Breaking point

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Chapter 10: hermosa

The next day......

In lunch break.....

Elora: “And that’s what happened...”

Violet: “damn”

Kelsey: “Wow, are you Okay, I know people bringing up what happened to you hurts”

Elora: “It’s fine”

If you couldn’t tell, Violet and Kelsey know EVERYTHING about me, what happened with my family, the mafia, everything. They’re really excepting, they even train with me, yes, i still train, I like too, plus you can never be too sure. Plus, my friends wanted to learn how to defend themselves and train.

Violet: “do you have a crush on him?”

Elora: “What?”

Kelsey: “Oooo, she does”

Elora: “Shut up!”

Violet: “She didn’t deny it”

Elora: “Fuck off”

Kelsey: “Oh, she definitely likes him”

Elora: “Yes, I like him, okay. He just seems sweet, but no one could ever love me, not even my fucking family.”

Violet: “We’re sorry, truly.”

Kelsey: “But we love you, and you’re capable of love, and someone will love you. Just never as much as we do”

Elora: “Thanks, I love you guys too”

Lance: “Still talking about me?”

Elora: “You wish”

Lance: “Si”

Kelsey: “Finally, a spanish word I understand!”

*all laugh*

Violet: “You can sit down you know....”

Lance: “thanks for the invite”

*all laugh*

After school.....

Lance: “Elora antes de que te vayas, necesito preguntarte algo” (before you go, I need to ask you something)

Elora: “qué?” (What)

Lance: “tal vez quieras pasar el rato?” (Would you Maybe want to hang out)

Elora: “dónde?” (Where)

Lance: “ven conmigo y lo descubrirás” (Come with me and You’ll find out)

Elora: “multa” (Fine)

We finally got to an ice cream shop, in a less busy part of LA, away from everyone, around the outskirts.

Elora: “Why here?”

Lance: “Cause I’m hungry”

Elora: “Lets go in then”

Worker: “Hello, what can I get you today?”

Elora: “I’ll have caramel mud cake”

Lance: “I’ll have cookies and cream”

Worker: “Yep”

After we got our ice cream, Lance took me too a park. And we talked about the stupidest things.

Lance: “Can I ask you a question?”

Elora: “You just did”

Lance: “Funny, but I’m being serious”

Elora: “Okay, what is it?”

Lance: “What was your mum like?”

Elora: “Well, she was amazing, she was so nice even though we were in a gan—— group of people that aren’t so good, she was always sweet, dad loved her with everything, my mum just made everyone’s day, but she was also so fierce and strong, she was the glue that held us all together, but when she died, my whole life fell apart”

Lance: “What do you mean?”

Elora: “My dad turned numb, my brothers turned numb, everyone in my life practically ignored me, they only focused on me if I wasn’t doing something, like if my grades were slipping, I didn’t eat, if I had an attitude, if I didn’t practice self defence, they only looked at me when I wasn’t strong, when I wasn’t okay, when I didn’t make them proud, then all of a sudden they would care, and if I mentioned my mum they’d punish me, my brothers turned so numb that the ones that had girlfriend dumbed them, and for years I heard them bring a differnt girl home, nearly every night”

Lance: “Wow, I’m so sorry”

Lances POV:
Sebastian didn’t tell us the whole story, maybe he didn’t know what he was doing wrong. But Eloras mums death didn’t break her, they did.

Elora: “Enough about me, tell me about your mum”

Lance: “I was only 1 when she died, I never got to know her”

Elora: “Oh, I’m sorry”

Lance: “It’s okay”

Elora: “Tell me about your family”

Lance: “I love them, but they can be a pain. My youngest brother Liam, and to leave us when he was just a baby, cause we couldn’t take care of him, so he went to stay with a friend, they were meant to keep in contact with us, but, we never heard from them again, he was meant to be in LA, but that was 17 years ago, god knows where he is now, or what his life has been like. I truly wish we could find him, that’s one reason why we moved here from Spain, although it’s temporary, we’re going back to Spain, but I don’t know when”

Elora: “Oh, that’s terrible, I couldn’t imagine not having your youngest child around”

Lance: “You’re family knows how that feels”

Elora: “I never really thought about it like that”

Lance: “Yeah, lets get you home”

Elora: “Lance, Thanks you”

Lance: “For what?”

Elora: “For today, it was really nice”

Lance: “You’re welcome, hermosa” (Beautiful)

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