His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Αλήθεια του Ήλιου

She was trouble -Chaos really

But her smile -Her smile

Dared me to fall in love with her.


The sound of galloping horses could be heard as soon as the first ray of light appeared in the sky on this brand new day. A magnificent chariot appeared from the horizon as the Titan God Helios began his daily task. Being the Titan of the Sun and God of Sight, he had been blessed by the Fates with the mission of raising the bright circle of warmth to the vast blue sky every single morning and bringing it back down every single evening.

Today was different though as the Ruler of the Skies had demanded his presence as soon as his important duty was over. Therefore, he had found himself walking through Zeus’ golden palace shortly after he had guided the sun in his usual position. And now, standing in front of the God of the Skies, his shining golden orbs took in his tired appearance as he was seated on his majestic throne.

“You asked for me, my Lord?“, he asked in his profound voice.

Rubbing his temples in frustration, he turned his gaze briefly to his wife as she sat silently in her throne. Taking a sip of ambrosia out of her cup, she watched the two Gods interact with one another.

“It is said that nothing can be hidden under the bright light of the sun, is that true, Titan God?”

Helios smiled at his words, shaking his head in amusement.

“It isn’t possible to hide anything under the eye that sees all.”

Zeus nodded in agreement, watching the golden-haired God under his eyelids. The mighty Lord of the Sun was powerful and had knowledge most of the other deities desired. Not as much because of his old age, but because his position on the sky gave him a very clear image of everything that was happening in the world.

The fact that he was an honorable man that had a high ideal of the truth, rightfully had made him earn the respect of everyone. He never lied, but he never snitched on anyone either –he involved himself only if it was a great need.

“Then, you’ll have already seen the earth perishing from your palace in the skies.”

The Titan nodded his head in an answer, his crown of bright sunrays moving with his golden curls.

“I’ve seen the chaos Demeter’s wrath has caused and the mortals begging for mercy from the Gods.”

The King’s sky blue orbs darkened with the anger he had been trying to hold back.

“Do you know why she’s been acting like that?“, he asked the Titan that was standing before him.

“Her daughter’s unexpected disappearance has made her mad with grief and sadness”, he answered honestly.

Zeus took a deep breath before asking the question everyone had been dying to know.

“And what has the bright sun seen for Kore’s disappearance?”

Helios let a small smile appear in his bright face, before enlightening them about the cause of the missing child.

“A Goddess laying in a meadow of narcissus, before plucking off the ground the darkest one of them all.

An abyss as dark as Nyx’s starless sky swallowing the flowered field.

The chariot of a King riding from Earth’s deepest foundations after nine year’s time.

Two soulmates finding one another once again before returning to a world they can call their own.”

A thundering noise echoed around the circular room, following the honesty of the ancient titan. As black clouds started to make an appearance on the otherwise clear sky, the King of Gods and Humans stood furious from his throne.

“Speak without riddles, Titan God”, he said in a deep voice, “Did the Lord of Darkness abduct the fair maiden?”

The bright Titan titled his head to the side before confirming his suspicions.

“She is a flower in the garden of death.”

The angry father shook with visible anger as his hands turned into tight fists.

“Is she alright? Has that wrenched God done anything to her? I swear in Styx’s name that I will-”

“Now now, my Lord, do not take unreasonable oaths –you’ll gain nothing from doing so”, the Titan stopped him before he could continue, “As for your questions, I have no answers to give you. My rays do not disturb the kingdom of the dead.”

Zeus nodded his head in agreement and thanked the Titan for his help. He waited until the Lord of the Sun made his way out of the Olympian’s throne room, before letting his wrath out. Turning towards his unusually quiet wife, he took large strands to her seated figure. Taking hold of her shoulders, he forced her hazel orbs to his furious blue ones.

“You knew about this!”

His rage was evident in his booming voice as it filled the room and bounced around his golden halls. The Goddess of Marriage held her head high, refusing to seem weak and powerless in front of her husband.

“I suspected”, was her simple answer.

He shook his head in fury as he took in her calmness.

“You suspected?“, he repeated her words with malice as his jaw tightened, “And you decided to keep that information to yourself, preferring to see the mortals dying and the world drowning in chaos!”

“It was not my place to tell you, husband”, her hazel eyes narrowed with a spark of anger as she freed her arms from his.

Walking towards the Mirror of Castalia in the center of the room, she could hear his resounding footsteps following her.

“No, it wasn’t your place”, he shook his head negatively letting his blonde locks fall onto his orbs “It was your duty!”

She turned quickly towards his seething form, her dark hair flying around her at the movement. She matched his furious glare with one of her own as she began to shake from the rage that was burning inside of her.

“You have a duty as a deity to protect this world’s balance!”

“I have a duty as a sister to protect my brother!”

Her words hit him hard as he wasn’t expecting them. Taking a step back, he looked at her in disbelief.

“You dare to put him above everything that truly matters?“, he whispered in a low voice, trying to take in her actions.

“What truly matters is family!”, she clenched her fists to her sides as her eyes filled with angry tears, “But you stopped caring about yours long ago, so you wouldn’t understand!”

“That’s a lie and you know it.”

He took a step forward as she took a step backward.

