His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Οργή της Δήμητρας

“We never made it, did we?”

The Goddess of Harvest was looking around her large fields for her eighteen-year-old daughter. Her precious flower had grown up so much during these past few years and had developed into a beautiful girl with sparkling emerald eyes and dark auburn locks, even surpassing the beauty of her Goddess of a mother.

She was blooming slowly from a small seed into a majestic rose that was opening slowly its scarlet petals in front of her mother’s watchful eyes. Demeter didn’t know if she should cry from happiness or sadness at this fact, wanting to keep her child under her wings for a while longer.

However, one thing had remained unchanged by the passing of time and would probably never change, no matter how many years would pass. Persephone was the best thing that had ever happened to her in all her immortal years, even though she came from an affair with Zeus that was too painful for her to remember.

She was the most precious of all her creations and the one she loved the most. Demeter couldn’t imagine a life where her daughter didn’t exist and would do anything in order to make sure that she’d stay by her side for the rest of their eternity.

She always made sure that her beloved daughter was well-protected at all times either by her loyal followers, the Nymphs or her closest brother, Hermes. She had even put up a protective shield all over her fields, so none of those who weren’t aware of their position would be able to find them.

She had kept her as far away as possible from the greedy and deceiving ways of the other Gods and the evils and tragedies of the human world. Her daughter needed no one else, but herself. She had made sure of it.

They would live their immortal lives together in the lands of “Demeter’s Fields”, untouched and unbothered by the monstrosities of the world. They would grow their plants, their fruits, and flowers and create new forms of life, away from the prying eyes of Olympus and the other troublesome Gods and Goddesses.

Her precious flower will remain pure of men’s lustful thoughts and actions, something that her mother didn’t achieve. She will stay away from any male or female, who tried to seduce her and get into her pants, taking away her innocence in the process. She wouldn’t need anything but the company of her mother, every other presence in her life would be of secondary matter and unimportant.

Demeter had found out about the intentions of men in the worst way possible and she had paid the high price for her mistakes. She had fallen deeply in love with the King of the Gods, Zeus, and was fool enough to fall under the impression that he had the exact same feelings for her too. He courted her shy self for many years, telling her how lovely she looked and that he would do anything for her.

She believed his pretty lies and gave away her purity and virtue for him as she thought he was different, that he was the one for her. However, the father of Gods only wanted one night of passion with her and after that he completely disappeared from her personal life, leaving her to deal with his jealous wife, Hera, and an unexpected baby. Needless to say, she was embarrassed beyond belief and it took her a very long time to come to terms with it.

After this painful incident, she decided that she wouldn’t let her daughter be the victim of men and make the same mistakes she did. She wouldn’t let her heart be shattered into pieces and her body to be used for their pleasure, only for someone to dumb her afterward, when he had taken everything he wanted from her and didn’t need her for anything else.

No, her flower would lose neither her purity nor her virginity for some pig of a man and his lustful ways. She wouldn’t shed any of her pearly tears over him and wouldn’t lose her self confidence over a stupid and mindless boy that could only think with his lower head.

Women don’t need men to become someone in their lives.

“Carya”, the Goddess called out to her most trusted Nymph, shaking her head to get rid of her dark thoughts.

The dark-haired deity appeared instantly by her side, giving her a bright smile and a small bow in greeting.

“My Lady!“, she said looking up at her in adoration.

“Have you seen my dearest Kore, for I am looking for her?“, the Goddess questioned her immediately.

The Nymph looked at her weirdly.

“No, my Lady Demeter”, the Nymph bowed slightly down respectfully at the Goddess of Harvest.

“I haven’t seen the Goddess of Spring for a few days now”, she admitted, confused at the fact that the mother didn’t know the whereabouts of her daughter.

The words of Carya had an instant effect on the Goddess of Harvest. Demeter felt her heart stop at the explanation of the Nymph and her breath getting caught in her throat. No, that wasn’t possible.

Persephone had informed her mother that she would be spending a few afternoons creating new kinds of flowers with the help of the Nymphs and therefore, she wouldn’t be able to hang out with Hermes. How could her most loyal follower not be aware of this?

“What is the meaning of this Carya? My daughter was supposed to be with you, wasn’t she?“, Demeter trembled with panic as her voice raised a few tones.

The Nymph played nervously with her fingers, not understanding what was going on.

“My Lady, I haven’t seen your daughter for a few afternoons now...“, Carya explained softly to the Goddess, “Lady Kore has told us that she wanted to spend more time with her brother, Hermes, for she had been missing him greatly. Therefore, she wouldn’t be able to hang out with us for a while...“, she finished confused about what’s going on.

