His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Ανακοίνωση του Αγγελιοφόρου

Orpheus wept and cried,

“Love is dead!”

Persephone heard him from her throne and replied,

“Love was never alive.”

-Zan M.

We are nothing but complex personalities –multidimensional, evolving, adaptable. Our souls possess so much depth that sometimes even we ourselves cannot get to the bottom of them.

As the summer’s breeze takes away the scarlet leaves from their branches and the snow covers the ground until flowers will pop from its white veil again, we constantly change. And there comes a time when we look our idol in the mirror and the eyes that face us are altered –wiser, harder, clearer, steadier.


Because we have finally accepted what we truly are –complex beings with opposing forces fighting within us. We are in peace with our brightness and darkness, no longer feeling the need to choose one side and destroy the other. We do not feel ashamed of it –we do not bow anymore to the will of others.

Like blooming roses, we have embraced our delicate petals as well as our sharp thorns.

As Persephone sat on her majestic throne beside Hades, she realized how much the Underworld had changed her. She had finally found the courage to accept what she truly was -a Queen of Change and a Goddess of Adaptability.

In the eerily silence and harshness of this kingdom, she had managed to find her true self that was well hidden beneath all her layers of doubts and fears. She was a person of her own -capable of making her own choices and decisions, unfit of staying in the protective shadow of her mother any longer.

For her light from within was too bright -too powerful for anyone to dim it.

And just like that, she had found a place to call home in the land of the dead, where the Shadows admired and respected her for the beauty of her soul. She had made friends that were attracted to the kindness in her heart and her inner strength -that came to her at their free will and not her mother’s demands.

She had found a King to love her for eternity, accepting her darkness as well as her light. He had managed to bloom in her heart like a majestic flower, rooting himself deep within her being -crowning her as his own Queen of Heart forever.

As he caressed her palm gently from his own throne, she couldn’t help but feel at peace. His touch always had this effect on her, calming her troubling mind and making her ignore her problems for a few moments. His silver eyes were hard and cold to anyone that dared to look into them -only she could distinguish the sadness and loneliness that swirled inside of them.

As the huge doors of the throne room opened and the footsteps of the two Gods echoed on the black marble floor, she gazed at the pools of silver she had fallen in love with. She squeezed his larger hand in encouragement, reminding him of his earlier words.

“Whatever comes in our way, we will face it together.”

His cold lips placed a small kiss on the inside of her palm, his eyes getting lost in her emerald gems. She was so beautiful -a glorious Queen with her crown of Asphodelus and dressed in his colors. White never did her justice anyway -black was clearly her color.

He did not care about the eyes observing their every move, watching as the mighty God of the Underworld was affectionate towards a trivial Goddess of Flowers. For him, she was his everything and therefore, the only person he would ever bow to.

As the Messenger stood in front of them, his heart was beating wildly inside his breasts with anxiety, making him believe that the organ would explode from exhaustion. His dark orbs had remained firmly on his feathered sandals as he thought over his next words carefully. His knees buckled beneath him and his hand stretched to support his weight. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, cursing the Fates for being a bringer of bad news.

“Χαίρε, Άδη“, he greeted in a steady voice, “Άρχοντα των νεκρών και του Κάτω Κόσμου.”

Hades left his Queen’s glowing eyes unwillingly and focused on the kneeling God in front of him.

“Welcome back, Hermes”, he acknowledged him curtly.

The Messenger of the Gods stood up from his knees and finally gazed upon the Underworld’s leaders. His dark orbs didn’t linger on the Lord of Darkness for long, feeling uncomfortable under his icy stare and brooding form.

The God of the Dead always exuded a deathly aura of danger, making anyone in his presence feel like helpless prey in front of a wolf. Even after all these years, Hermes couldn’t help but feel goosebumps upon his skin and a shiver of fear down his spine.

He averted his gaze to the woman by his side, barely containing a gasp of surprise. His beloved sister was a sight to behold as she sat on a throne of bones and scarlet rubies, seeming like glowing droplets of blood under the light of the torches.

He had never before seen her so beautiful -glowing as if she was a lonely star in the black veil of the night. Her smile was truthful, filled with happiness and content. Her eyes were different -wiser and more mature, as if she had seen this world’s truth and wasn’t anymore ignorant to the things happening around her.

“Seph...“, he managed to whisper.

Hades clenched his jaw as his eyes darkened at the sound of the nickname.

“She is the Queen of the Underworld”, he voiced in anger, “You will address her as she deserves. Am I understood, Messenger?”

