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Not all sakura fully bloom in time for spring, there's always one that needs a little encouragement, with a bit of luck our friend will become the most beautiful cherry blossom of all.

Drama / Humor
Fay Lockwood
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Chapter 1

At the crack of dawn Kyoya stood outside on the roof of his home, brushing his healthy clean white teeth, eager to get going for his daily journey for education he never waits for his father to finish shaving and then his little brother to do…. his business in the mornings. Not that he minded doing it this way, he actually preferred to feel the sun’s welcoming heat on his faultless smooth tanned skin as it steadily rises over the exotic city of Kyoto.

Like any other teen on the school run, Kyoya momentarily stopped beside a school bus to quickly fix his wild raven mane that wrapped round his neck like a scarf. “Alright… come on, okay,” he muttered under his breath as he took one last look in the small mirror before resuming on to his morning race to a place he thought only he knew. He cycled as fast as he could get the pedals of his bike going until he got to the narrow passageway filled with chunky concrete steps. He hoisted the bike over his shoulder and determinedly climbed over the steps. He was surprised to see the place taken over by builders and construction workers but that still didn’t put him off one little bit as he charged forward, completely ignoring the sign with a cute little cartoon builder saying no unauthorised access until one of the busy men jumped in his way.

“This is a building site! You can’t come in here without P.P.E!” He snapped as he knew if anything happened to the kid here he would be sued and no one likes to be sued! “It’s just over there,” Kyoya said as he stretched right his arm out and pointed to his destination, which just happened to be within the building site. While the confused man had his back turned, to try and see what on earth the boy was going on about, Kyoya whizzed past as fast as lightning. “I’ll only be a minute then I’ll leave,” he said as he ignored the panic of the other work men as they tried to get him to leave by repeatedly yelling ‘it’s dangerous! Get out of here now!’ but alas it all feel on deaf ears.

Well you see, if I don’t touch the willow tree… I can’t go to school, at least that’s what I decided myself Kyoya thought as he climbed steadily sideways along the edge of the site then leaped over the corner of the fjord as the builders chased after him in fear of him getting hurt.

“Hey! Hey! Stop before you get hurt!” the same builder from earlier bellowed as Kyoya made that final leap onto the medium raised platform in the middle of the path and pushed his hand through the long messy vines that covered the bark of his special tree. Even if I tried to explain it to them, these men wouldn’t understand, he chuckled lightly as he jumped back onto the ground and dashed past the dumbfounded men as they stared at the boy as though he was mad. “See you later Haru,” Kyoya said as he took one last glance at the old willow that stood behind the annoyed and confused workmen.

8am sharp Kyoya arrived at the school bike park after speeding past his pedestrian classmates across the yard like the wind as the cool morning breeze blew through their hair as well as his. Just as I think everything in this world is a game, as though it’s as easy as juggling a set of keys from one hand to the other… in actuality no one really says that but if no one thought it then we couldn’t get through any of this. Kyoya sighed as he secured his bike against the last free steel arch in the bike parking area and prepared himself for yet another torturously long day of school.

“You remember what I said before, to find the perimeter you must add up the sides then times it! The sooner you get it into your brains the better, we have only four months to go until your exam!” Mr Sohma exclaimed as he continued drawing example perimeters on the black board. However Kyoya had a different revision technique in mind, using each stroke in his kanji as a tick mark as a way to count how many times his teacher fidgets with his loose fitting trousers during the beginning of the lesson. Hmm, five times in five minutes? He really needs to get a belt or tighter pants.

“Kyo - Chan! Look I’ve got 98 marks!”

For the sake of keeping the peace, Kyoya faked a friendly smile to his beaming classmate as held up his last math mock exam paper like a trophy. “Good for you!” Kyoya cheered mockingly as he immediately hid his test paper under the scribbled tally chart, if anyone found out he actually got full marks they would all be going to him for answers instead of at least try to work it out for themselves. It was better if they thought he was no better or worse than them when it came to any subject that would lose him many points in this imaginary game of school.

We repeat meaningless things every day, Kyoya rolled his eyes at the boy’s over excitement as he turned back to his work. Sometimes it feels like I’m was still in elementary rather than high school by the way some teachers talk to them like they’re stupid, mostly the one who can’t even keep his own pants up! Every day is a repeat of meaningless stuff.

“You didn’t know?!” He heard one of his classmates exclaim during break, well what Kyoya wanted to reply with ‘that’s got nothing to do with you’ he was never one for gossip especially from these guys as they only talked about what they’ve seen on TV. Which is mostly a loud of bull poop, to put it politely, Kyoya thought as he glanced around the room, they all looked more like giant toddlers than teenagers, throwing scrunched up balls of paper behind the teacher’s back, kick me signs on the least popular kid’s back. Amidst all these kids gathered together, Kyoya, the serious one, is the one who loses.

“Kyoya!” A voice snaps him out of his thoughts as he passed classroom 2-A half way down the pristine corridor of Sakuramachi Senior High School. “Do you want to see the new FullMetal Alchemist movie with us?”