Demeter’s mind went blank, staring speechless at her Nymph for a couple of moments.

“If Kore isn’t with you...and she isn’t with Hermes...then where is she?”

Demeter was confused and scared at her daughter’s unexplainable disappearance. Her precious flower always informed her of her whereabouts and never worried her like this. Tears began to fill the Goddess’ honey eyes as the fact that she didn’t know where her child was settled in.

Her body began to shake from fear and cold sweat appeared on her tanned skin as she became more worried by every passing second. She had a perfect relationship with her precious flower...so why would she ever lie to her? She never did so ever before.

Carya looked at the panicking Goddess with widened eyes as she had never seen her like this before. Persephone was such a sweet and quiet child and she knew for a fact that she loved her mother dearly. She would never scare her like this, except if something unexpectedly serious had happened to her. So, why did she lie to everyone? What was going on? Where was she going while she was by herself?

“Do not fright, my Goddess, for we will find her immediately! All of us will help you and you can tell Hermes to look for her with his flying sandals from the sky.”

The other Nymphs nodded as Carya cradled the crying Goddess in her arms.

They all together began searching everywhere for her. They cried out her name, calling her to come back home as she had her mother who was worried about her well-being. However, she never answered their desperate calls.

They looked through the green forest and the wheat field, the riverside, and the vegetable garden of Demeter. They even went to her personal garden, only to find her flowers dead and unwatered like she hadn’t taken care of them in several weeks. Her mother was utterly shocked at the sight, making so many questions appear in her mind. How long had her child been missing? Where was she going during her absence? What was going on?

In a last attempt to find her beloved daughter, Demeter went to one last meadow full of white daisies and huge sunflowers that was further away from all the others. The distressed Goddess had tears falling from her orbs and down to her rosy cheeks as her daughter was yet to be found. Truth be told, she didn’t know what to expect anymore.

“Please, let her be here”, the worried mother whispered to herself as she looked through the yellow field trying to see the form of her precious child.

That’s when she took notice of something that took her completely by surprise. Something was terribly wrong with her meadow and anyone would be able to see it. Her field was not only yellow but also...brown? She came closer to the flowers in order to inspect them and take a better view of them.

She gasped as she realized that they were withered and dead, their beautiful color and petals gone. Demeter touched a withered flower and it dropped to the ground in a pile of ash, making her eyes widen in shock. The Goddess was speechless. What, in the name of Zeus, had happened in her field? What was going on with her daughter? How were these two incidents connected? Because she was sure that there wasn’t a coincidence.

“Shhh, my sweet.”

Her head cocked to the side baffled as she heard a male’s voice coming from her left, behind the tall branches of some sunflowers. The Goddess of Harvest made slowly her way towards the voice, making sure that her footsteps couldn’t be heard. Hiding behind the towering plants as best as she could, she stayed still in her hiding spot as she tried to understand what was going on.

She was furious that an unknown male had dared to set foot in her secret fields without asking for her permission. Who dared to go against her rules and why did he trespass into her lands? Whoever he was, he would pay the price of his disrespect. She would be damned if she ever let another male walk all over her again.

“I’ll see you again tomorrow,” the voice said again, making the Goddess furrow her dark eyebrows in thought.

Who would he see?

The voice sounded somewhat familiar, now that she thought about it. She had heard this husky undertone somewhere before, but she couldn’t put her finger on whom it belonged. She tried to remember the person, but she came up empty-handed.

“Do you promise?”

Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she heard her daughter’s voice. What, in Gaea’s name, was her flower doing meeting someone without her mother’s notice? And a male at that! Demeter clenched her jaw in anger as she realized her daughter had disobeyed her by meeting a stranger right under her nose.

All her life she had tried to keep her away from men’s radar, only for her to meet someone behind her back. Desperate to know what was happening, the panicked mother pried the tall branches with her slender fingers to look at the situation at hand.

“I promise.”

Her heart stopped completely in her chest and her lungs couldn’t work as all breath escaped her body as soon as she laid eyes at what was happening in front of her. She saw a broad figure dressed in black robes hugging the small form of her precious daughter. She began to tremble in anger, her vision turning red at her daughter’s defilement. She recognized the dark form of the God of the Underworld as he kissed her nine-year-old on her forehead.

No, this couldn’t possibly be happening. Aidoneus –the only one of her brothers she hated with a passion- had the person she loved and cared for the most in his vile deathly hands.

The Lord of the Dead was cradling her precious flower in his lethal cold embrace.

A hideous male and a deceiving lustful God with treacherous plans had touched her pure innocent Kore inappropriately. He had somehow found a way in her life and became a part of it under her nose and watchful gaze.