His dark eyes grew larger and he began to mutter various apologies as he realized his mistake. Persephone gave a look of warning to her King not wanting him to distress her brother any longer. Hades raised a dark eyebrow and let out a heavy breath, but did not say anything else.

“My brother”, she gave him a bright smile, “It’s nice to see you again.”

Hermes sighed in relief, nodding his head in agreement.

“It is, my sister. Although, I would have hoped under better circumstances.”

Her smile slightly fell and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Unfortunately, my Lord Hades”, he gulped loudly, “I am not a bringer of good news.”

A deafening silence fell inside the room, making everyone tense and anxious. The Goddess of Spring looked upon Hades, but he had his cold facade on along with an unreadable expression. He gazed intensely at Hermes, making him squirm under his harsh orbs. He narrowed his silver pools into thin slits and clenched his fists around the skulls on his throne.

“What is Zeus demanding of me this time?”

The Messenger took a shaky breath, calming himself before speaking.

“Ever since Persephone disappeared, Lady Demeter has searched everywhere to find her.”

He turned to his sister before he continued.

“Your mother has left no place where she has not sought you -she even went to Olympus, asking for help from the rest of the Gods and Goddesses. She was desperate to find you, my Lady.”

Persephone nodded in understanding, urging him to go on.

“When she came up empty-handed and realized she wouldn’t find you, she unleashed her wrath on the mortals. She created a harsh and cold winter like nobody had ever seen. All plants have died, leaving humans and animals dying from hunger. Some can’t even survive its frostiness -they do not have an appropriate shelter to warm themselves and die from the cold.”

Unshed tears filled her eyes, but she did not let any escape from them.

“You knew about it”, she stated firmly.

“I knew about it”, Hades confirmed her suspicions, “More souls have been appearing on my doorstep than usual.”

She whipped away a treacherous tear, sniffling quietly to herself.

“What have we done?”, she whispered only for his ears.

He did not know what to answer her -the guilt has been eating him from inside out these past few weeks. As souls multiplied in his kingdom, he could not but feel his heart heavy knowing that they were gone before their time. The reason? His love for her.

Not that he regretted his actions, but that did not lighten their consequences. In a perfect world, he wouldn’t have to choose between her and his duty to the world -he would be a happily married man with a bunch of children running around his halls while he finished his work for the day.

“What is Zeus demanding of me?”, he repeated his question through gritted teeth.

“My Lord, for the sake of all of us”, Hermes’ voice trembled, “Zeus has demanded of you to return Lady Persephone back to her mother. It’s the only way to appease Demeter’s anger and for all this madness to come to an end.”

Hades looked at him intently, his silver eyes turned completely black. He did not speak, but the smoke emitting from his robes was enough to show his displeasure.

“I don’t want to leave.”

The Messenger looked upon his sister startled, not expecting her words.

“I came here on my own free will. It was my choice to follow Hades to the Underworld -my decision to become his Queen.”

“I am afraid no one knows about this, my sister”, the messenger sighed, “They believe you’ve been abducted from the God of the Dead while you’ve been enjoying a day in your mother’s fields.”

More and more tears fell down her rosy cheeks. She could no longer control the shiny traitors.

“That’s not the truth!”, she yelled angrily standing up from her throne.

“Don’t worry, my sweet”, Hades tried to calm her down to no avail.

“Why won’t you let me be happy?”, she whispered desperately, “Even for just once?”

As she ran out of the throne room in distress, Hermes could only feel ashamed. His sister deserved all the happiness this world had to offer, yet the Fates seemed to play cruel jokes on her. If she was happy spending an eternity in the Underworld as Hades’ wife and Queen, then he could only wish the best for them.

He seemed to love her deeply -it was quite obvious in all his movements. His eyes grew softer when he looked at her, admiring her beauty. His voice changed tone when he spoke to her, and he listened attentively to whatever she was saying. He caressed her hand gently to encourage her and stroked carefully her hair to calm her.

She was his world.

Only a fool couldn’t see it.

Hades stood up from his throne, his gaze never leaving the door she had left from.

“Leave, Messenger”, he said, “You’ll have your answer in the morning.”

And then he followed his distressed Queen, wanting to comfort her like nothing else.

Leaving the Messenger standing alone in the throne room, not knowing what to do.


End of chapter 31!!

Title Translation: “The Αnnouncement of the Μessenger”

Greek Facts:

1. “Χαίρε, Άδη” = “Hail, Hades”

2. “Άρχοντα των νεκρών και του Κάτω Κόσμου” = “Lord of the dead and the Underworld”

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