Breaking point

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Chapter 16: Forgiveness


Elora: “Thank you SO MUCH!”

Jules: “You’re welcome, you deserve it”

Kelsey: “Wanna take it for a test spin?”

Elora: “Fuck yeah!”

Jules: “Language!”

Elora: “Sorry”

Kelsey: “Lets go!”

Eloras POV:
It’s been so many months since Kelsey and Violet came back and told me what happened, Violet had one story and Kelsey another. I couldn’t believe my family killed Kelsey’s dad, but she opened up saying he was abusive and she’s really glad and happy they did. I’ve also ignore Lance and his friends for months. As well as my family. I did talk to Jules, Kelsey’s mum, about all of it, and she says that I should try opening up to them again. She said that it would be better for me. Which I thought about, and I’m willing to, I think I’m willing to Forgive them. I talked to Violet and Kelsey about it too, and they agree. I need to close up a chapter of my life, and start a new one.

But on a less depressing note, JULES GOT ME A CAR! I said it was too much, but she disagreed, apparently Kelsey’s dad earned a little bit of money in that gang. I had to double check if it was okay, I didn’t want to just take the car. But Jules said she’s still got a lot left, I said I owed her one, if she needed anything, I’d be there.
I got my lisence a month ago, and I’m so excited!

Kelsey jumped in the passenger seat, and we went to pick up Violet for school.

Violet, Kelsey and I were just sitting down eating lunch, talking and laughing about he stupidest things.
We didn’t notice, but it looks like Dan and his friends joined us, at our table.

Kelsey: “What the hell do you guys want?!”

Allen: “That’s no way to treat your friends”

Violet: “We’re not friends.”

Dan: “Whatever, Elora. We know your little secret”

Elora: “What is it? Do you know I’m in a gang, do you know that your father killed my mother? Do you know that Lance is also in a gang? Do you know that my families here right now? Tell me, what secret?”

Dan: “All of the above, but seeming how you know I know. I guess there’s really no point.”

Elora: “You’re right, so fuck off”

Dan: “But watch out Elora, schools not going to stop me from doing anything to you, or your little boyfriend”

Elora: “Tell your father I said hi”

Dan: “I will.”

Violet: “Leave now, before I do something”

Kelsey: “You alright Elora?”

Elora: “Yep”

Violet: “ should tell them what happened between you guys?”

Elora: “I’m not ready yet, there going to freak. Especially how he is the enemy”

Kelsey: “We’ll be with you”

Elora: “I know, guys, I want you to do something for me”

Kelsey: “Yes?”

Elora: “If something happens to me, go get my family”

Violet: “We will”

Elora: “Good, now, I was wondering. Do you guys wanna go for a walk after school?”

Kelsey: “Yes please! I haven’t gone to the gym in 3 days! I need exercise!”

*All laugh*

Violet: “I love going for walks”

Kelsey: “Same it’s so relaxing”

Elora: “after this walk, can we maybe head to Lances house?”

Violet: “Why?”

Elora: “I wanna talk to them, I think I’m ready to forgive them.”

Kelsey: “Okay, but are you sure?”

Elora: “I can’t keep living like this, I can’t loose my whole family. If they’re willing to make it right. I’m willing to forgive them.”

Violet: “Good for you babe”

Kelsey: “Yay!”

*All laugh*

Elora: “Now that I think about it——

I didn’t know what to do, a black van pulled up onto the sidewalk we were walking on, and I felt three men grab me, I tried to see If they were hurting Violet and Kelsey, but I couldn’t see. I just remember being thrown into the back, and taking off, I really hope they’re okay.

Violets POV:
We were nearly finished out walk when a black van pulled up in front of us, I saw Elora struggle as she got carried away, and I saw Kelsey On the
ground. I went to help her when I felt a pain at the back of my head, and I fell, everything went black.

2 Hours later....

Kelsey: “Violet!”

Kelsey: “Violet!

Kelsey: “Violet!

Violet: “Kelsey, what?”

I woke up, and saw Kelsey shaking me, the sun was going down and I saw a bit of blood on Kelsey forehead, then I remembered what happened.

Kelsey: “We need to go Violet!”

Violet: “We need to go to Lances and tell everyone”

Kelsey: “I can’t believe Elora was kidnapped

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