“Do not lie to yourself, my husband. You care for no one but yourself! You couldn’t care less for your siblings or your children, even those you seem to favor the most!”

“I care about you”, he mumbled as his orbs softened.

She shook her head in denial. A treacherous tear escaping her eyes, breaking her strong and confident façade.

“You used to in the past, but not anymore.”

She let herself approach him, caressing his cheek with her palm.

“How am I supposed to be the protector of family and marriage, when I cannot keep my own intact?”

She took her hand away from his face and made her way slowly towards the exit. She could feel his scorching gaze upon her retreating form, but she heard no footsteps. Opening the door, she looked behind her shoulder one last time.

“You broke my heart”, she barely whispered, “And I will never forgive you for it.”

He gazed for a couple of moments at the closed doors, not knowing if he should run behind her or not. He was a King admired and feared by Gods and humans alike and therefore, he would not allow himself to seem weak. Running behind a woman would seem embarrassing and so, he decided to stay where he was.

“Artemis! Hermes!”

A golden smoke appeared in front of him before the two deities appeared from inside of it. They bowed their head in respect, before greeting their father appropriately. Zeus turned towards his black-haired daughter that had eyes the same color as the moon. He looked at the huntress strictly, taking a brief look at the bow and arrows that were hanging in a beautiful case behind her back.

“I have a task for you both”, he announced to them.

The two deities exchanged a brief look, before turning their attention back to their King.

“My daughter, go find the Goddess of Harvest and inform her that her child has been found.”

Their eyes widened at the news, too shocked and surprised to control their reaction. Hermes felt a weight lifting from his shoulders at the sound of his favorite sister being found. Even the huntress that wasn’t close to the Goddess of Spring seemed relieved and happy with this revelation as this situation couldn’t continue for much longer.

“Where is she, father?“, she asked in curiosity, “We looked everywhere for her only to come up empty-handed.”

The Lord of the Skies didn’t answer her question. He turned to the Messenger God, meeting his black eyes with his blue ones.

“You are going to go to the Underworld and deliver a message to Hades.”

The messenger watched as his father turned towards the Mirror of Castalia, putting his hand on the marble that surrounded the fountain.

“What shall I tell him, my Lord?”

Zeus moved his hand on the peaceful waters, watching as the image in front of him changed. He saw the white veil that had covered the Earth’s surface and had brought so much misery and pain to the mortals. He pinched his nose as he took in the dead pilling up in heaps –their bodies covered by the snowflakes of the harsh winter.

“I demand he returns Kore back to her mother, otherwise Demeter’s sorrow will end all life in this world.”

Hermes nodded his head, before immediately leaving the throne room. His winged sandals worked tirelessly as he began his descent towards the kingdom of the dead. His sister though wasn’t as quick to fulfill her father’s wishes. Approaching him silently, she sat upon the marble of Castalia taking in the chaos unfolding in it.

“How do we know that he’ll return her, father?”

He closed his orbs briefly, before letting a tired sigh escape him. Turning around towards her form, he watched as she nervously played with her fingers.

“She is the only person that has ever captured his attention”, she went on to explain, “How are you so sure he will let his happiness go for Demeter’s tantrums?”

He patted her shoulder comfortably, before making his way towards his throne.

“I’ve spent far more time with your uncle than you did and I know my brother better than you could ever know him, my child. Hades is a lot of things, but he is also an honorable and dutiful man. That’s what I am counting on.”

She narrowed her silver yellow orbs, not trusting the God of the Underworld at all. She didn’t have many encounters with him and didn’t have any reason to approach him or his kingdom, but the Lord of Darkness gave her uncomfortable chills every time she was in his presence. The rumors going around his name had made him untrusty and dangerous in her eyes and therefore, she was wary when it came to him.

“Men have trampled their honor for less”, she shrugged her shoulders as she let her fingers touch softy the crystal waters.

Zeus let a laugh at his daughter’s words –he always loved the fact that she was a fiery spirit and an opinionated lady. She was a huntress in every sense of the word –cunning and very careful of whom she trusted and how she acted.

She was an untamed woman that wouldn’t bend to the will of anyone and wouldn’t sacrifice her freedom, especially for men. That’s why he had accepted for her to become a Goddess of eternal maidenhood, keeping her purity and virginity intact.

His fists clenched in anger as he remembered that the Goddess of Spring was supposed to become a Goddess of eternal maidenhood like the Goddess of the Hunt and the Goddess of Wisdom. He wasn’t sure if she would be joining Artemis and Athena anymore, not knowing what Hades has done to her. Gulping his fury down, he tried to not think about that.

“Hades is a man with a high sense of duty. He wouldn’t leave thousands to die, just for him to have fun.”

The Goddess nodded at his words and made her way towards the exit. It was about time she messaged Demeter of her daughter’s return and an end was put in this situation. As she was ready to leave the huge throne room, she stopped just for a brief moment –a ting of uncertainty burning her insides. Turning around to the throne of her father, she watched him with guarded eyes.

“Even if it meant for him to sacrifice the only happiness he ever had?”

When the door closed behind her, Zeus closed his tired orbs. Letting his head hit slightly the back of his throne, he let a sigh escape him.

“For the sake of all of us, I hope so.”


End of chapter 28!!

Title Translation:“The Truth of the Sun”

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