I Wish I Was A Normal Girl

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Kimora pulled up at our school, Roosevelt High School, Home of the Knights. Our school was a pretty big place, which was great for us as students because feeling someone breathe down my neck as I’m going to class isn’t exactly what I’d call comfortable nor is having to squeezing past someone just to get to your next class as well, and I feel really bad for those who have to go through it. Although the school may look like this beautiful and new modern looking building, the people in that attended had personalities that made it dirty.

My home life has never been great with judgmental parents and a little sister, but my school life was just as bad because a lot of people made fun of me, even though Kimora and Sadia were always by my side. It sucked having to leave a place where I felt unwanted and disgusting to another place where I felt like that all over again. It was horrible and I hated it so much because I at least wanted to catch a break from the judgmental looks and remarks I received daily at home.

What’s even worse is that the torment I faced from home followed me all the way here to school, and that meant my sister Valerie and her minions. Valerie and her friends have made it their mission since elementary school to torment me at all costs no matter what. Their favorite past time at school was to see how much and how far they could go when humiliating me in front of the entire school. There is no use in me telling the adults that work here at this school because, like at home, Valerie has everyone wrapped around her little finger, which means that if I tell someone then they would notify her and she’d just put on an innocent act and give me an “apology” that I will be forced to accept along with the threat of a detention or some other form of punishment that would make me hesitant to never do it again.

Valerie, if I told, would then go home to our parents and lie and say that I was the one “bullying” her causing my parents to insult me even more and say that I was just envious of how she is. The whole thing may sound long, but I’m speaking from experience from my freshman year. That same year, after that incident, I had been starved for about two weeks for doing that as punishment. It was kind of hard just going every single during those two weeks without food. The only time I could actually eat was when Kimora bought me food and I would eat a little bit in the morning and the rest before going home.

As for my grandmother and aunt, they never found out about it at all because if they did then they would’ve raised hell on both of my parents along with Valerie, which would’ve landed me in even more deep shit.

“Get down!” Kimora hissed from the front seat. Quickly, I ducked down behind the seats. This was our routine every single morning at school whenever my sister and her friends would pass by Kimora’s car. We did this just so I wouldn’t get caught by my sister who would in turn snitch to my parents who’d punish me again by withholding food from me like they did the last time they found out that I had gotten ride to school from Kimora, and that was six months ago.

“Coast is clear,” Sadia announced. Warily, I looked out the windows to just make sure that it was. Once I was satisfied, I stuffed the Chic-Fil-A bag into my backpack and got out the car with Sadia and Kimora.

“I can’t wait until we graduate because the sooner we get out of this hell hole, the sooner you can cut them off,” Kimora answered.

“Don’t worry. I’m already counting down the days,” I mumbled as I shrugged on the straps to my backpack.

“I wish things weren’t like this,” Sadia sighed, “I wish I didn’t have to just sit here and watch you suffer at the hands of your family.”

“Agreed,” Kimora grimaced, “It disgusts me how they’re treating you.”

It was sweet that they thought of my well being and it was very much so appreciated, but no matter how badly my family treated me I still held out that hope that maybe someday they would actually see how much their words hurt me. I know it’s kind of pathetic to be hopeful like that, but I yearn for the love and affection that they give to Kyle and Valerie.

“Enough about this already,” Kimora said.

“Yeah let’s head inside,” Sadia put an arm around my shoulder and we began walking towards the school. With each step we took, I could feel the judgmental stares of everyone around us. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that a few had turned to their friends to whisper something into their ears, which I knew was probably something horrible, before they all broke out into fits of laughter. Kimora tensed up beside me, but Sadia rapped her shoulder and shook her head no. My eyes stayed glued to the ground as we continued walking and my curls fell like a curtain to shield part of my face from the many pairs of eyes judging me. I didn’t want them to see my face or the expressions that I made because then it would’ve made them bolder and bolder to torment me more as the seconds by during the school day and that’s not something I wanted to happen.

