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Friendship, Family, Rivalry and Loyalty are the only things to keep when living in New Hope. As for Darkville Academy you have to fight your way through to graduate. =============================================== Two transfer students Biancca Maeda and Angel Williams who came to the most infamous school in New Hope, Darkville Academy. Biancca is constantly challenge for a fight after her first win against two members of the second strongest fighting group in the school. After Angel witness Biancca's fighting skill she self proclaimed as Biancca's little sister. Ace7 which is the most powerful fighting group in the school has their eyes on Biancca to watch how strong she is and see if she's strong enough to fight the president Autumn Young. Than all out comes secret pasts about a murder, how did the rivalry between Darkville Academy and Angelica High really begin. Was it really a love triangle between the two bosses of Ace7, Angelica High, and boy like the rumor or is it something deeper.

Drama / Action
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Welcome to Dark Academy

A girl that stood five feet tall walks to the center of the sidewalk, facing a high school. Groups of students scattered around, all talking amongst each other, smoking or fighting. Shoulders back, the small girl adjusts her curly ponytail.

"Who wants to fight?" Everyone stops to look at her. The gaze shifts to a gang of four who was sitting on the steps. Two girls: one wearing shades and a black trench coat and the other had pink hair, and two guys: one wearing a clown mask and the other have a "Z" tattoo on his hand. They got up to approach the small girl. She grips her fist.

The girl with the shades, who's the leader eyes the girl before looking back at her gang. "Who's this bitch?"

The small girl rolls her neck and points back. I'm the bitch that's gonna beat your ass."

The leader signals her gang, using a wicked smirk and nods for them to move into formation. The small girl goes straight into her fighting stance. "So, before I send you to the hospital, I gotta know, who are you?"

The leader looks down at the girl. "My name is Stephanie, and we're the Z-Gang. Our reputation in New Hope is high."

The small girl, shakes her head. "Well, my name is Angel and I lived here most of my life. I know every gang with a high reputation and ain't one of them. Maybe you're not as strong as you think you are; but that's okay. Y'all can be my appetizer. I gotta save my appetite for much bigger challenge."

They laugh this off. "Bigger than me and my gang?" Stephanie asks. She doesn't give Angel a chance to respond before running toward her.

"Don't underestimate us! Let's go!"

The fight starts, four against one. Stephanie punches Angel in the face at lightning speed. Angel's arms are suddenly bound behind her back by the clown mask. Stephanie laughing and with the upper hand, continues to punch Angel. She only stops to hold Angel by the chin and smile.

"All that talking for what?" She says. "You're just a dog with all bark and no bite."

Angel's bloody mouth slowly cracks a smile right back at Stephanie. "Yeah, let me shut my ass up and start biting!"

Angel back kicks Clown Mask below the belt.

The "Z" tattoo member runs towards her. She grabs his hand and flips him over her shoulder.

As he hits the ground, she twists to see the pink hair member, and runs towards her.

Angel delivers a drop kick right to her stomach.

"Z" composes himself, shooting towards Angel from behind. Angel quickly turns and catches him with an uppercut.

With the rest of the gang on the ground, Angel and Stephanie standoff, looking at one another in silence. The other students continue to egg on the fight, trying to figure out who's going to win. Angel, the new girl, or Stephanie, leader of the "Z-Gang."

The wind blows dust across the school grounds, causing each of the girl's hair to dance. Stephanie pulls back her hair, showing her green stud earrings and smirks at Angel. "I have to admit, you're strong."

Angel looks back with pride. "Well, of course. How about we wrap this up? I have other things on my list that I'd like to take care of."

The two run toward one another. Stephanie stops abruptly, causing Angel to smash into a short jab. Angel stumbles backwards. She shakes her head, regaining her balance.

She starts charging towards Stephanie once more.

Stephanie's punch is loaded but Angel dodges her fist. She comes in under Stephanie and tackles her to the floor. Angel stands while Stephanie tries to regain her footing, but fails. Angel grabs her shirt with both hands and thrusts Stephanie towards her, head-butting her. It's a knockout, Stephanie sprawled on the concrete. Angel touches her own forehead lightly and looks around. The other students gasp in awe.

Blood drips in Angel's mouth as she grabs a lollipop from her pocket to mask the taste. She walks away in route to her class.

"Finally," Angel says, making it to the classroom. Either this was the farthest class or that fight had her drained. She saw another girl with long brown hair wearing a black blazer uniform and two colored bracelets heading to the same door. They both enter the classroom, which can be compared to a zoo.

Mr.Green, the homeroom teacher, stands in front of the students, waiting for a chance to speak. He shakes his head then waves his hand, gesturing for Angel and the other girl to walk to the front. He stands between them and claps his hands, "Excuse me ... Excuse me."