If Kyoya was an actor he would most certainly win a Japanese equivalent of an Oscar as no one could tell what he was really thinking when he pulled another friendly face as he gracefully slid over to the window like a professional ice skater.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” A couple of girls who sat on the other side of the glass chorused, to look at him it wasn’t hard to believe that there were girls in his grade were head over heels in love with him. He was taller than most boys, had that wild mane, thing going on with his long raven hair, high chiselled cheek bones, onyx almond shaped eyes that always looked straight at you whenever you talked to him. Broad lips that the otakus, manga crazy girls, could only imagine the feel of them against theirs.

What are you saying? Kyoya thought as he discreetly grinded his teeth, in a way to conceal his hot temper, you idiots still haven’t paid me back from last time! “Ah yeah I’d love to but oh wait… I just remembered Mr Shoma asked me to stay after class…. He saw the tally chart I doodled,” Kyoya exclaimed in mock disappointment. “Aww but it’s no fun without you Kyoya!” the two girls whined as they stared back at him with what could be described as ‘puppy dog eyes.’ Yeah I’m sure it isn’t because before you included me, you had to dig into your own pockets! With the happy poker face he so easily pulls, no one could ever tell that he was actually fighting the temptation to strangle them. “Guess he can’t take jokes, is it in the usual place?” Kyoya asked them as he leaned against the window ceil. The girls both nodded, desperate for him to join them, “okay then… when he’s done I’ll come straight over kay?” Kyoya said which had the two girls buzzing in excitement. Ha I wouldn’t go even if my life depended on it, if it did I’d rather die at least I would finally get some peace, Kyoya leapt up from the bottom ceil and patted the boy’s shoulder. “Anything but Hello Kitty okay Saburo!” he called out as he made his quick escape down the corridor.

If I conduct myself well and keep in good positon I can get to my goal without falling down face first on the ground. What character should I play today? The cool but caring Russo Kyoya with full effort today Kyoya thought as he always felt he had to act like a certain character in school to please the people around him. Though even a guy like me has a natural enemy. Kyoya glared up at the ditzy boy as he flounced down the stairs like he was away with the fairies. Hoping to go unnoticed, Kyoya walked on avoiding any eye contact but the fool still approached him.

“Found ya!” He said in that sing-songy voice that irritated him to his very core. “Toshiba,” Kyoya muttered under his breath with a tut as he speeded his pace to get as far away from the mad boy as possible but he still caught up with him as he slapped a hand on his shoulder and leaned his head close to his ear. “Hey… I heard that God died!” He said as though it was the talk of the school. “That’s stupid,” Kyoya snapped as he shoved him away, not that he had much care for the Lord but he still didn’t see the funny side of this joke. “Hey! It wasn’t me, it’s from Niichu! A philosopher from Niichu said God’s died but how? How could God have died? He was a God! They’re supposed to be invincible!” Toshiba ranted on as he chased the increasingly angry Kyoya down the stairs. He was a pretty boy to say the least, the only boy in their grade to exceed Kyoya’s height, his hair was long, though still shorter than Kyoya’s as locks overlapped the left side of his pale lightly tanned face. His eyes also black, held a child- like innocence that also annoyed Kyoya to no end.

“Hey don’t ignore me Kyo - ya!” Toshiba snapped as he continued to follow him like a lost puppy. “I got it! If only you open your heart to me! That is if you have one!” “Of course I have a heart!” Kyoya snapped at his stupid comment, if I didn’t have a heart I wouldn’t even be here stupid boy! “Shhh, you need to calm down or you’ll make your blood pressure will go through the roof!” Toshiba said as he pointed up to the ceiling and then tapped down on Kyoya’s shoulder and sloppily looked at him with his head tilted to the right. “We’re friends right?” he asked though he didn’t get the response he was hoping for. “No how many times do I have to tell you?!” Kyoya hissed as he shoved the big goofball from his shoulder. “We’re not friends of any kind! We never have and we’ll never will be!"

“Kay so then I’m not good enough for you is that it? Eh?” Toshiba asked as he poked his ribs in attempt to find his weak spot to torture him via tickling. “Well then.... as your friend... can I say something to you?” Kyoya asked hoping to get rid of him for at least the rest of the day. “Sure,” Toshiba replied as he kept his head tilted up like a dazed child. “When you go down the stairs and flutter your arms like this,” Kyoya said as he mimicked the move of fluttering his arms like a flightless bird. “I don’t do that!” Toshiba said in a slurred tone as he flopped forward as though he was drunk. “You do!” Kyoya exclaimed then was found dumbfounded as Toshiba pressed an empty soy milk carton to his chest then walked away saying, “throw it at me,” at least that’s what Kyoya thought he said.

“Fine if that’s what will make you stop fluttering your arms around like an idiot!” Kyoya said as he turned around to see Toshiba skipping down the stairs, fluttering his arms like an idiot until he felt something hit him in the back of the head. “Akito shock! What was that for?!” Toshiba wailed as he rubbed his head as though it was a rock rather than an empty cardboard carton that hit him. “You told me to!” Kyoya snappeed as he shook his head at him, is he always this dense? “Okay,” Toshiba shrugged, too lazy to argue as he went on his merry way to the school garden and pick some flowers. I seriously hate that guy, Kyoya thought as he looked down on him from a window upstairs, sitting crossed legged on the grass like a little child.


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