His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Απόφαση των Μοιρών

“Everything happens, when it’s supposed to.”

-Michelle C. Ustaszeskl

Far down in Earth’s foundations, in the dark depths of the Underworld where the bright sunlight couldn’t reach, there was utter darkness and deathly silence. There, in the freezing cold atmosphere of the realm of the dead, three ancient and powerful women were working restlessly.

The three Fates or Moirai, as they were better known in the Greek culture, had a great responsibility and a very difficult task to achieve. The three sisters were the ones that controlled the thread of life of every soul from birth to death. They were the ones that decided everyone’s destiny and made sure that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws was fulfilled without any disturbance.

The sisters were the most powerful and ancient beings to ever be created as they decided the destiny of both mortals and immortals. Everyone bowed at their will, unable to change the fate that they decided for them. They preserved the world’s balance by working independently, without having to answer to anyone but their selves.

The first one, who was sitting down on an old wooden chair and was almost unseen in the utter darkness, was named Clotho. She had an old spinning wheel in front of her as she was the one who spins the thread of life.

The other one that was standing right beside her in a matching black tunic was named Lachesis. She was the one who drew the thread out from Clotho’s spinning wheel, measured it, and handed it over to their other sister.

The last sister that finished their work was named Atropos. Having a pair of old sharp shears in her hands, she cut the thread of life, deciding the manner of death for each soul.

Their work was endless; they never stopped for even a single minute as they had to decide for every soul’s destiny. For some of them, they decided that they had to die young before they experienced many things in their short lives. Others were to die out of old age due to natural causes after they had lived a life full of both joyful and difficult moments. For others, they deemed that they would fall bravely on the battlefield after they had done remarkable achievements and their glory would live until the end of time -their names becoming legends in the pages of human history. It was up to them to decide how long they would live and by what they would die. If they would be well-known or just ordinary human beings.

Suddenly, as they were working tirelessly, something unexpected happened. A thick glowing thread appeared from Clotho’s spinning wheel, leaving the Moirai completely stunned. It was glowing brightly, illuminating the Erebus of the world of the dead with its white light. The Fates gasped in shock, surprised at the birth of such a soul. For the first time after many years, they let their positions to assist the new thread from a closer distance.

“A new immortal”, Clotho announced to her sisters as she spun her wheel.

This wasn’t the reason that surprised the sisters though. They had seen the thread of a deity many times before in their long time, distinguishing it from the frail ordinary threads of the mortals. The celestial’s always had a thicker thread, making the Fates unable to cut it and end their lives. They also glowed with a faint light, showing the power and status of the new God or Goddess.

“This one is different”, Atropos pointed out and her sisters nodded at her, agreeing with her words.

And indeed it was. The light that was emitting from the thread was so bright that it almost blinded the old sisters, who weren’t used to it. It wasn’t supposed to be so strong, but it glowed like a beacon in the darkness of the Earth.

“I’ve never seen a soul so pure and innocent”, Lachesis exclaimed as she took the thread carefully from Clotho, gazing at it with amazement. She gasped as the light became momentarily brighter, forcing her to close her eyes in order to protect them.

“What should her fate be?“, Atropos asked her sisters curiously, not taking her eyes away from the thread.

The Fates stared among themselves, exchanging questioning glances and trying to find the best solution. They had completely lost it, not knowing what to do with a soul as unique as the one in front of them. It seemed that for the first time in many years, they were unable to make a decision and assign a destiny to a soul. They didn’t speak with one another for a while as they were in deep thought, each one of them seeking an idea that would be fit.

What should be the destiny of Demeter’s daughter?

“My sisters,” a voice filled the silence after a while, “I think the time has come to spice things up a little bit.”

Exchanging curious glances and intrigued by her words, the sisters turned towards her.

“What do you mean Lachesis?” Atropos asked her at her strange proposal.

“Perhaps, the brightest soul is meant for the darkest one -it would be the only one able to bring it out of its misery and guide it back towards the light”, the sister whispered as she licked her lips.

Atropos and Clotho looked at their sister with bewilderment, not believing her crazy suggestion. Their eyes widened slightly as they considered her plan. Could this be a good idea?

“For too long has he stayed alone in the darkness and remained utterly unloved. For too long have the other Gods underestimated him and abandoned him to this wrenched place. For too long has he worn the façade of the cruel unfeeling ruler, hiding his true self behind that damned mask!“, Lachesis sighed as she tried to explain to her sisters her idea.

They all remained silent as they tried to picture in their minds the whole situation. After a few moments of silence, her sisters shook their heads negatively and cringed at the thought.