No one listens. He slams his hands on a desk. "Sit down, shut up and listen!"

The class grows quiet, giving their undivided attention to Mr. Green, Angel and the mystery girl.

Mr. Green gives a smug smirk. "Now that I have your attention, we have two new students joining us today. On my left is Biancca Maeda."

Biancca steps up and greets the class. "Hi."

"On my right is Angel Williams." Angel steps up and scans the class. "There's a bunch of weak bitches in here, and yes, I'm talking about the guys too. It won't be long until I take over this place."

Mr.Green shakes his head and mumbled, "Oh God." He tells Biancca to sit at a desk upfront. Without a word, she does just that. Angel is instructed to the same and sit next to Biancca but she has other plans.

"Nah, I'll just sit in the back."

"But all the seats are full in the back."

Angel ignores him and proceeds to the back of the room. She stops in front of a girl, tosses her out of the seat, and sits down.

"This seat is empty."

The girl gets up and yells in Angel's face. "Are you serious get out of my seat!"

Angel laughs. "And if I don't?"

The girl clenches her fist, about to go for a hit, but Angel reacts fast and sends her to the floor.

"That's what I thought."

The girl gets up, ready to try again, before she could hit her, someone yells. "Yo, Amy, stop.You already lost."

Amy looks at Angel, "Tsk."

She walks to the front to sit next to Biancca.

Two girls approach Angel. "Don't get high off that fight with the Z-Gang," says the girl with a two bun hairstyle. She wears a white and grey bomber jacket that said "Poison Ivy 04" on the side. Angel turns to face them.

"Excuse me?"

"They're the weakest gang here. So don't think you're gonna win another fight, unless fighting small fries is your thing." The other girl with long blonde hair, wears a white and black varsity jacket with spikes on the shoulders with the name perry on the side.

Angel looks them up and down.

"And who are you?"

"We are members of 005, the second strongest." The girl with the buns introduces herself as Ivy "Number 04" and the other as Tai "Number 05".

"So, I'm guessing there's more of you," Angel says, unamused. Tai slams her hands on Angel's desk. " That's right! There are five of us. Why don't you put your strength to the test and fight the two of us?"

"Yeah, the Z-Gang might be weak but you still fought four people," Ivy weighs in. "So the two of us should be a piece of cake, right?"

Angel stands and walks past them to the door. Mr.Green glance at her "Miss Williams where are you going, I'm about to start class."

"I have more important things to do right now. I just wanted to know where my homeroom was at."

Before leaving, she stops, facing her back to them.

"As for you two, I don't fight second best, only the best, and the best is on top. That's where I'm heading. Don't get me wrong, the Z-Gang was only a quick appetizer. Nothing more. I don't want to knock both of you out, because when I'm on top, it will be boring without an army. If you're as strong as you say you are, save it for then."

Angel walks towards a long staircase. When she got there she looks up, a small drop of sweat ran down from her head. "So this is it, even one of the steps are painted red. Just like the rumors." She slowly climbs the stairs and to a door that says "Ace7". She hesitates for a bit, but decides to open it. Inside the room, there is a total of four people: three guys and one girl. The center of the floor reveals a chair that says, "President is absent." The chair next to it says, "Vice President position open."

Angel points to the Vice President's chair. "I want to be the Vice President."

She walks to the chair but is abruptly stopped by a boy that stands a foot taller than her, with black short hair and dimples. "I don't think so, step back before you get hurt. Besides, you're too cute to catch a beat down."

Angel doesn't say anything and just lashes at him. Her body immediately hits the floor. He’s no joke but too bad for him.

Scrambling back to her feet, she attacks him. None of her punches or kicks touch him.

He locks her arms together. "I'm being nice and you're making this hard for yourself. I'm Kye, the captain of Ace7, and if you want to join you have to beat myself or any other member here. If not, your application will be denied."

Angel struggles to get loose. "If that's the rule to get in, so be it, but I fought earlier so I'm not my full potential." She continues to struggle. "The girl over there, I'll fight her." She looks at the only other girl in the room.

The girl looks at herself in the mirror and brushes her hair. "I'm not the fighting type. To be be honest, I don't even know how or why I'm in Ace7 so I'm not gonna fight you."

Kye smiles. "Well Karrie is out, you now have two choices."

One of the boys stands up. Angel looks at him, neck bending back. "You're one tall bastard." He's the tallest one in the room.

"I'll take her on captain. I saw her fight with the Z-Gang. I was impressed, it looks like she's got some skill to put up a decent fight."

Kye releases Angel, who stumbles into the floor.

"She's all yours, Zeke. Try not to kill her okay?"

Zeke looks at Kye. "Don't worry, I wouldn't want the President to be mad at me." His head turns to Angel "Get up. I want to see how long you can stand before you fall."