Times like this make me wish that my brother wasn’t two years older than me because if he was here, then all hell would break loose, but I can’t always rely on him for help because he has his own life to live. I don’t want him to be stuck here in our town always trying to defend me like he did when we were kids. I wanted him to go out and travel in the world and have fun without worrying about his little sister and her problems.

As soon as we got inside the school, the stares started up again and this time there were very loud conversations about my appearance.

“Oh my God. What is she wearing?”

“That sweater makes her look fatter than she is, not that she needs help in that department.”

“And look at her hair. It’s so messy and ugly.”

“Does she actually think that she’s cute?”

“She just looks so ugly in that outfit.”

“I can’t believe she walked out the house like that.”

“If I were her, I would have never bothered even coming to school.”

“I’ll do you one better. She should’ve never even gotten out of bed.”

“Or woken up.”

“Better yet. She should’ve died in her sleep.”

That last comment really hurt me and it pissed off Kimora to no end.

“Awww. Look, everyone. She’s crying.” Laughter erupted all around me and I broke off into a sprint towards the bathroom.

“Eww! Look at the way she runs!”

“It’s so gross!”

“I’m surprised her fat ass isn’t causing an earthquake.”

Quickly, I rushed inside the bathroom with Sadia following close behind me. Without hesitation, I burst into tears. Sadia pulled me into her arms and I cried onto her shoulder. The sound of Kimora cursing as she entered the bathroom let me know that she was seething with anger and it probably wasn’t a pretty sight.

“The nerve of those assholes to even say some shit like that!” She fumed, “Who the fuck raised them?!”

“I’m just as upset as you are,” Sadia said as she rubbed my back soothing.

“They’re such vile and horrible people for even saying that she should’ve died. Like why the hell would you even wish that upon someone?” Kimora seethed.

“It’s horrible. I know,” Sadia sighed as I continued to cry.

“I can’t wait till we graduate from here because then we won’t to see them again and when we’re walking across that stage, I’m going to snatch my diploma from their hands, raise both of my middle fingers in the sky, yell ‘fuck all of you’, and leave,” Kimora snapped.

“Such an elaborate plan,” Sadia remarked. I pulled away and wiped my tears. Kimora’s face softened when she looked at me. She pulled me into another hug.

“Don’t let those assholes get to you, sweetie. They’re nothing, but a bunch of low lives who would rather see you as miserable as them,” Kimora sympathized me.

“Thanks, Kimora,” I sniffed.

“You’re welcome, hon. Now just wipe away those tears. You don’t need to let those assholes see you cry anymore,” She said. This is what I loved about my two best friends. They always had my back and we always there for me no matter what. I appreciated the fact that they would try to make me feel better whenever I was done, like now.

“Now come on. Let’s dry those tears and head to class,” Sadia said. I pulled away from Kimora who went to one of the stalls. She came back with some tissue and wet it, then pressed it against my eyes to bring down the redness while Sadia just rubbed my back soothingly. After that, we all exited the bathroom and headed to class together.

“I know it’s probably difficult to do this, but I want you to just try and ignore them as best as you can,” Kimora said.

“She’s right. Don’t pay them any mind at all because all they are doing is just looking for a reaction,” Sadia agreed.

“I’ll try,” I mumbled.

“Can you smile for us please? It makes us feel upset when we see you looking so sad,” Sadia said. I gave them a meek smile.

“You can smile better than that,” Kimora told me.

“We know you can, beautiful,” Sadia poked me in the stomach. I giggled and a smile appeared on my face.

“There’s that smile,” Kimora said. I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

“You guys are silly,” I replied.

“Thanks,” Sadia grinned. Kimora’s phone made a pinging noise and she quickly took it out of her pocket. Because of the broad smile she was wearing, I could tell that it was Kyle.

“What did Kyle say?” I asked.

