Falling For My Dad's Bestfriend

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Danielle's parents were in high school when they had her. Just three years later her mom died in a fatal car accident. Her father was 19 at the time and now responsible for caring for his daughter alone. He befriended a thirteen year old boy at a gym he worked at who ended up being his best friend who stood by his side while he raised his daughter. Danielle was raised to see her father's bestfriend, Zack, as an uncle. But when the now 27 year old man moves in with the 17 year old girl and her father she develops an attraction to the brawny, tattooed man. Zack tries with all of his strength to resist the newly formed woman who he is meant to think of as a niece. [PLEASE DON'T ASK ME FOR UPDATES]

Drama / Erotica
Dat Bitch
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Chapter 1

I walked into the house. I threw my keys on the counter as I walked through the kitchen.

"Dad?! Where are you?!" I yell.

"Living room!" He yells back.

I walk through the house towards the living room slowing down when I notice a bunch of boxes sitting by the stairs.

"Dad why are all these bo-" I freeze when I see a Tall, buff tattooed man sitting on the couch next to my dad... my uncle Zack.

Zack's POV

I hadn't seen Danielle in two years. I had moved to New Zealand and she was in California with her dad. So when I saw her walk into the livingroom with a full, curvy body wearing a tight, powder pink tank top that clung to her slim waist and full breasts and shorts short enough that I would be able to see her panties if they were just an inch shorter hugging her form, I wouldn't have recognize her at all if she hadn't called Josh Dad.

"Dani you look...different." I say desperately trying not to check her out.

"So do you... more tattoos." She points out.

"You too I see." I point out a small piece of black font present on her inner thigh.

"She begged me for that... I didn't bother to see what she was getting before the artist started working on it... big mistake."

"What does it say?"

She turns her leg to the side allowing me to read the words etched into her thigh.

"Fuck you? You got a tattoo that says fuck you? That's awesome." I chuckle.

"Don't encourage her, Zack."

"Why not... I think it's cute." She giggles.

"It's definitely not what I thought you'd get." Josh admits.

"Why would you expect any less from me?" She teases. "So... the boxes... they're yours?"

"Yeah, I'm moving back for a while."

"A while? As in for like a month or two until you decide to leave again? Or as in a year? Or more? Less? How long is a while?"

"Dan, leave him be. He hasn't quite figured out how long he'll be here... and that's okay. Our home is his home, he always has a room here, you know that."

"Yeah, the problem is how long he left that room empty and stopped calling. So when he finally comes back don't expect me to be fine with the fact he's gonna leave again and I have no idea how long he'll be around. "

"I'm sorry Dani, okay? I know it was real shitty of me to stop calling but I had shit to figure out."

"I'm not angry. I understand that. But it still hurts that for 2 years I had no idea if you were even alive... and you were always around before that... it was really hard to get used to you being gone." I look down at the floor feeling guilty for leaving them

"But he's back now. Stop focusing on the fact that it isn't forever and enjoy it while it lasts."

"Whatever. I'm going to my room." She sighs.

I watch her as she turn and walks away. Her shorts stop just below her ass, so everytime he takes a step and her full hips move the shorts move up revealing the bottom of her ass and a portion of another tattoo. I wanted so bad to see the entire tattoo.

"I'm sorry about her."

"Its alright, I shouldn't have left like that." I sigh.

Danielle's POV

I had to get out of there. My body was betraying my rational mind. Every ounce of me wanted to have his big strong hands explore my body. My uncle. To be fair we weren't blood related... but I know he'd never go for it... he just sees me as his niece.

Later that night

I put on a white crop top and ripped skinny jeans, which to be honest were more ripped that jean. There was huge holes cut out exposing the blue lace that bordered the panties I was wearing underneath and also exposing the entire front half of my thighs. There were slits along the calves none as drastic as the holes on my thighs.

I slipped a white lace choker around my neck. I pull on some white ankle socks and white converse sneakers.

Walking downstairs while looking down at my phone I hear shuffling in the kitchen.

"Danielle Elizabeth Summers- Machiavelli, where are you going dressed like that?" Dad asks stopping me in my tracks.

"Just to Carly's. Might sleep over, I don't know."

"Why do I get the feeling you're lying?" He says raising an eyebrow at me.

"I don't know, maybe because you never trust me to make good decisions, even though I always come home perfectly safe."

"But my question was, from where will you be coming home perfectly safe."

"I already told you, Carly's."

"Fine, but if I find out you were somewhere else your ass isn't leaving the house until you turn 18."

"Good thing I'm not lying." I roll my eyes and walk out the front door. Only to see my second round of questioning leaning against my car smoking a cigarette. He's an athlete for christ sake... why would he do that to his body?

"Can you move, I'm leaving. " I tell uncle Zack.

"Dressed like that?" He raises and eyebrow at me while looking me up and down.

"What's wrong with my outfit. The both of you might as well just straight up call me a fucking slut."

"We're just making sure you're safe, wherever you go."

"I'm going to my bestfriend's house, pretty sure I'll be fine." I say reaching for the door handle behind him and yanking it as he steps to the side.

Carly's House

I pull up to Carly's house and park in her huge driveway. I don't knock on the door I just walk right in.

"Bestfriend!" She yells running toward me at full speed. I nearly fall over when she jumps into my arms and wraps her limbs around me. I squeeze her before feeling the hug has gone on too long.

"Okay Carly-fries. I think that's enough." I say as she squeezes the air out of me. She let's go and grabs my hand and runs into the livingroom while I use my free hand to adjust the crop top she had nearly pulled down off my chest.

"Where's everybody else?" I ask as she basically throws me onto the couch.

I was much smaller than her. The only reason I didn't fall on my ass when she jumped on me is because she does it so often I almost expect it when I see her. She was not a very gentle person, but I love her anyway.

"They're coming any second. So glad my parents went on vacation without me."

Guess she didn't realize it was because they didn't want to be around her. Her parents weren't really the most accepting of her. Carly is bisexual and just all around annoying. Her parents are homophobic assholes so when she came out they basically did all but put her through conversion therapy to try and change her.

They had me sleep over more often thinking I'd talk some sense into her. Instead we stayed up in her bedroom and made out a little. So their own ignorance actually legitimately gave Carly a makeout buddy every once in a while. I don't care about gender... I kiss people I like. Even though it was purely for fun with her.
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