“He is cold...and lethal...and merciless,” Clotho said slowly.

“He is also just...honorable...and powerful,” Lachesis answered back to her sister in an angry tone.

“A great King for his realm he is...I do not doubt his power nor his excellence, my sister. But she is not for him...they are polar opposites. He is the God of the Dead, while she is a fertility deity -a Goddess of Life!”

“Opposites attract, Atropos!“, Lachesis sighed, “He needs someone by his side.”

“You were always the crazier one, my beloved sister, but this...this is too much even for you. How could possibly the Lord of Darkness be a fitting match for the flower maiden?“, Clotho agreed with Atropos, too scared of Lachesis’ maddening plan.

“She is made just for him. She is everything he is not, everything he needs!“, Lachesis sighed at the thought of them as a couple, “They’ll be perfect for one another. We should give them a chance!”

“He will ruin the poor soul, sister! He will destroy her whole life! You are trying to pair the Master of Death with a delicate flower! This will have terrible consequences for all of us -he is too dark for her -he’ll destroy her light! It cannot be done!“, Atropos tried to reason with her.

“He became like this because no one was ever there for him when he needed them the most! He never had someone to bring out the good side of him! He never had someone to show him what is care or love! He never had someone that he could call his own -a partner in his cursed life to brighten up his eternity and make it less miserable!“, Lachesis shouted at her sisters enraged as they didn’t understand her vision.

“He needs her, even if he doesn’t know it just yet.”

Clotho shook her head in denial, not wanting to accept Lachesis’ words.

“He is a God, sister, and a powerful one at that. He doesn’t need anything or anyone else. He is a monster fit to rule the Kingdom of the Dead, but if you pair him with her...you will only cause the death of that unique flower!“, Clotho said absent-mindedly.

“Gods need love too, sisters!“, she shouted at them, “And as for the monster part... we all know that no one is born as a monster, but is created to be such! You should fear more the ones that made him like this, rather than the ‘monster’ itself! The ones that turned his happiness to ashes, stopping at absolutely nothing to gain a bit more power!”

They were silenced by Lachesis’ true words and thought of the possibility for one more time.

“The time has come to give him a partner!“, Lachesis insisted after a few moments of silence, “We haven’t graced him with such a blessing for a very long time when we all know he deserves it! We cannot let him suffer any longer!”

“She is way too good for him”, Clotho shook her head again, deciding against the idea.

“He is going to destroy her”, Atropos agreed.

“Or perhaps... she will heal his cold heart and mend his shattered soul! And he can finally have the happy ending he always deserved! The ending that was stolen from him by his own flesh and blood!“, she gave her answer to her sister.

The Fates bickered between themselves trying to figure out what to do with Kore’s soul for a very long time. They talked and talked for hours as her soul was the purest and their master’s the darkest, wondering if such a pairing would be acceptable. They went back and forth; exchanging ideas and making different proposals, but no other pairing seemed to work. After a lot of time had passed, they finally came to an agreement.

“Hades deserves a ray of sunlight after millennials of darkness”, they finally decided.

As one of the three eldest and strongest Gods of the Greek Pantheon, he has been through way too much due to his younger brothers’ betrayals. Zeus had promised to him that they would rule together the mortal realm after the war against the Titans was over. They fought side by side and won against them, successfully imprisoning them in the depths of Tartarus -an eternal dark prison full of pain and misery.

However, Zeus didn’t keep his promise as he was afraid of Hades’ powers and strength. He believed that he could easily overthrow him from his position as the ruler of the skies and he would then become King of both the Gods and humans. So, he made a secret deal with his other brother, Poseidon, who was less dangerous than Hades and would never have enough power to take his crown and throne away.

After the Titanomachy was over and the Gods had finally won, Zeus chose Poseidon to rule by his side instead of honoring the promise he gave to Hades. He became ruler of the skies and his brother ruler of the seas. Together, they had forced their eldest brother to leave Mount Olympus and the human world and to rule the Underworld, also known as Erebus. It was the place where all the souls went when they died in order to be judged by the Ruler of the Underworld and move on to the afterlife.

Hades as King of this particular realm had to decide where the souls would rest during the afterlife. The Elysium was a beautiful and peaceful place, a perfect paradise, where all the heroes and the best of souls went to as a reward for their great deeds in their past life. On the other side, Tartarus was a horrific hell, where the worst of souls were sent to in order to pay the price for their awful actions. It was a place of horrible torture and a painful prison, where the dead souls were severely punished for their bad behavior.

