His Pomegranate Queen

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H Πρώτη Συνάντηση

“Maybe one day I’ll meet someone

who looks at me and sees forever.”

-Bridgett Devoue

The large meadow was full of blooming flowers of different kinds and numerous sizes. They varied in colors and forms, but they were all unique in their own special way. Their sweet fragrance reached the Goddess’s nose, tantalizing her senses and making her sigh in utter bliss. She watched the vibrant blue and baby pink flowers lose their colorful petals in the slight summer breeze as their season was almost over. Their place would soon take new creations of hers until their time came again the next year.

The glowing Goddess closed her eyes as she heard her beloved Nymphs singing beautiful hymns in her name as they danced happily in the peaceful forest. They were female deities that had powers related to nature’s elements and although their magic wasn’t as strong as a Goddess’, they could still become dangerous and seriously harm a mortal if they felt threatened by them. However, they usually were very calm and peaceful creatures that often behaved like little children who try to discover the world. Nymphs usually were followers to a more powerful God or Goddess and depending on which divine they followed, they were separated into different kinds.

The Goddess of Harvest had two different kinds of followers; Dryads and Anthusae Nymphs. Dryades were the nymphs of the trees, groves, woodlands, and mountain forests. Their spirit was connected to a specific plant -usually, a tree and their fates were bound to its life. On the other side, Anthusai were the nymphs of flowers, usually bound to a specific kind of bloom from which they were given their names. Both kinds of Nymphs followed the Goddess of Agriculture and helped her do her chores, admiring her strengths and loving her kind nature.

As Demeter approached them, she saw that they were immersed in the waters of a small river that passed through her forest. Their white dresses had become wet as they splashed each other happily in the crystal clear waters like small children that wanted to play with one another. They giggled to themselves at their silly behavior and laughed in happiness wholeheartedly. She smiled at their playfulness, content that her followers were having such a good time.

“My dear friends”, Demeter greeted them as she approached them, smiling at their carefree behavior.

The laughing deities squealed in happiness at her unexpected arrival, getting quickly out of the water to greet her properly.

“My Lady!“, they run towards her excitedly.

“Have any of you seen my precious flower?“, the Goddess wondered as she hadn’t seen Kore for quite some time and she was getting a bit worried about her.

Her beautiful daughter was everything to her. She was her pride and joy. Demeter had never loved another being as she loved her precious flower and never cared for any of her creations as much as her.

She looked out for her, so that she was always well protected and safe from all kinds of dangers, and made sure that she was never left alone for long periods of time. When she wasn’t with her, then her trusted Nymphs were or her dearest brother, Hermes, made sure to keep a watchful eye on her. Demeter felt insecure every time she wasn’t by her side.

She kept her all to herself in her secret place, the fields that she had surrounded with a protection spell. It was a place with lots of meadows and fields full of all kinds of flowers and trees that only those that knew of its existence could find it. She rarely took her with her to Olympus as she didn’t trust Zeus around her neither did she want her in the presence of Hera.

She also didn’t trust the other Gods around her, afraid that her beauty would be taken advantage of. Therefore, she let her roam freely the meadows and forests of her place as the Nymphs kept her happily entertained, while she went on the appointed gatherings and important meetings of the immortals.

She had even gifted her with her very own personal garden, hoping that this would please her daughter and would make her stop asking her about the other celestial beings. There, Persephone could apprentice her powers and grow whatever she wanted, taking away her attention from the other immortals and effectively freeing Demeter from answering questions she didn’t want to.

In her small garden, she could leave her fantasy run wild and create anything she wanted, without any restrains and free to experiment with brand new things. Demeter had to admit that her daughter’s talents were amazing and that her garden looked unexpectedly gorgeous and better than she ever could imagine. She didn’t expect her to huddle her powers so well at the young age of fifteen and create such beautiful things without any help.

“Fifteen,” Demeter thought with a sad smile on her otherwise flawless face.

Her child was growing up fast -too fast for her liking. One moment she was a small kid barely able to walk by herself and suddenly, she was a teenager. She didn’t like the fact that she was maturing so quickly. Soon enough she would bloom into a gorgeous maiden like a beautiful flower during springtime. She didn’t know if she was ready for that to happen, for her daughter to grow up and not needing her as much as she did now. She shook herself to rid herself of her sad thoughts.

“I last saw Persephone in the field of sunflowers not long ago, my Lady”, Carya bowed to her Goddess as she answered her question.

“Of course!“, the Goddess of Harvest murmured and smiled thankfully at the bowing Nymph, but soon it turned into a scowl as she registered her words.

“And it’s “Kore”, Carya! How many times do I have to tell you? I won’t use the name that this...this awful beast of a man dared to give to my daughter!“, The Goddess of Harvest reminded her angrily as her fists turned into balls from her rage.

The Nymph understood her mistake when it was already too late and she could nothing to fix it anymore. She knew that her lady didn’t like the name, but the young Goddess of Spring seemed to prefer it over the one her mother had chosen for her.