Angel manages to get up and put herself in a fighting stance.

Man this seems bad and this guy looks all type dangerous ... but fuck it, I already got myself into this.

They both wait for the other to start to fight. Impatience rises in Angel and she tries to kick Zeke, but misses. He grabs Angel's leg and tosses her across the room. Zeke walks to Angel and lifts her up, pinning her against the wall with one hand. He bends down close to her ear.

"Ready to cry?" he whispers.

Angel confused by his words until a sudden excruciating pain inflames her stomach.

Zeke punches into Angel's gut, causing her to vomit blood. When he stops, he kicks her down. Blood runs down her chin as tears roll down her face. Once again, he kicks her, making her roll onto her back. Breathing heavy and feeling pain all over. Angel lifts up her middle finger and utters the words, "F-Fuck you."

Zeke smiles. "I'm sorry, I don't fuck ugly bitches."

He stomps on her stomach, making her cough up more blood. He drags her by her hair and kicks her down the stairs.

Angel stumbles down the stairs, landing on her face. She doesn't have enough to lift herself up, so she lays there. Footsteps move towards her. She looks up with the little strength she has left.

Biancca walks past, until Angel grabs her ankle. "Can you take me to the nurse's office?" She asks, blood muffling her words.

Biancca rolls her eyes but reaches down to pick up Angel. While walking, Angel talks about her fight with Zeke. "I can't believe that bastard called me ugly and had the nerve to kick on my stomach." Biancca sighs "I really don't care." "Well shit, my bad."

They reach the nurse's office. Angel looks Biancca up and down.

"Why are you here? I mean this school is full of delinquents and you look like a honors student at a private school."

Biancca drops Angel on the floor and walks away.

Angel screams in pain "Really?" You couldn't at least let me down gently or walk me in!"

The nurse, hearing Angel, rushes out to help her up.


In the library, Ivy and Tai sit across from each other. "I can't believe that bitch," Ivy says. "I want to tear down that high confidence she got!"

Tai, chewing gum, nods.

"I heard something interesting about somebody while I was in the bathroom."

"Interesting like what? And do you know who it was."

" I didn't get a name because I in the stall and the girl who was telling the story was talking kinda of fast but I did catch some of what she was saying. So basically back in middle school the person killed someone and their family covered it up."

Ivy laughs. "That's a bush of bullshit, like come on if it were true why the hell would their parents send them to a school like this when it's obvious that they have enough money to coverup a murder and besides that sounds like something out of a movie."

"Yeah it sounds ridiculous, I found it crazy enough to tell you. Well anyway back to the bitch, do you think that she managed to climb the stairs?"

Ivy puts her feet on the table and looks at Tai. "Well, if she did, they destroyed her. I know that much."

A girl walking to the exit steps on Tai's foot.

"Hey, you're not gonna say sorry? Have some respect!"

The girl turns around "What?" the girl says with an attitude. She instantly recognizes them, "Oh, shit," "Oh, shit is right," Tai says as the girl tries to escape. Tai runs to her and pulls her hair. Ivy laughs as the girl begs for Tai to let her go. She ignores her.

"Not only did you not apologize for stepping on my foot, but now you're trying to escape? You should know how it goes down in D.A. When in a fight, you either win or lose, no in between."

Ivy walks to the door and locks it. At the click, the girl starts to cry, tears flowing like someone holding a gun to her head.

Tai punches the girl, busting her nose. Ivy, eager to join, has Tai tag her in. She jumps on top of the girl, both of them falling on the floor, and punches her face. Blood covers her hands. While the girl begs for life, Ivy picks her up and bangs the girl's bloodied face onto the glass window of the door.

Biancca walking to the library, stops in front of the door. She eyes the sign that reads "Closed" when suddenly a splatter of blood fills the glass. She steps back as the door opens.

A girl crawls out, spitting up blood. From behind the door, Ivy changes the sign to "Open."

Biancca steps over the girl and walks into the library. Tai and Ivy wipe their hands off and look over at Biancca she sits down to read her book. Ivy walks up to Biancca.

"You don't know how to greet someone when you enter a room?"

"This is a library full of people. I doubt any of them greeted you when they entered, so why should I?"

Not taking her eyes off the pages as she speaks, Ivy slaps the book out her hand.

"Who do you think you're talking to?" Biancca doesn't want to deal with Ivy or her antics. She gets up, picks up her book, and decides to leave. While making her way to the door, she is pushed onto the floor by Tai. At the contact, her wallet falls out of her pocket.

Ivy picks it up. "Oh look what we got here. This wallet of yours got some weight on it, let's open it up...wow, look at that. The girl got some real cash. We would be oh so happy to take this."

Biancca gets off and walks out the library.

Tai calls out to Biancca, "Thanks!"