But sometimes, a soul was neither bad nor good, therefore they could neither be sent to the Elysium or Tartarus. Then, they were sent to the fields of Asphodel, where they would live a normal life without having all the joys that the Elysium offered, but also without having to deal with the horrors of Tartarus.

His Kingdom was always dark and cold, fitting for the dead who could no longer feel anything and for him who was drowning in his own misery. Nothing beautiful and alive could ever grow in the Underworld, so it wasn’t decorated by beautiful gardens or mesmerizing landscapes. However, his realm was full of precious stones and unique gems, making it the wealthiest kingdom that ever existed.

Hades had his palace made out of black marble and stone, looking down at all the rivers that run through the realm of the dead. He had a clear view of Acheron, the river where Charon was carrying the souls to the afterlife with his boat, and the very well-known river Styx. Bright fires burned in the depths of darkness illuminating the Erebus briefly. The precious stones on the dark walls reflected their light, appearing like scattered stars in the darkness.

The King of Hell sat alone elegantly on his huge black throne, decorated with red rubies like drops of blood, as he judged personally each and every soul with a dark look on his face. Beside him was another smaller throne that matched his own, but no one ever occupied it. It was meant for his beloved wife, the Queen of the Underworld, but Hades had none. He was a king without a queen and that hurt him a lot more than he would like to admit.

“Who would want to love the God of the Underworld,” he thought hatefully to himself as he gazed briefly at the empty throne beside his.

He had come to the conclusion long ago that he would spend all his immortal years alone and unloved, without a woman by his side. Although he was devilishly handsome and more powerful than anyone (even Zeus himself -although his brother would never admit it), the other Gods didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

They didn’t speak nor face him unless they absolutely had to when they had important gatherings and pressing matters to discuss. The Goddesses didn’t even look him in the eye, except for his beloved sister Hera with whom he had a close and true friendship. They would rather lose their immortality rather than marry him, he was sure of it.

“My lord Hades, Hermes is here to see you”, his loyal and most trusted servant, Thanatos, the God of Death, announced to him. Hermes appeared suddenly in front of him, flying with his winged sandals.

“My Lord, you’ve been summoned to Olympus to honor the birth of a new immortal and to give your blessings to them”, the messenger of the Gods announced in a trembling voice, not daring to look him straight in his steel eyes.

“Whose child, may I ask?“, Hades questioned in a husky voice, angry that he would have to visit Olympus and interact with the other deities that were so damn terrified of him.

“Zeus, your brother, has gained another daughter”, Hermes informed him in a small voice that was barely audible.

“Of course he has”, he said through clenched teeth.

Oh, had the Fates been cruel! He was rotting in the darkness of this wrenched place without someone to love and cherish, while his perfect brother was out there fucking every female he could possibly get his hands on. He couldn’t help but feel jealousy and hate overcome his senses.

“I’ll be there”, he announced curtly to a bowing Hermes dismissing him, before standing up and leaving the dark throne room.

He shook his head at his brother’s stupid actions. Hera, the only one of his sisters that he was close with and that wasn’t scared of talking to him, would surely be furious and hurt by his usual antics. If he ever was lucky enough to find a partner who loved his immortal ass back, he wouldn’t cheat on her or betray her as he did to his women. He would never disgrace her like that, not even if his feelings for her changed by the unforgiving passing of time.

He would love her and cherish her unconditionally. He would make sure that she was always kept happy and safe. He would give her all of his attention and would treat her like a queen. His hands were itching to hold her in his embrace -to hold their child in his arms. A family was something he desperately wanted, even though he never admitted it. Being a father and a husband would be a dream coming true.

He punched angrily the wall that was near him with force, leaving a tend behind. Golden droplets of his life essence were dripping from his wound, but he did not care about the fact that his golden blood -his Ichor, stained the black marble of his halls.

“But I don’t have a queen, do I?“, he murmured miserably as he continued his way, hating himself even more than he did before.

How could he possibly be so unwanted by everyone?

Could no one, not even one single person, ever love him?

“And probably, I never will.”

He sighed to himself and put back on his cold and powerful façade.

The Fates took hold of the two glowing threads and mixed them together, biding the two souls for the rest of their lives.

“It is decided”, they confirmed as they admired their work.

“The Underworld will finally have a Queen”, Atropos whispered in awe of the fact.

“And Hades will have a wife”, Lachesis nodded proudly of her plan.

What could possibly go wrong?


End of chapter 2!!

Title Translation: “The Decision of Moirai”

Greek Facts:

1) The blood of the Gods is called “Ichor”.

2) Hades is supposedly the eldest between Zeus and Poseidon. After him, follows Poseidon and then Zeus.

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