His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Αναμονή του Άδη

“Do not worry

about your contradictions-

Persephone is both

a floral maiden and queen of death.

You, too, can be both.”

The white veil of winter began to melt under the warm touch of the sun. The cold began to subside, filling the hearts of mortals with hope. The regular rains stopped harassing the Earth and the torrents of snow ceased to fall.

The ice melted and the rivers began to flow again with their crystal waters. Green leaves began to cover the empty branches of the trees and soft grass sprang from the damp soil. And as the birds began to fly again in the clear skies and to sing their sweet melodies, the first flowers sprang from the ground.

Colors began to decorate the whole world, filling everyone’s eyes with joy and calming their souls. And when they heard the sweet sounds of nature and smelled the tantalizing fragrances of the flowers, they satisfied their empty stomachs that were growling from hunger.

And the world was released from his miseries because Spring had finally come.

The Goddess of Harvest looked at her daughter’s masterpiece proudly. Nature rejoiced at her arrival, changing scenery to welcome her. And as the young Queen smiled, the whole world brightened around her.

But Demeter was no fool –something was missing. Her daughter’s smile didn’t reach her eyes. She was happy, but not content. She had a good time, but not the best. She enjoyed the warmth of the sun, the conversations with Hermes, the games of the Nymphs, her mother’s advice...but she still felt incomplete.

She was still missing a part of her greatly –a part that had stayed with her King. As she ran through the flowery meadows, her husband was ruling alone over the souls of the dead. As she laughed with the Nymphs, the Underworld was silent –too silent for anyone’s liking.

Her absence was everywhere –it echoed around the dark corridors, in the minds of her friends, in the memories of her King. He had returned back to being the cold and ruthless ruler everyone talked about, judging souls justly and bringing fear to those who underestimated him.

Seated on his throne, he could not but begin to doubt. The loneliness had crept back into him, giving him irrational fears. Had she missed him as much as he did her? Was he in her thoughts as she reigned over his? Did she miss his touch? His kisses? His laughs? Because she ruled over his every thought, filling him with desperation and hopes of her return.

And as the time flowed by, his heart became painfully aware of her loss. He would never stop loving her, no matter the years they spend apart. But what he didn’t know was that she felt exactly the same. For she longed to be with him and never let him go.

And as the months passed by and nature changed yet again, she became happier. As the heat of the sun burned her creations and the risen temperature demanded of her to find relief in the crystal waters of the river, she found her heart beating wildly in her chest.

For summer never lasted forever and it brought her closer to her beloved.

And when the first leaf turned scarlet and fell to the ground, she knew it was time to return back to him. She had let a truthful laugh escape her, before making her way back to her King.

“Be careful, my child”, her mother whispered as she hugged her tightly.

“I will be”, she promised her softly.

The Goddess of Harvest knew what to expect this time. She was well aware of where her daughter was going –she had prepared for her absence. She would be saddened at her loss, but she would not grieve for her. She would miss her, but she knew that her husband would keep her safe and happy.

Nature would change again, but not as harshly as last time. The mortals wouldn’t suffer from the consequences of her sadness –they would live to see Spring arriving again.

“Until we meet again.”

It wasn’t a goodbye –it would never be. For as long as winter came, Spring would surely arrive at the end of it.

As the Earth started to shake and huge cracks appeared in front of her, she didn’t quiver. She let herself fall into the dark abyss, welcoming its frostiness with open arms. When she landed gracefully on the rocky surface of its depths, she felt her whole being filling with joy.

She was finally home.

She walked through the darkness unafraid –she had missed the Underworld greatly. She smiled when the Gates of Hades appeared in front of her, bringing her a step closer to her beloved. The growl that echoed around the walls, did not scare her. The predator was adored by her.

As the three-headed beast appeared, she couldn’t contain her laughter. When the scent of her reached the monstrous guardian of the dead, the hellhound let a whine escape him. His tail started to bang against the floor loudly as he let her caress his heads. The beast let her pass unbothered –whining when her figure disappeared in the darkness.

