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"Get one thing straight Red, this isn't some romantic love affair, I'm never leaving my wife for you-"

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Six years of high school, four years of college, one year of Job Seeking and 5 constant rejections, they all lead me to this very moment right here.

I knocked softly at the stall door and it opened revealing a blonde lady in a white dress, “Can I help you?” She asked hiding behind the door.

“My name is Delilah Jones. I’m here for the Nanny interview.”

She smiled , “Yes, we have been expecting you.” She said, making way for me to come in.

I nodded and walked into the hallway, “This way please.” She gestured me to the living room and I quietly followed her and took a seat, beside the fireplace.

“You have a lovely home, Mrs. Randall.”

“Thank you and please call me Jenna.” She said with the smile never leaving her face, “Please make yourself comfortable, I will be right back-” She says and walks away, leaving me to take in my cozy surroundings. Their home looked quite simple and cozy, nothing out of the ordinary.

She returned a few minutes later with a pad and takes a seat in the armchair, crossing her leg.

“Let’s begin, shall we?” She asked, scrolling through her pad, “Do you have any experience taking care of a home?”

I opened my mouth to speak, knowing this wasn’t going to end well, “No, not exactly-”

She just nodded her head and tapped something on her pad, “Do you have kids?”

“No,” I answered.

“Are you comfortable with us doing a background check on you, it’s so we have more information on who we are hiring in our home.”

“It’s completely fine.”

I had no objections with that. I never got in any trouble with the law so nothing incriminating would show up.

“Do you have a first aid or CPR certificate?”


She nodded and tapped it down, at this point, I was confident I wasn’t going to get the job.

“Do you know how to clean or cook?” She looked up from her pad and at me, while tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Yes.” I answered, nodding at my first positive question.

“Do you have any other experience or even a CV.” She asked and I shook slightly, shifting uncomfortably on my chair.

“I don’t have any experience taking care of a home or animals or kids or anything for that matter but I could learn, I am a very fast learner-”

She says nothing, tapping something on her pad for quite some time, I broke the silence again, “How many kids do you have?”

Her smile grew wild at the mention of kids, “One, I have a 7-year-old daughter.”

“I would love to meet her.”

“She’s out with her father at the moment, but I’m certain she would love to meet you too. You seem nice Delilah, but-”

Here we go.

“I do need to talk this through with my husband first, honestly we were expecting someone a lot older and experienced....but I like your aura. So I’m going to discuss it with my husband and we would get back to you, Okay?”

That’s new.

I usually get unqualified, inexperienced, too young,

Too skinny.. it’s an endless list.

But never, Aura.

“Thank you for considering me, Mrs. R-” I quickly corrected myself, “I mean Jenna.....I appreciate you taking the time to see me.” I smile, wanting nothing more than to escape, “So are there more questions for me?”

“No, I have enough information for now.” She stood up from the chair and I did the same, following her behind as she walked towards the front door, “It was nice meeting you Delilah.”

“Likewise-” I replied, stepping out of the door.

“Take care.” She smiles and shuts the door, leaving me depressed. I was really counting on getting this job but now I am back to square one.

I didn’t have anywhere else to go so I returned to my friend Caleb’s apartment. I couldn’t face my parents right now.

Running out of the Uber, I made it inside and threw myself on the bed, “Let me guess, you screwed up again,” Caleb said stepping out of the bathroom, with a pink robe.

“I’m not sure -” I sighed, “The woman said she would consult with her husband and get back to me-”

“Don’t they all say say that.” He groans and slides on the bed next to me, “At least tell me these ones are loaded?”

“They seem like an average family-” I twirl a lock of my hair around my index finger, “I didn’t get to see a lot but from what I did see, they seem very happy-”

It would be nice to be part of a loving family. I hope they at least give me a chance, “So what’s next?”

“I am not sure but I am going to keep searching somewhere else, so don’t worry I won’t be in your space for long.”

“Stay as long as you want.”

Even though he wouldn’t admit it, I know I’m starting to get in his personal space. I need to get a job and an apartment soon-

My phone buzzed with a text and I pulled it out to see a text from my friend Mike.

We still hooking up tonight?

Caleb pooped his head on my screen and scoffed, “You’re still seeing that douchebag?”

“He’s not a douchebag.” I shot back, jumping from the bed, “I have to go.”

He scoffs in disgust, “Make sure to use a condom, you’re too broke to be a mother.”

I rolled my eyes at him, “Oh, Thanks. I will keep that in mind.” I scoffed and dragged myself towards the door, “Don’t wait up.” I yelled out, texting Mike back on the way out.


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