Breaking point

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Chapter 15: Emotionally Wounded

Kelsey’s POV:

I was walking through the hall, until I reached a room, at the very end. It was a huge living area, with videos games averywhere and a huge couch. That’s when I noticed, I wasn’t alone. There were a lot of guys, which didn’t seem familiar, but also did, none of them were Lances brothers, I knew that for a fact.

Roman: “Did anyone order a stripper?”

Kelsey: “That’s fucking rude”

Tyson: “You have the looks and the body to be one”

Kelsey: “Whatever, I’m here to drop off work for Lennox and Luca, they weren’t at school”

Felix: “Whats your name?”

Kelsey: “Why?”

Felix: “I feel like I’ve seen you from somewhere”

Kelsey: “Well I Am Eloras best friend”

They all stopped, and started at me. Thats when it hit me, these guys are Eloras Brothers.

Broady: “You mean to tell me that—-

Before he finished I dropped the books on the ground and went to walk out of the room. I then realised there were the other guys blocking the doorway, and by other guys I mean, Eloras dad, Lance and his brothers, Cousins, uncle and dad.

Kelsey: “What the hell?”

Sebastian: “How’s Elora?”

Kelsey: “Look, I’m not having this conversation with you! You hurt her in so many ways!”

Sebastian: “I know we hurt her, but don’t you think everyone deserves a second chance”

Kelsey: “Not Everyone”

Tyson: “Whats your name Beautiful?”

Kelsey: “Kelsey”

Sebastian: “Kelsey, where have I heard that name before?”

Felix: “Wait, Holy shit. Holden get your knife out and show it to her”

Kelsey: “What the——

He pulled out his knife, confused. But when he did it. I realised. These were the guys that murdered my dad, I was 14 at the time, he was in a gang, he did work for them in LA, but he said we were taking a trip To Italy one day, so we went, then we were kidnapped. They killed my dad in front of me. The they let us go, I don’t know why, but they did. We went to move on with our lives, we got back to LA, and a little while after, we brought Elora in. Holy shit. I’m standing in front of my dads murders, not like I’m mad. My dad was a terrible man, he was abusive, and all in all I should be thanking them. But I couldn’t, not knowing that my dad could’ve been a loving man, they killed him in front of his daughter. If that was anyone else, they would’ve wanted revenge.

Holden: “Wait, is that——

Sebastian: “Fuck”

Tyson: “Whats happening?!”

Kelsey: “You’re brother over here, killed my dad”

The room fell silent.

Kelsey: “First Of all, I’m not mad. My dad was a terrible man. So, thank you. Second, how the hell did you end up with such and amazing daughter, she’s been through more than what you know, you think that you guys hurt her, you don’t know what she went through when she got here”

Lance: “Did this have something to do with Dan?”

Kelsey: “Yes, how do you know Dan?”

Lance: “He’s In the gang Cobras, he’s the Leaders youngest child”

Kelsey: “Okay, well. That makes this situation 100 times worse”

Sebastian: “What?”

Kelsey: “It’s not my place to say. But truly. Elora doesn’t deserve to get hurt again, so think long and hard before you ask for forgivness, because if you’re sure you’re not gonna hurt her, then try to heal that relationship, but if you can’t promise that, fuck off. She’s spent 3 years without you, she’ll live without you for another 50.”

With that I walked off. You might think I should be more upset and mad at the fact that they killed my dad, but they did me a favour, we escaped his abuse, thanks to them. Yes it traumatised me, seeing someone die, but I made it through. I just couldn’t let Elora get hurt anymore.

I ran through the hall to see Violet coming down that stairs.

Kelsey: “We need to leave”

Violet: “Definitely”

We hopped into the car, and drove to my house. Elora needs to hear this.

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