Its Lady had returned back.

Persephone waited patiently in the coasts of Acheron, the souls keeping her company. When the Ferryman appeared, she entered his boat elegantly. Charon couldn’t help but smile as he began to raw through the waters.

“Welcome back, my Queen”, he greeted her gently.

“It’s good to be back, Charon”, she answered him smiling.

The young Goddess reached inside her pocket, bringing out two gold coins for him.

“That won’t be necessary, my Lady”, the old man denied his payment, “We are all happy to have you back.”

Although she insisted, the boatman did not accept his payment. He politely refused her, as he led them to the other bank of the river. As Charon told her what had happened since she had left, she realized that not much had changed. The Underworld was just like she had left it –waiting for her to bloom again.

Hecate was waiting for them on the other side, smiling at her as soon as she saw her. She wished Charon a farewell before she hugged the Goddess of Magic tightly. As Charon’s boat disappeared on the waters of the Acheron, the two deities run through the corridors of Hades.

Aeacus, Minos, and Rhadamanthus had just left the throne room when the two Goddesses had appeared in front of them. The three judges bowed to their Queen, welcoming her back warmly and smiling at her brightly. They disappeared quickly, taking Hecate with them. The Queen watched their figures disappear, knowing she’ll have time to catch up to them. For the time being, she longed to meet someone else.

As she turned around in a daze, white eyes and black wings dominated her vision.

“My Queen”, he bowed before her.

“Thanatos”, she greeted him smiling.

She looked at the door of the throne room longingly. She couldn’t bear to be so close, yet so far from him. She had missed him terribly -words couldn’t even start to describe.

“Go to him”, the God of Death encouraged her with a smile, “He is waiting for you.”

She didn’t have to be told twice.

When she entered the throne room, her eyes filled with tears. His eyes were closed as he sat on his throne, enjoying the silence of the empty room.


His eyes snapped open at the sound of his name falling from her lips. His silver gaze found hers.


Her legs had a mind of their own as she ran to him. His arms wrapped around her tightly, holding her in his embrace safely. His cold lips found her luscious ones, ravishing them like he had wanted to do for months now. He could feel the saltiness of her tears as they fell from her rosy cheeks, making him hold her firmer.

When the need for air overpowered their senses, he let her lips finally go. He gazed down at her intensely, taking pride in her labored breathing and swollen lips. He tucked an auburn curl behind her ear, before kissing her softly on her forehead.

“I missed you, my love”, he whispered to her hoarsely, “So damn much.”

She let her hand caress his cheek.

“I missed you too, my King”, she admitted honestly, “Life is so dull without you.”

He raised a dark eyebrow at her.

“Is it, my Queen?“, he asked her teasingly.

She slapped his chest at his playfulness but nodded in an answer.

“Then, don’t leave me again.”

Her gaze softened at his words -her heart clenched painfully.

“I wish nothing else than to spend all the seasons of this world by your side, my Lord”, she kissed his neck lovingly, taking joy as she felt him shiver.

“But you know I can’t.”

She averted her gaze elsewhere, not wanting him to see her tears. But he was her Hades -she could never hide from him.

“I know, my love”, he caressed her hair lovingly, “But a man can always hope.”

She let her lips linger against his own -their breathing mingling together.

“Σε αγαπώ”, she whispered against him.

He felt his soul filling with peace.

“And I love you, my Queen.”

Time will pass, but it will leave them unaffected.

The seasons will change, but they will remain exactly the same.

For their love cannot be eroded by time -eternity is not enough for them.

And it does not matter how many winters will come, for Spring will always follow at the end of each and every age.

And Persephone will always end up in her Hades’ embrace.


End of chapter 35!!

Title Translation: “The Waiting of Hades”

Greek Facts:

“Σε αγαπώ“: I love you

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