She had asked her so kindly and sweetly to call her by this name, even though her mother seemed to despise it with every fiber of her being. Therefore, they had agreed for her to use it, whenever her mother wasn’t around. It was their dirty little secret and they had informed nobody else about it. Who else would dare to go against Demeter’s word anyway?

“My deepest apologies, my Lady! I didn’t mean to upset you...“, the Nymph hanged her head as a sign of respect to her Goddess in hopes of appeasing her.

Demeter just hummed dismissively and started making her way towards the said field, looking forward to seeing her daughter again. She wasn’t going to ruin her mood for someone such as the God of the Underworld -he didn’t deserve her time.

“Kore!“, she shouted out in a booming voice when she reached the field, trying to find her beloved daughter.

“Kore!“, she tried again when she got no response back.

She saw the sunflowers on her right side move rapidly as something shorter than their branches run through them. She glanced intently at them before her precious daughter popped out of them, making a bright smile appear on her face.

“Mother!“, the young girl hugged her mother’s side, gifting her a precious smile.

A scarlet color decorated her cheeks as her mother kissed her forehead softly. The two of them started to walk slowly through their blooming fields, making their way back to their respective home.

“What did my flower do today?“, Demeter asked her smiling lovingly to her daughter.

“Oh, mother! We raced with Hermes through the meadow to see who was the fastest! I’ve told you that last time I won, because... well, I am faster than him! He apparently didn’t like it very much, so he wanted a rematch. He’s a sore loser”, the girl informed her sincerely.

“Who won this time?“, Demeter asked in curiosity.

Hermes was the only male she trusted around her daughter. He had proven to be a protective brother and an enjoyable company to her only child. In the beginning, the Goddess of Harvest wasn’t fond of him, but he had won her trust through his actions.

“He cheated! Can you believe it? He used his flying sandals, even though he promised he wouldn’t! It isn’t fair mother! Flying is faster than running!“, Persephone explained to her mother heatedly as they reached their wooden cabin.

“That’s not fair, my dear”, Demeter agreed with her pouting daughter, laughing slightly at her usual antics.

They both entered the warmth of their comfortable home, feeling the tiredness of the day catching up with them. The two deities changed out of their daily chitons, before enjoying each other’s company while eating dinner.

“What else did you do, my flower?“, she asked her curiously.

“I spend some time with the Nymphs”, the girl smiled brightly, “We played in the river for a while, before they helped me with my garden. I’ve created some new flowers today! Their petals are red with a tint of yellow -their very beautiful, mother!

“Well done, my flower”, Demeter smiled proudly, “You’ll have to show them to me!”

“I think you’ll like them”, Kore beamed, “Their scent is delightful.”

It wasn’t long before her emerald eyes started to drop -the actions of the day had taken a lot of her energy. When a small yawn escaped her, it didn’t go unnoticed by her mother.

“Are you tired, my flower?“, her mother asked gently, already knowing the answer.

The girl just nodded in an answer as her body’s energy began to fade. She let out yet another small yawn, proving that she would soon fall asleep. When her mother ushered her to her chambers, she didn’t complain. She laid down on her bed, making herself comfortable under the covers. Her eyelids finally closed as her mother blew out the candle beside her. Her long dark lashes caressed her rosy cheeks as she shut her emerald eyes.

“Goodnight, my precious flower”, her mother kissed her forehead lovingly.

“Sweet dreams, my daughter.”

As her mother left her dark bedroom, she felt slightly guilty for not telling her the whole truth. She didn’t tell her everything that had happened today as she was sure she would freak out at the news and she didn’t want to worry her. She didn’t tell her about the strange man she had found hiding behind a large oak tree as he watched her playing alone with the butterflies that flew around the flowery meadow. The flowers that surrounded him had died and a black circle had appeared around his huge form.

She had approached him slowly when she got bored of playing alone in the fields, unafraid of the stranger that had her pinned with his steely gaze. She tugged at his dark robes with her small palms in order to grasp his attention since he seemed to be in a world of his own. His steel-grey eyes made her blush and stutter adorably, feeling a bit embarrassed to have bothered him.

“Good morning, sir...“, she greeted politely the God of the Underworld who seemed to be in utter shock.

Hades looked at her speechless for a few moments, being completely unprepared to meet her. For years now, he had been coming to Demeter’s fields, watching the young girl curiously while he was hidden in the shadows. He always made sure nobody took notice of him, using his ability of invisibility. Reaching a hand to his head, he felt his warrior helmet still in place, leaving him confused and shocked. How could possibly the girl see him while he was still wearing the Helmet of Darkness?

“You can see me?“, he whispered astonished at the fact.

Persephone blushed at his words but nodded her head in an answer confirming his words. His grey eyes widened, not able to comprehend what was happening. The Helm of Darkness had made him invisible in front of the most powerful of beings, including his father -titan Cronus and his “beloved” brother, Zeus. How could a fifteen-year-old girl who was barely getting hold of her powers, see past his charm?