The nurse tends to Angel's wounds. Angel clenches her fist on the bed she sits on. The nurse puts a wet rag on Angel's face. She flinches, making him chuckle.

"You're lucky that these wounds aren't deep because those kids in Ace7 are rough."

"Are you trying to funny? Because rough is an understatement. My bruises might look light but my whole body hurts like hell. Mind you I got stamped on to the point that vomit up blood, blood! that's the first time that ever happened to me."

"Thinking about transferring? This happens every year. I believe around thirty people transferred after the first week of school."

"But that was last month."

"Exactly, a lot come here to gain a reputation but end up suffering and eventually leaving. Only the strong is able to stay for the whole four years."

"Well, I'm not transferring, I'm strong enough to stay here for the next two years."

"Two years? The nurse question.

"Yeah, I'm a sophomore," Angel sighs "I know, I know that I look younger than I am."

The nurse laughs, "Oh wow, I thought that you were a freshmen. But that's not really surprising because Zeke from Ace7 is a freshman."

Angel looks the nurse up and down. "What? That beast is a freshmen? There's no way! What is parents feeding him? Oh god but anyway you sure know your stuff and this is the first time I've seen a male school nurse, you must really popular"

He laughs. "I'm a former student so I know the ins and outs about this school. I'm also medical school graduate. The job came up, and I get to work close to home, and the pay is good" He turns to her. "Now lay down and get some rest. I'll check on you soon."

The nurse leaves the office, and once he's out the door, Angel slowly sits up and looks around the office. "Okay, that was some bullshit. I have to get stronger...and to do that I'll work my way from the bottom up." She walks out the office after doing some stretches. And starts to fight the first person she sees.


Tai and Ivy hanging out at a staircase. "I want to knock her head off," Ivy says as she sit on a stair and Tai sits next to her. "Who are you talking about?" Tai question. "The new girl." Tai still confused "Which one?"

"The bitch."

"Oh, okay. Alright let's go look for her and knock her head off," Tai stands up and grabs Ivy's hand to help her up.

"Who's head are you knocking off?" They turned around to see Angel on top of the stairs covered in sweat and bruises.

Ivy starts to laugh. "Do you really have to ask? we were about to look for your ass, but you're already here, making the job much easier."

Angel smirks. "What do y'all want to do?"

Tai steps in front of Ivy. "Looks like you was able to climb the stairs."

"Oh, this?" Angel says as she points at her face. "This is from a fighting spree I just had but I won't mind continuing. But I did got up and all I got to say that Ace7 went beyond my expectations. They're really are strong." Angel walks to the bottom of the stairs to face them.

Tai cracks her knuckles. "Of course they're strong, they're the top gang of the school."

"That's why I'm going to start from the bottom and make my way up..." Angel grins. "And looks like I'm gonna continue my fighting spree."

Ivy pushes Tai to the side and punches Angel in the face. Angel punches back.

While the fight rages at the upper level of the staircase, Biancca sits down reading a level away. She puts her book down when the sound of screams and laughter echo the staircase. She stands and walks towards the noise.

From the top of the stairs, she sees Tai and Ivy beating I'm Angel.

Tai grabs Angel by her shirt.

"Just say you give up! Say you lost and we'll stop."

Angel swallows her blood "No way in hell."

Ivy pulls her arm and twists it. Angel screams in pain. Biancca sees this happening and takes one step down.

"I think it's pathetic that y'all are beating someone that's already down."

Tai and Ivy look up at Biancca. Ivy let's go of Angel's arm and Tai drops her on the floor.

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I'll show you." Biancca drops everything. She jumps down the stairs and roundhouse kicks Ivy. Pushed back, she falls on top of Tai. Biancca bends down bashes their heads together repeatedly. She gives them the opportunity get up.

Tai tries to hit Biancca but instead hits Ivy while she gets herself together. Tai immediately apologizes and once again tries to attack Biancca, but misses. Biancca catches Tai's arm and tosses her over her head. Ivy runs towards her for attempt to hit Biancca, but she's kicked in the stomach before she can reach Biancca's face. Biancca leaves them on the ground and takes her wallet back from Ivy.

Angel stares at Biancca as she leaves, in a trance.

This is unbelievable she's like a completely different person. She's tiny ... well I'm small too but she's hella strong. Am I that weak? No! I must be doing something wrong, I need to know how strong she is.

Kye walks down the hallway and sees Biancca exiting the staircase door. As she walks past him she gave him a quick side eye. He didn't notice and sees Ivy wobbling out the staircase and falling on the floor. He runs over, stepping over Ivy and opening the door.

Angel and Tai are still on the floor, covered with drops of blood. He turns back to see Biancca, still in sight through the open door.

"This has become interesting." Kye smirks. "Welcome to Dark Academy, Biancca Maeda!"

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