She couldn’t accept the fact that she wasn’t the only one in her life.

She couldn’t accept the fact that she had failed to keep her to herself, away from men and safe from their ill fantasies.

She had to do something.

Something effective.

“What in Zeus’ name is going on over here?!”

Her loud booming voice echoed through her field as they both froze in each other’s embrace, looking at her with widened eyes filled with surprise and horror. She had never seen such an expression on Kore’s flawless face and it shocked her to her very core. It was like a punch in the stomach and it hurt way more than she had ever expected.

“Mother...“, Persephone whispered in a frightening tone as her mother appeared from behind the yellow sunflowers. She saw her nostrils flare in anger as the Goddess of Harvest became ready to unleash her wrath.

“I can expla-”


Demeter was furious at her daughter’s actions; she could not wrap her head around the whole situation. How could her daughter betray her like that? Her own flesh and blood broke her rules and for who? For the King of the Underworld and Ruler of the Dead! The most despised and hated God in the Greek Pantheon! The divine her mother could not stand for even a minute! Demeter was beyond disappointed.

“Your daughter isn’t at fault, Demeter. If someone is responsible, this is me”, Hades tried to defend Persephone as her eyes filled with unseen tears.

He could not bear to see his love in this state. Her heartbroken expression did strange things to his mind and heart. Things that urged him to defend and protect her.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Pluton, and I am blaming you alright!“, Demeter seethed as she pointed a finger at the black-cloaked god.

“Let my daughter free, you treacherous monster!“, she screamed at the top of her lungs, almost sure that the other Gods would be able to hear her all the way to Olympus.

Persephone whimpered at her mother’s anger as she hugged Hades tighter, hiding slightly behind him. She had never before seen her mother so mad –her furious state a completely different and strange image to her.

“He didn’t do anything wrong mother! Please, don’t call him a mons-“,

“Silence, Kore!”

Demeter exclaimed furiously at her daughter for she was defending the worst God of them all.

“You are too young to have an opinion about him! You do not know the horrors he has done!“, Demeter pointed an accusing finger at him.

Persephone could only avert her tearful emerald orbs towards the ground, still clinging into Hades’ form.

“I will call him as such because that’s exactly what he is!A monster!“, the furious Goddess continued to scream as she approached them slowly, " How dare you to come close to my daughter!? How dare you defile her like that!?”

“Please, mother”, Persephone begged as she took a strep forward and stood between her and Hades.

“Don’t be like tha-”

Hades went rigged as a loud sound boomed across the half-dead meadow. His demeanor became dark and lethal as he saw Persephone fall to her knees and touching her now reddening and bruising cheek with her hand. Her emerald eyes brimmed with unfallen tears as she looked at her mother with a look of betrayal and pain.

“How could you harm your own child, sister?“, he yelled at her not believing what he had just seen.

Demeter remained silent -her hand still shaking from the impact. Her mouth fell open in disbelief as her eyes widened at the form of her fallen daughter. She couldn’t believe what she had done.

“You think I am the one hurting her?“, Hades spat out the words in utter disgust, “The one that is a threat to her?”

“I would never do to her what you just did!“, he accused her furiously, “I would never dare to lay a finger on her!”

Demeter flinched at his words, not looking him in the eye anymore. It was obvious he was outraged with what had happened -the black smoke emitting from the edges of his black robes was proof enough. She remembered exactly who he was and why everyone was so damn scared of him.

“I would never hurt her!“, he repeated in a whisper as he helped his Persephone stand up.

She composed her expression, not letting the guilt of her actions be shown.

“I’ll deal later with you, Kore”, the Goddess announced giving the girl a strict glare that made goosebumps appear on her skin.

The distressed mother focused her attention on the intruder, ignoring her daughter completely for the time being.

“As for you”, she sizzled, “...You monster!”

She took a deep breath and looked at his form hatefully.

“I’ll let Zeus decide for your fate.”

Persephone looked at Hades with a tear falling from her eyes as she realized what had just happened.

Her mother had found out about them.

And she would take drastic measures about it.

She hugged him a little tighter, knowing that she would probably never see him again.


End of chapter 6!!

Title Translation: “The Wrath of Demeter”

Greek Facts:

Hade’s names and meanings

1) Hades (Άδης) = the unseen one

2) Aidoneus = similar to Aidos, which means shame and modesty.

3) Pluton / Plouton = wealthy (the underworld was famous for its riches, gems, etc.)

4) Agesandor and Ageselaos= άγω (pronounced ago, meaning lead / carry) + ανήρ / λαός (pronounced aner / laos, meaning man / people) = the one who carries men away (to death).

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