Breaking point

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“I see the way your Body reacts to my touch, Princess” He had an effect on me, but I couldn’t let it show. So I kicked him, in the shin. “SHIT” “How does your body like MY touch?” I winked and walked off. Elora lost her mother, her father and brothers have lost sight on what’s good, she runs away hoping that she’ll start fresh, but causes more problems. Being apart of The Italian Mafia, living in New York, finding love, what is Elora breaking point?

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1: Goodbye

We all have to say goodbye at some point in time, in our lives.

I just wished I wouldn’t have had to say goodbye to someone I loved so early on. Someone who I now know, held my family together.

I’m Elora and I’m 10.

Nobody should go through this, full stop. Let alone at my age. I understood things from an early age, like if you’re mum is bleeding out on the floor, because she was shot, it’s means she’s probably not coming back to me. It was me and her, home alone, in our mansion, dad went out with some of the boys, to do whatever and pick up others from friends. A guy came in, said somethings, I was too scared to listen. my mums eyes were full of anger, and fear. She stood in front of me. There was a loud noise, a bang, just like that, she fell. Blood came out her stomach, her face drained of all colour, and her eyes that were once full of life, and love, now filled with sadness and guilt. The life drained out of her, I hadn’t noticed but they were gone, the men. They didn’t kill me.

In the last moments of life my mum said.....

Lilian: “I love you, be strong”

With that her hand slipped from mine, she slipped away, and sadly, that day, she’s not the only family member that slipped away.

30 minutes later.....

Sebastian: “Okay boys, let’s get you cleaned up”

Felix: “Mum! Can you come here?”

Sebastian: “Honey?”

Broady: “Elora?!”

Holden: “Why aren’t they answering?!”

Eloras POV:

I heard them in the other room, I didn’t have the energy to stand up, I couldn’t, I was weak, the floor was stained with my mums blood, my back was against the wall, covered in blood, shivering. I hadn’t noticed but I had a cut on my leg, it was pretty deep, I must of gotten it while trying to run. I didn’t know what to do, my eyes were slowly shutting.

Sebastian: “OH MY GOD!”

I saw my dad run over to mum, as Felix and Broady followed, not seeing me in the corner.

Sebastian: “WHY?!”

I heard my dad yell.

The other boys came running in.

Holden: “Mum!”

They ran over.

Sebastian: “Where’s Elora?!”

I didn’t want to come out, the boys searched around, some of my brothers were in tears, others full of anger. My dads phone rang, they all got up.

Sebastian: “WHO IS THIS?!”

Tony: “Ah! Seb, how’s life?”

Sebastian: “Cut the crap! Did you kill my wife?!”

Tony: *laughs* “Oh that! Yeah, I did!”

My dad punched the wall.

Sebastian: “WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER?!”

Tony: “We didn’t touch her. She probably ran away after seeing me shoot her mum”


I looked at my older brothers faces, they were mad. Really mad, my Younger three brothers were crying as Holden calmed them down.

Tony: “Yeah, she even said the classic “Please don’t kill my daughter”. It was priceless”

Sebastian: “I’m going to kill you!”

Tony: “That’s if I don’t kill you first, and Sebastian I’m SO sorry for your loss *laughs*”

*Sebastian yells*

Felix: “Dad?”

Sebastian: “They killed my wife in front of Elora, god knows where she’s gone”

Broady: “She didn’t even know about the gang, nothing. She’s innocent”

They didn’t see me, but I stood up, with leg on a limp, as my leg was still bleeding.

Elora: “D-daddy?”

They all looked at me, my brothers stopped crying.

I had red eyes, puffy cheeks, blood all over me.

Sebastian: “Elora”

He sighed a breath of relief as he hugged me.

Sebastian: “I’m SO SORRY”

Elora: “Th-they k-killed—-

I couldn’t even finish my sentence. I burst into tears. My brothers all looked sad.

Sebastian: “Whats happened?”

He looked down at my leg.

Elora: “I-i don’t know”

Sebastian: “Call the doctor”

Felix: “Okay”

I felt my dad hug me tightly again. Then after pick me up as my brothers followed......

I didn’t realise how much my life would change.

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