Breaking point

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Chapter 12: Broken Trust

Elora: “Dad?!”

Felix: “Elora”

Elora: “Guys....Wait....”

I was.....I couldn’t breath. The life I tried so hard to escape from, stood across from me, is this what Lance was talking about, did he know who I was when we met? Did he ever care about me?

Elora: “I have to go”

I turned around to walk out the door, but Lance was blocking it.

Elora: “MOVE!”

Lance: “I can’t do that”

Sebastian: “Elora, please listen.....”

Elora: “To what?”

I turned around to face my dad and brothers.

Sebastian: “To explain our side of the story”

Elora: “Why should I?”

Sebastian: “So after, you can explain”

Elora: “Fine”

Sebastian: “When your mother died, I thought that nothing would ever be okay again, I couldn’t handle you being hurt, like you were that night, I couldn’t that believe someone would kill a parent in front of a child. And you’re an Exact replica of your mum, it hurt to look at you, your mum died because of me, I couldn’t let you also die because of me, so I blocked you out, I stopped loving, so I could stop hurting”

Felix: “And we did the same, except, we turned to sex, alcohol and violence, trying to get rid of our problems instead of facing them. We’re sorry we ignored you, and hurt you”

Elora: “I get it, I do.”

Sebastian: “YOU DO?!”

Elora: “ I mean yeah, I get it. I’ve also blocked you guys out, while trying to protect me, you broke me. I get that you were hurt, but so was I! I saw my mum die in front of me, instead of being loving and caring, you pretended not to care, I didn’t see you cry once after that night! I heard differnt girls, for each of you differnt nights. You started mistreating the maids, the staff, me. All of a sudden the gang was more important than family! I didnt just loose my mum that night, I lost all of you too! I had to leave, for myself, the night I left I saw you kill a man in front of his daughter, and you’re judging them for doing the same! You’re not my family, and you never will be”

Sebastian: “Elora, you have every right to be—-

Elora: “I’m not finished yet! Lance—-

I turned to look Lance dead in the eye.

Elora: “You betrayed me! You knew who I was, and you still made me think that you cared about me, I like you Lance, but I wish I didn’t. You set this all up, I trusted you enough, to the point where I was going to tell you about my past, and what happened when I moved here, but I can’t I can never trust you again! All guys are the same!”

Lance: “Elora! I never wanted to do this, when you bumped into me, I was so happy. THEN I realised who you were, but I Cared about you, I Care about you”

Elora: “ENOUGH!”

Broady: “Elora, please. We’ll prove to you were not monsters”

Elora: “You Know what, you didn’t just loose mum and me, you lost your humanity”

I pushed Lance out of the way and ran through the door, as soon as I got out of the room, I cried, I burst into tears, as I was running down the stairs I felt my eyes fill with water, as my vision got misty, unclear of my surroundings, I heard them yell after me, probably running to catch me too, but I ran out the front door, and down the street. I kept running and running, until it was sunset, the sun started to fade, and I was walking the worst possible streets and this time, I don’t care. My face was red, my eyes were puffy. I wiped my eyes, as they had no more tears to cry. I tied my hair back, patted my face. I couldn’t become a weak target, especially at this time if night.

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