Breaking point

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Chapter 13: I’m Back

Lances POV:

As soon as she walked out that door, I ran after her, everyone following behind me. But she was fast, she ran out the door. We had all stopped in the entrance.

Lance: “Elora!”

Sebastian: “She needs time”

Lance: “no, she doesn’t”

Logan: “Lance, this is her family, don’t tell them what to do!”

Lance: “I’m sorry but I won’t! If you didn’t hear her correctly, she said that she saw you guys kill a guy, in front of his daughter, and you’re here acting like you did nothing wrong. When you did, and I was stupid enough to help with it, she doesn’t need time, she needs love! Something none of you could giver her! Now she’s out in the dark, who knows where, and we’re standing here talking, she hasn’t trained In years, she doesn’t know what’s happening, who knows what could happen! So, now tell me, does she need time? Or do you?”

I stormed out of the house, got on my motorbike, and rode, hoping I could find Elora.

Lee: “As much as it hurts, he’s right.”

Landon: “I’m going to help him look”

Leo: “Same”

Lennox: “As a matter of fact, we’re all going”

Logan: “I hate to admit it Sebastian, but my sons are some wise fuckers”

Lorenzo: “Learned from the best”

Sebastian: “I can tell, but what do we do?”

Helen: “per uno essere un padre migliore, Lance aveva ragione, ha bisogno dell'amore, non del tempoas. risolvi il rapporto con tua figlia, prima che sia troppo tardi. tutti voi ragazzi da chiunque, dovreste sapere che non abbiamo molto tempo sulla terra.” (For one, be a better father. Lance was right, she needs love, not time. Fix your relationship with your daughter, before it is too late. All of you guys out of anyone should know that we don’t have much time on this earth.)

Eloras POV:

I don’t know how long it’s been, but I’ve been walking for hours. Who knows where I am now. I’m in a dark, creepy street, it looks sketchy, but I know how to protect myself. I texted Violet and Kelsey and sent them my location, they’ll be here soon, until then, I have to stay put.

Dan: “Well, well, well, look who it is”

I turned around to see the guy that hurt me, and his friends. I thought he’d left, he must be back. I can’t show weakness again. I can’t be weak in front of him again.

Elora: “Fuck off Dan”

Dan: “That hurts, what’s a girl like you doing out here anyway?”

Elora: “Why do you care?”

Dan: “I wanna know if anyone’s gonna hurt my girl”

Elora: “If anything, you’re gonna hurt me, and I’m not your girl!”

Dan: “You will be”

Austin: “Chica estúpida, tan despistada” (Stupid girl, so clueless)

Elora: “Chico estúpido, tan despistado” (stupid boy, so clueless)

Dan: “You speak Spanish?”

Elora: “And Italian”

Dan: “Interesting.”

Elora: “Well, it’s been fun, I gotta go”

Dan: “You’re not going anywhere”

I turned around to walk away when Dans stupid friend Allen stood in front of me, blocking the way.

Elora: “Move”

Allen: “I don’t think so”

Dan: “Seriously Elora, did you really think he’d move?”

Elora: “No but it was a good enough distraction for this”

Dan: “Wha—

Violet: “Hey Dickhead”

I saw Violet knee Dan in his crouch, Kelsey attacking Austin, and I elbowed Allen in the Stomach. As we kept fighting I realised that they’re actually pretty good, they were definitely trained by a professional, the fight lasted a while, when they ended up all together on one side, then us three facing them on the other.

Austin: “Violet, As Beautiful As ever”

Violet: “Fuck off”

Allen: “Kelsey, how ya doin?”

Kelsey: “Leave us alone”

Dan: “Where’d you learn to fight like that, you’re definitely more grown since the last to we hung out”

Elora: “Fuck you!

Dan: “You might just have too”

Violet: “Don’t listen to him Elora”

Dan: “Awww, That’s cute”

Elora: “Seriously Dan, don’t you have better things to do”

Dan: “No”

Lance: “Well find something better to do”

I saw Lance and his brothers and cousins all standing behind Dan and his friends. I’m not going to lie, I’m mad at Lance, but him and his family look so hot right now. The moonlight hitting his tan skin, his——Wait. I’m mad at him.

Dan: “Ah! The Diaz boys, Where’s the rest of the family?”

Lance: “Shut up!”

Dan: “Still sad about you’re mummy?”

Lee: “You have 10 seconds to leave, before we blow your heads off”

Austin: “Why are you protecting these little sluts?!”

Violet: “Excuse——

Landon: “He was being serious about the killing you part.”

I saw that all the boys had their hands ready to grab their guns.

Allen: “This isn’t fucking over”

Lance: “We’ll be waiting”

Dan: “Goodbye babe”

Elora: “No me llames nena” (Don’t call me babe)

Lance: “Are you girls alright?”

Elora: “Why would you care?”

Violet: “Okay, Elora, what the hell did we miss?”

Kelsey: “Yeah you just texted us asking to pick you up!”

Elora: “I’ll tell you the full story soon, but for now. How do you guys know Dan and his friends?”

Lance: “How do you?”

Elora: “I asked you first”

Lance: “I asked y——

Violet: “Shut up!”

Landon: “Whats your name gorgeous?”

Violet: “I don’t like you”

Landon: “Rude, Pronto serás hermosa” (You will soon, beautiful)

Violet: “What did he just say?”

Elora: “He said, you will soon beautiful”

Violet: “Oh my god! Never!”

Landon: “How many languages do you know Elora”

Elora: “Just Three”

Landon: “Elle ne peut donc pas traduire cela?” (So she cant translate this *French*)

Lee: “of dit?” (Or this *Dutch*)

Leo: “Hulle moet verward wees” (They must be confused *Afrikaans*)

Elora: “Okay Stop! Now I know how my friends feel”

Kelsey: “See”

*All boys Laugh*

Violet: “Anyway, let’s get home”

Lance: “Wait! I’m sorry Elora”

Elora: “I’m sorry too”

Lance: “For what?”

Elora: “That we can’t be friends, I can’t trust you. I don’t know how you know Dan and his friends I don’t know why you guys have guns. But I can’t trust you”

Lance: “Let me explain, please?”

Elora: “I’m sorry. I can’t, I can’t keep getting hurt”

With that I walked to the car, I didn’t know if Kelsey and Violet were gonna follow straight away, but I needed to wait in the car.

Violet: “I don’t know what you did Lance, but you Fucked up”

Landon: “Do you know about her past\her being in a gang?”

Kelsey: “Yes, but she’s been through more than what you know, or what anyone knows. Don’t push her”

Lance: “How do I makes this right”

Violet: “I’m going to be really honest with you, you hurt Elora, it’s hard for her to forgive, or trust anyone. It’s going to be really hard to fix whatever you did. You could have made it right by not doing it, but you did. And there’s a chance she’ll never forgive you. And that’s all up to her”

Lance: “Okay, take care of her?”

Kelsey: “Definitely”

Lance: “Have a goodnight, stay safe”

Violet: “Thank you for everything. And you too”

My friends got into the car, and we drove back to Kelsey’s, where Violet stayed the night too and I told them Everything.

I wish it didn’t have to be like this.

Why can’t everything be Normal, now my families back, Dans back and Lance betrayed me.

I’m just about at my Breaking Point.

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