“Hm? Oh. He’s saying that him and the guys are going to hit the beach,” She answered.

“Tell him I said have fun,” I responded.

“Why don’t you text him yourself?” She inquired.

“Ugh. Fine,” I groaned as I took out my phone.

Marley: Your girlfriend is annoying af -.-

Kyle: Lol. What did she do?

Marley: Be herself :/

Kyle: XD

Kyle: You always say that lol

Marley: Because it’s true

Kyle: Whatever. How is your day going?

Marley: You don’t want know to know

Kyle: Uh-oh. What happened?

Marley: I’ll tell you after school

Kyle: Okay. Have a good day

Marley: You too. Have fun and be safe

I shoved my phone back into my closet as the three of us entered our first period.

“Quit telling Kyle that I’m annoying,” Kimora hissed.

“Oh my God. He is such a snitch,” I muttered as I walked to my seat. Before I could even react, a leg stuck out in the middle of the aisle and I tripped over it. The people within the class who saw this and heard this began laughing while someone recorded the entire thing. My face burned with embarrassment as I got up to my feet with Sadia’s help. As for Kimora, she walked over to whoever had been recorded and snatched their phone from them. They began to reach for it, but she already deleted the video. She handed it back to the person with a glare on her face.

“Tell the rest of your friends to delete the video or else I’m going to be whooping some serious ass in a minute,” She spat venomously.

“Oh please. You’re all bark and no bite,” We heard from the classroom door. Everyone’s attention was now on the devil herself, Valerie. She sauntered into the classroom with a smirk.

“You’re not going to do shit, Kimora. Just admit that you make empty threats that you never carry out,” Valerie shot at her.

“Who are you to say that I make empty threats when you got your ass whooped by me last year?” Kimora scowled at her, “I guess the ass whooping wasn’t all that memorable if you’re still sitting up here talking shit about me.”

It was true that Kimora had beaten up my sister, but that was because Valerie constantly antagonized Kimora with every chance she got. I, along with Kyle and Sadia, tried to warn her about it, but she didn’t listen. When Kimora had enough of her shit, she beat her up badly.

“Oh please. You barely made a scratch on me,” Valerie scoffed.

“Girl, I broke your nose and gave you two black eyes. The hell are you talking about ‘barely made a scratch’. If you don’t get your ugly ass on,” Kimora rolled her eyes.

“Or else what? What are you gonna do?” Valerie challenged.

“Whoop your ass again so you’ll remember not to fuck with me ever again,” Kimora answered.

“I don’t think Kyle would like that very much,” Valerie remarked.

“Man, fuck Kyle and what he thinks because I can do whatever the fuck I want, when I want, and however I want,” Kimora hissed. They stared each other down before Valerie turned to me.

“As for you, you fat piece of shit. Don’t think I didn’t notice you ducking down in your little friend’s car. Just wait till I get home and tell our parents,” Valerie smirked. I felt myself becoming fearful of the consequences that I could possibly face when I got home and I didn’t even want to think about them at all.

“Hm. That’s right, you fat ass. You better be scared,” Valerie sneered, “You’ll be in so much trouble that even Kyle won’t be able to help you.”

Valerie turned and walked away laughing with her little friends. Sadia noticed my expression and a worried look formed on her face.

“Let’s take our seats,” She said. Kimora saw my face and nodded as we headed towards the back.

Valerie was right. I was going to be in so much trouble when I got home and I know that it’s not going to be good at all. It was terrible that I had to be fearful of what was to come as soon as I got home, but that’s just the way things are. Right now, I wish Kyle was at home to protect me from our parents, but he’s not. Like I said before, I can’t always have him come to protect me.