“How is this possible?“, he mumbled loudly, more to himself rather than her.

The girl looked to the ground not knowing what to say, awkwardly playing with her fingers. The black-cloaked man seemed to be distressed about something she did, but she couldn’t think of anything she did wrong. Tagging at his robes once again to gain his attention, she felt her throat go dry in nervousness. He was much taller than her -he seemed like a giant in front of her.

“Excuse me, sir...b-but what are you doing alone out here?“, she asked curiously, blushing at her slight stuttering.

The God of the Underworld snapped out of his deep thoughts and looked down at the girl that barely reached his waist. Taking his helmet off careful not to ruin its black plume, he tucked it under his right arm and revealed his face to the girl in front of him.

She didn’t seem to be afraid of his unusual features, of his prominent cheekbones and his slight beard, or his unique eye color and pitch-black hair. Her calm reaction made his curiosity increase since his appearance wasn’t what you would call usual in his Olympian family, where the colors were, of course, lighter and warmer.

Realizing that the girl was craning her neck in order to see him clearly, he crouched down on one knee. Being the same height as her, he watched as she graced him with a bright smile feeling his heart pace increase. His cold hand reached hesitantly for her rosy cheek, falling to his side before he could touch her.

“I am making sure that you are safe, my sweet”, he answered to the small girl who had stolen his breath away since the first time he had laid his eyes upon her.

“Oh,” the little girl blushed shyly.

“Well, do you want to play with me? My friends are gone and I don’t have anyone else... Y-you don’t have to...Only if you want to..“, Persephone stuttered nervously through her words as she played with her fingers, a nervous and shy habit of hers.

Hades caressed lovingly her chubby cheek as he awed her beautiful blush.

“There is nothing I would want more”, he honestly answered, although he knew he probably shouldn’t.

He was a King and he had to act like one -be serious and composed. Plus, if Demeter ever found out about this, she would probably skin him alive. But the girl in front of him was his other half -the one he was destined for. He wanted to get to know her and make sure that no harm would come to her. He wanted to become her friend -have a part in her life and be there for whatever she needed.

She looked up at his towering form with hopeful eyes and excitedly took his hand in hers and run through the open field. Hades adored her actions and followed her jumping form as she wanted him to. He was gleeful to finally meet her, talk to her and play with her. It was their first official meeting and he couldn’t be happier. He watched the beautiful child in front of him as she dragged him behind her.

“Sir-“, the little girl began to speak.

“Hades, my sweet”, he corrected her, “Call me Hades.”

“H-Hades... the flowers... they’re dead!“, she gasped as the flowers around him turned into a dark brown color before they withered away.

The God looked around him, realizing that her words were true. Ashamed for his nature which he couldn’t control, he looked at Persephone in worry. His heart race increased and his breathing turned labored.

“Does that make you scared of me?“, He whispered terrified of her response.

Who would have thought?

The Lord of the Dead was scared of a girl’s answer!

She looked at his saddened form with her gleaming emerald eyes. He was her friend now and she didn’t like to see him sad. She cocked her head to the side as she thought about what she would say.

“No”, she answered honestly, making Hades look at her with amazement and relief.

“I will just grow new ones.”

She shrugged her shoulders, not caring much about the plants being destroyed. He smiled at her innocent response as she accepted him for what he truly was. The Lord of Darkness. The Ruler of Erebus. The Prince of Death.

“Come on now, I want to play!“, he smiled and followed her laughing as she tagged his robes with force.

The God of Erebus chased her through the open fields and played with her for a long time. It was the first time that anyone saw him smiling and acting so goofily in his accountable years. The dark and dangerous Lord of the Dead was acting like an immature child as he chased his love around the flowers, killing them in the process. A completely different image from the cold and ruthless leader he was, although this side of him was just for her eyes and no one else’s.

Persephone smiled brightly at the memory and closed her eyes. Her mother would never let her play with him again as she was always so overprotective and possessive of her. If she found out about Hades, she was sure that she’d never see him again. The mere thought of it was making her sad.

“I won’t tell a soul”, she had promised Hades as he was ready to return back to his kingdom.

“Will you visit me tomorrow, Hades?“, she innocently asked the God of the Underworld.

He smiled at her as he bent down to her height. He felt like his heart would burst from her care and acceptance.

“Of course, my love”, he vowed to her and kissed the back of her hand as a goodbye.

“I promise.”

And then he was gone, leaving her alone in the meadows for once more.

Persephone sighed contently and fell into a deep slumber. Surrendering herself into sleep’s sweet darkness.

“It is better not to tell mother” she decided.

And then, she let Morpheus hug her form.


End of chapter 4!!

Title Translation:“The First Meeting”

Greek Facts:

1) The Helm of Darkness was also known as the Cap of Invisibility and it makes the person wearing it invisible. It belonged to Hades and was made by the Cyclops, who created only three powerful objects; Hades’ Helm of Darkness, Zeus’ Lightning Bolt and Poseidon’s Trident.

2)Morpheus is the God of Dreams

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