What else am I supposed to make out of your avoidance than that you still have feelings for her?“, she whispered.

Hades looked at her in utter bewilderment. Was this really how she felt? Did she really believe that he had eyes for another woman when she was by his side? For how long did she believe this?

“Do you honestly believe that I would have faced the wrath of Olympus if I wasn’t so deeply in love with you? Do you think that I would open my old wounds with my brother if I hadn’t a serious reason to do so? That I am so arrogant and cruel to bring you here –away from everyone and everything you’ve ever known, just to be with another woman?”

The Goddess of Spring sniffled slightly as she shrugged her shoulders in answer.

“Look at me, my love”, he whispered to her softly.

She hesitantly looked up his towering form until she found his steel gaze.

“I love you.”

His voice broke slightly as he kissed her forehead lovingly.

“You and you alone.”

She gave him a watery smile before she hugged him tightly. A few tears stained his black chiton, but he did not mind them one bit. As long as he had her safely in his arms, everything was perfectly fine.

“I love you too, my Lord.”

She mumbled it in the safety of his arms, barely audible to the God of the Underworld. But he hugged her a bit harder –crushing her to him, indicating that he had indeed heard her.

“I don’t like speaking about her, not because I feel anything about her –she just reminds me of a dark period of time in my life”, he answered her truthfully.

Keeping secrets from one another wasn’t good for them. It was better to say the truth and explain everything clearly to each other, so they could move on to the future without any past drama catching up to them.

She didn’t say anything, feeling a bit embarrassed at her sudden outbursts. She was finally getting the answers she wanted, but she didn’t want to push him further –she already felt guilty enough.

“I just...I felt the need to be with someone at the time. I needed someone to fill the void inside of me –the constant emptiness I was feeling. I was never with somebody before –being the God of the Dead isn’t really appealing to women”, he mumbled to her, not looking her in the eye.

They both sat at a comfortable sofa that was nearby as Persephone let him continue without disturbing him. She leaned her back to his chest as he hugged her waist lovingly before he continued to speak.

“I just felt so alone at the time and...I was jealous of my brothers. Poseidon was admired for ruling the oceans and he had women falling to his feet all the time. Zeus was having the time of his life with as many deities, nymphs and humans he could get his hands on.“, he shook his head in disappointment.

“They were loved while I was feared. They were admired while I was disregarded. They managed to find a woman to call their own and got married to them. They had children of their own –brave young men and beautiful young maidens to be proud of.”

He smiled sadly at her as she listened to his every word intently. A few tears gathering in her eyes, but not falling down to her cheeks.

“I was alone in the darkness of the Underworld –trying to rule a kingdom I never was supposed to. I was never loved by any woman like my brothers and I had no children of my own. I guess Minthe was a distraction at the time. I had hoped she would make things better for me.”

Persephone cleared her throat, slightly uncomfortable.

“Did she?...make things better?“, she asked.

Hades let a humorless laugh escape him.

“No. She made me feel even worse than before.”


“Because no matter how much time I spent with her, the void inside of me never disappeared. Plus, I just had to deal with someone eyeing the Queen’s position –after some time she just became so obsessed with it, I couldn’t bear with her any longer.”

Persephone nodded in understanding.

“And where is she now?“, she asked curiously while playing with his fingers.

Hades let his familiar smirk appear on his face.

“Are you planning on paying her a visit?“, he teased her.

She hit his arm slightly and turned around to face him. He sat her on his lap with each of her legs on either side of his, as she laughed at his antiques. He caressed her cheek lovingly, before kissing her once again on her forehead.

“She is a water nymph, so she returned back to her father’s waters. She lives in the depths of Cocytus, but sometimes she visits Erebus”, he shrugged his shoulders.

“She still visits you?“, Persephone looked at him with furrowed eyes.

Hades hummed as she waited impatiently for an explanation.

“I guess she still thinks that she’ll become my Queen.”

Persephone bit her lower lip lightly, making Hades to instantly focus on the motion. His darkened gaze followed her tantalizing movement without her knowing what she was doing to him.

“Do you want to make her your Queen?“, she asked after a while.

Hades looked at her horrified just at the mere thought, making her instantly laugh at his expression. Who would have guessed? The Lord of Darkness is scared of a water nymph!

“I have my eyes set on somebody else”, he finally answered her.

Persephone cocked her head to the side in curiosity.

“Is that so?“, she murmured.

He hummed an answer as he leaned his face into her warm palm.

“So, you have found your Queen?”

He gave her a dazzling smile as he snuggled in her palm.


She felt her heart skip a beat at his words. She had hoped so long for this –to be with him for the rest of her life, her reality seemed like a sweet unreachable dream. Still, she wanted to hear him say it just to be absolutely sure.

“Who is she?”

He caressed her rosy cheek softly before he leaned closer to her face.

“You, my Queen.”

And then, he crashed his lips to her’s passionately, feeling her smile against his flesh.


End of chapter 20!!

Title Translation: ” The Feeling of Jealousy”

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