The rest of the school day was a blur to me and I was distracted by the fact that my parents are going to be livid about what I did when I get home. Today was not best day, but it was no different than any other day. Constantly, I walked on egg shells with my parents who not only had low tolerance for my weight, but also had low tolerance for any mistakes I made like any other human. What sucks is the fact that Valerie will use that low tolerance they have for me by getting me into all sorts of trouble that lead me to getting into trouble with my parents. Valerie will go as far as to having her little minions practically report to her about things I do within the school so she can have enough ammo to use against me when we get home so she can tell our parents.

She’s a terrible sibling for that. I know, but what can I do? I have no else in our home to turn to and the only other people I can turn to have their own lives to live. I can’t have them constantly worry about me over something like this.

The one who scares me the most out both of my parents is my father. Whenever I do something wrong, he just gives me this look that makes a chill go down my spine and it makes me stutter whenever I speak because that look makes me feel lower than low. When my mother is on her business trips, which leaves Valerie and I with him, Valerie will get me into as much trouble as possible and tell him. He’ll get angry and grabbed a leather belt. He’ll whoop me with it on my butt and my legs until I cry for him to stop. He threatens to hurt me even more after he’s done if I tell my aunt or grandmother because he knows that I’m close with them. When he’s done, he leaves my room and Valerie, with a horribly satisfied look on her face, will say that it’s my fault for even doing what I did.

It’s terrible I know, but beatings like that had only begun after Kyle left. I guess my father figured that he could get away with doing something horrible like that without him there because he knew that Kyle would protect me no matter what like he’s done since I was a baby.

“Hey. Do you need me to drop you off at our usual spot?” Kimora inquired.

“No,” I shook my head, “I’ll walk.”

“You sure?” Sadia asked worriedly.

“Yeah. I don’t want to add more salt to the wound,” I mumbled.

“Just text me when you get home. Okay?” Kimora said.

“Alright. See you,” I responded. They both headed off to the parking lot together after a moment of hesitation. I grabbed my binders from my other classes and shoved them into my bag with a sigh. I zipped my bag shut and shut my locker closed. As soon as I turned around to walk, I bumped into a hard body. I stumbled back to try and catch myself, but that was no use. My body began falling back and my eyes screwed shut as I waited for impact.

Impact never came. My eyebrows scrunched together and my eyes opened. When I saw who it was, my heart began pounding in my chest.

“Are you okay?” He asked. It was very surprising to see him of all people standing here holding me in his strong arms. He helped me to my feet.

“Umm....uhh...yeah. Yeah I’m okay,” I assured him nervously. I can’t believe I bumped into him of all people, the guy I’ve had a crush on since middle school, Xander Liao. Xander was a tall, handsome guy with jet black hair, a square shaped face, hooded eyes, a button nose, soft looking lips, low cheekbones, medium black eyebrows, and fair skin. He was our school’s star baseball player, student council President, valedictorian, and the most popular guy in school. He was well liked by teachers and students alike. He was pretty much the perfect guy in my eyes.

“You sure?” He asked.

“I’m sure,” I nodded as butterflies fluttered like crazy in my stomach.

“That’s great. I’m sorry for bumping into you..”

“Marley and oh no it’s my fault,” I told him, “I should’ve been watching where I was going.”

“It’s more of my fault for not even paying attention. I was kind of in my phone the entire time,” He informed me. I looked at his hand and saw that his phone was nowhere to be found. My eyes went to the ground and I saw it down there. I bent down and picked it up to hand it to him.

“You didn’t need to do that. I could’ve gotten it myself,” He said.

“Well I still feel bad for bumping into you,” I murmured. He chuckled.

“How about we agree to disagree on who’s fault it was?” He suggested. A small smile came upon my face as I giggled.

“Alright,” I beamed. His phone made a ‘ding’ noise and he looked at it.

“Oh snap. I have to go, but it was nice bumping into you...” He said.

“Marley,” I replied.

“Marley. It was nice bumping into you, Marley,” He told me.

“You too,” I smiled. He gave me another smile and walked past me. Although today was just as bad as any other, at least one thing good happened today.

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