Breaking point

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Chapter 14: Mine

Eloras POV:

It’s been three weeks since the incident. I’ve seen Lance and his friends at school, but I ignore him. My family has tried to get a hold of me, but I ignore them too. And to top it all off, Dan and his friends are back at school.

I haven’t seen Lance today or his friends, they must be away.


Violet: “Elora!”


Kelsey: “You won’t believe what we have to do!”

Elora: “What?”

Violet: “Well, we were in class and Mr Tomson said that because Lance and his cousins aren’t at school today....someone has to go to his house and give them their homework.”

Elora: “Okay, And?”

Kelsey: “He thought we were their friends! So now we have to deliver the homework to them!”

Elora: “Holy....Shit!”

Violet: “I know, I’m so mad”

Elora: “Just don’t take note of him, drop them off and walk away. I’ll be at Kelsey’s, just come there when you’re done and we can chill”

Kelsey: “Sounds like a plan, I’ll drop you off before me and Violet have to go deliver the work to the Spawns of Satan.”

*All laugh*

After school/on the way to the boys house...

Violets POV:

We’re on our way to Lances house and I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous. I’m mad at him for what he did to Elora. But, all we have to do is drop these off, and leave. Simple.

We pulled up to the house, and knocked on th front door. The first thing I noticed was how big this damn house was, stupid ass rich people.

When the door opened there was this really nice looking lady, with a smile on her face.

Helen: “Hello? How may I help you?”

Violet: “Lance, Lennox and Luca weren’t at school, so we’re here to drop their work off”

Helen: “Oh! Yes, umm, May I ask your names?”

Kelsey: “I’m kelsey”

Violet: “Violet”

Helen: “Any Chance you’re Eloras Friends?”

Kelsey: “Yes, Actually”

Helen: “Oh! Then you must be the Violet Landon was talking about”

Violet: “What?”

Helen: “Nothing dear, I hope you don’t mind dropping the books off in their rooms? I’m a little busy. For you Kelsey just drop them off in the boys quarters, down the hallway, take a left,walk straight, then there’s a big living room, just drop them in there, for you Violet, up the stairs walk straight until you see the 5th door to your right, and that’s Lances room”

Violet: “Ummm, Okay..Are they here?”

Helen: “Oh! No! All the boys are out, just drop the books in those rooms”

Kelsey: “Okay, we’ll do that”

I started to head for the stairs, That lady seemed nice, but she was being a little suspicious. Something tells me, the boys are home.

I reached what seemed to be the 5th door on the right of the hall, something I noticed it had an L on the door, but they all start with L, so how’s that meant to help? I knocked on the door. No one answered so, I walked in. I stepped into the room, it was huge, this guy had a king bed, skate board posters and skater things everywhere, I didn’t know Lance skated. I did noticed that there was another two doors, maybe one a closet and the other a bathroom. I heard water running so he must be in the shower.

Violet: “Lance! I’m here with your homework! I’ll leave it on your desk!”

I yelled so he could hear me, I placed all the books and paper work on his desk. After I did I turned around to walk out and I bumped into something, hard. I fell to the ground.

Violet: “Ow!”

I looked up to see, this wasn’t Lances room! Holy! I saw they guy that flirted with me the other night, Lances brother, I forgot his name, they all have very similar names, how am I meant to remember. But he just had a towel wrapped around his waist, water still dripping down his body, he had very defined abs and was muscular. He had a tatto sleeve as well as another tattoo on his neck.

Violet: “IM SO SORRY!”

Landon: “Get up”

I stood up, I didn’t want to cause anymore trouble, he didn’t have any facial expression, or emotion, just plain.

Violet: “I’m so sorry! The Lady down stairs said this was Lances room, see I was here to drop off his homework because he wasn’t at school, the lady said no one was home, I don’t know if she gave me wrong instructions, or I got the wrong room or——

I realised I was rambling on, he had a small smirk on his face. Then, it hit me. The lady down stairs new this was The wrong room! Damn that sneaky lady!

Violet: “I’ll be off now, sorry, please Give those to Lance”

I tried to walk away when he stood in front of me.

Landon: “My names Landon”

Violet: “That’s great”

Landon: “I thought you were more feisty than this, like the first time me met?”

Violet: “Well, right now. I’m in a state of shock, and angry. So if you’d please let me past”

Landon: “not gonna happen, hermosa” (Beautiful)

Violet: “What does that mean?”

Landon: “Beautiful”

Violet: “Oh!”

Landon: *chuckles* “you seem surprised that someone called you beautiful”

Violet: “Well I am”

Landon: “Why, you’re literally the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen”

Violet: “What——

Landon stepped closer to me, I stepped back. Until my back hit the wall, he put his hands either side of me, my breathing got out of control, and I got really awkward.

Violet: “uh w-what are y-you d-d-doing?”

Landon: “How old are you Violet?”

Violet: “Why do you wanna know?”

Landon: “Answer the question hermosa” (Beautiful)

Violet: “16”

Landon: “Damn”

Violet: “Why?”

Landon: “When do you turn 17?”

Violet: “November”

Landon: “I’ll be waiting”

Violet: “What do you mean?”

Landon: “You’re underage right now hermosa, I may be in a gang, but I’m not going to take advantage of you like that”

Violet: “You were going to kiss me?”

Landon: “I would’ve done more, that’s if, you wanted me too”

Violet: “What?!”

He bent down, closer to me, I could feel his breath on my neck, he pushed my hair back behind my ear, and whispered.

Landon: “Would you have liked me too?”

Violet: “Well, wh— Why, I-I—-

*Landon chuckles*

Landon: “Have as much fun as you can, because when you turn 17, I’m going to make you mine, body mind and soul”

Violet: “Wh—-

Landon: “You should leave, before I do something I’ll regret”

He stepped back, I took a deep breath and walked really fast past him, pushing his shoulder on the way out, I knew that would make him mad, but I could have fun too. As soon as I got out of the room, my face turned really red, I also was kinda turned on. Great. Wait. Where’s Kelsey?

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