Breaking point

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Chapter 11: We meet again

The next day...

It’s Friday, the last day of school for the week, thank goodness.

Lance: “Elora, can you come to my house this afternoon?”

Elora: “Uhhh, sure. I need to tell you something anyway, so definitely”

Lance: “Cool, see you after school”

Lance: “Listo para ser hermoso? (Ready to go beautiful)

Elora: “Si”

Lance: “vamonos” (Lets go)

In the car....

Elora: “Lance, I have to tell you something”

Lance: “What is it?”

Elora: “I need to tell you my past, and where I came from, and what happened. Because I Trust you, and I really hope what I tell you doesn’t affect our relationship”

Lance: “Uhhhh, Elora. I need to tell you something too, but can we wait till we get to my house?”

Elora: “Sure...”

Lance: “Elora....”

Elora: “Yes?”

Lance: “Would you be mad at someone if they thought what they were doing was the right thing, but it might hurt you in the process but you did it because you knew it would be better, and that everything will be good in the long run”

Elora: “Depends what it is.....why?”

Lance: “No reason”

We finally got to Lances house, there were more cars that usual but it’s probably nothing. Unlike the last time I was here, there was no yelling, fighting or any noise for that matter. I started to get a little suspicious.

Elora: “Where is everyone?”

Lance: “U-uh, I think I know, follow me”

He was acting very suspicious, I didn’t get a good feeling at all. He was hiding something, What if he found out who I was, now I was really scared.

Elora: “Lance??”

Lance: “Yes?”

Elora: “Can I Trust you?”

Lance: “Please, don’t make this any harder than it is”

Elora: “What do you mean?!”

Lance: “Please Elora”

I stopped in my path, no way I was going with him, what does he mean?!

Elora: “Hell no! Leave me alone!”

I started to walk away when I felt hands grab me.

Lance: “I’m sorry Elora.”

Lance picked me up and threw me over his shoulders.

Elora: “Put me down!”

He ignored me, until he reached a door. He put me down.

Lance: “I’m sorry”

Elora: “Wha——

He grabbed my arm and led me into the room.

Elora: “Lance what the hell?!”

When we got into the room I saw all of Liam’s family to one side, except for Helen. I didn’t notice that there were people on the other side, I went to go see who they were.

Elora: “Umm, who are——-

Sebastian: “Hello Elora”

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