His wife,their daughter

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Her parents don't like him for her but she loves him.Now she's torn between them.This is a short story describing what a young married woman in such a situation faces

Drama / Romance
Debby Adebambo
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I'm not going anywhere

"Take her back to her parents house",his brother says, "You can't ruin your life because of a woman. There are other women out there who will gladly take her place."

"But she is my wife,I can't do that to her. We have a child together",he says.

"You asked for my opinion and here it is. If her parents do not wish to let her go,take her back to them,dump her at their place and file for a divorce",his brother retorts.

"Okay...thanks."he replies and hangs up.

Beside him sitting on the sofa is his wife,almost at the verge of tears. He sits uncomfortably beside her and refused to look at her. When the silence becomes unbearable,he gets up, walks into the bedroom and shuts the door.

Her gaze follows him as he leaves the sitting room and she wonders to herself "Is this the end of my marriage?Am I going to lose him because of others?I have done nothing wrong so why do I have to pay that price?I have to do something."

With that,she goes into the room where he is and sees him lying on the bed with headphones stuck into his ears and a troubled expression on his face.

She goes to her baby's cot and picks up their three month old baby,then she approaches him and calls his name. He pulls out the headphones and turns to face her.

"Honey",she begins sitting on the bed and facing him,with their daughter on her lap "What have you finally decided to do?Are you going to leave me?Leave us?Will you let me raise our child alone?Because I'll have you know that I am not returning to my parents house under any circumstances"she says and pauses.

When he says nothing but instead proceeds to stare at her,she continues with tears streaming down her face "This is our life,our marriage...remember our vows?Are you going to let outsiders destroy what we have?Are you going to abandon me?...."As she continues speaking,she feels overwhelmed by emotions and begins to weep profusely.

He stares at her aghast as he never expected such a display of emotion. His wife never cries. Surely she must be in pain to be crying this way. As he studies her face,pondering what to do,his daughter begins to cry as she does not understand why mummy is crying and refusing to comfort her,and why daddy is letting mummy cry without stopping her.

On seeing his daughter cry,he collects her from his wife and croons to her till she falls asleep. Once she is asleep and safely deposited in her cot,he approaches his wife, picks her up and carries her to the visitor's room so as not to wake up the baby.

"I love you darling,"he says "I will never leave you,no matter what people say"he continues, cuddling her.

On hearing those words, she looks up at him and says tearfully "Do you promise?To never leave me and our daughter?"

"I promise",he vows with a little smile on his face. "Now wipe those tears and let me cook something for you to eat",and he leaves the room with a huge grin on his face. For when his wife heard his decision to prepare lunch,she was escastic. Who wouldn't be,especially if their husband is a very good cook?

Her phone begins to belt out the lyrics of 'Bring on the rain by K.Michelle'. She rolls over and chucks the phone under her pillow, but it refuses to stop ringing. Sighing defeatedly, she takes the phone out of the room and goes to the kitchen to answer the call.

"Hello.."She says warily because her dad is the caller, and her decision weeks ago to stick by her husband does not sit well with him.

"Why did you refuse to pick your call?Are you avoiding me?"he asks angrily.

As she tries to respond,he refuses to listen but instead begins to hurl all forms of expletives at her.

"You are my daughter and you will do as I say. Come back to the house right now with your daughter",he says authoritatively.

"I'm sorry dad,but I'm staying here with my husband. I've already been away from him for three months and we need each other",she responds calmly.

On hearing her response,he begins to fume and tells her that she will regret her decision and her husband will make her cry. "It seems he has bewitched you. And I am sorry for you". At that point,the call ends and she cries for the broken relationship with her parents.

Their refusal to fully accept him as her husband was ruining everything. They wish to control every aspect of her life,including her marriage and that, her husband refuses to condone.

She may be their daughter, but she is also his wife and both parties have to accept that.

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