Breaking point

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Chapter 17: 3 VS 1

Violets POV:

We got up and ran, I felt a little blood trickle down the side of my face as we ran. Eventually we got to Lances house, and we were out of breath. We knocked on the door and I saw Landon answer it, of course.

Landon: “Back so soon? Couldn’t get enough of me?”

Violet:”Let us in, this is no joking matter!”

We pushed past him.

Landon: “woah! Why are you so out of breath? Is that blood?!”

Kelsey: “is everyone here? Where are they?!”

Landon: “Tell me what’s going on!”

Violet: “Landon”

Landon: “Yes everyone’s here, they’re all in the boys quarters, now tell me what’s happening!”

We didn’t, Kelsey led the way to the area, cause I didn’t know where I was going, I heard Landon follow after us. When we got to the room, everyone was there, he wasn’t lying.

Landon: “Violet! What the hell happened?!”

When we entered the room, everyone stared at us, then Landon came in after yelling.

Helen: “Girls? Are you okay?”

Kelsey: “Well, there’s no easy way to say this, but...”

Violet: “Eloras been kidnapped”

Sebastian: “What do you mean?!”

Kelsey: “We went for a walk after school, when this black van pulled out in front of us, I just remember guys grabbing Elora and I felt something hit my head, the I woke up, I checked the time, and we were asleep for about 2 hours.”

Logan: “Do you know anyone who would do this?”

Me and Kelsey looked at eachother, knowing who it was.

Violet: “Dan”

Lance: “You mean, as in, leader of the Cobras son Dan?”

Kelsey: “Yep”

Felix: “How the hell did that happen?!”

Violet: “When she moved here they had a bad past, it’s not our place to say but, she’ll tell you when she’s ready. Then today he came up to us saying that he knew about Elora and her family and he’d get revenge and shit like that”

Holden: “Okay, do you know any details?”

Kelsey: “The van had a cobra on the side of it, and all the guys had a cobra tattoo on their necks”

Logan: “Okay, Luca, get the doctor. Girls you need to be cleaned up. Everyone meet in the meeting room in 20”

Eloras POV:

I woke up with a killer headache. Then I remembered. They must’ve knocked me out while I was in the van. At this point I didn’t care, I layed still, I could feel that I was on the floor, I think the lay out of the van was where there were seats on each side in the back, with me, on the floor, in the middle. I do think they underestimate my skills.

I slowly opened my eyes to see two guys in my right and a guy to my left. They guy on the left was big compared to the guys on the right, so I knew he was going to be a challenge. And I’m assuming that there’s a driver.

I knew they weren’t going to expect me to attack, that’s why I am. I got in a sitting position quickly as I hit one of the guys on the right, legs making him collapse on the ground next to me, I rolled out of the way, grabbing the knife from his back pocket on the way. I cut the guy in the lefts leg as I quickly stood up, they were on the front end, I was near the back end of the van, it was a small space, but still big enough for us to stand, and big enough for me to kick their asses.

Unknown: “You’re gonna regret that!”

Elora: “That’s what every bad guy says right before they get their asses kicked, try being less cliche”

Unknown: “Whatever”

The guy came running at me, ready to go in for a punch when I dogged it, and I heard him groan in pain as his fist hit the metal wall behind me. The other two guys came to me quickly, I moved out of the way on ones punch, but got hit in the stomach as the other guy came at me. I regained balance and with the knife I was holding I cut the guy who came at me first arm, and kicked him. He fell back hitting his head on the seat getting knocked out.

The other guy came at me, I punched him in the nose, then the stomach, to the jaw. His nose was red with blood as he came at me with his knife. I quickly blocked his hand, but the knife managed to cut my arm, I pushed him over and kicked him in the nose, knocking him out cold.

One left, the big guy.

Unknown: “The only reason I haven’t killed you yet, is because boss doesn’t want you dead. Doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun first”

Elora: “In your dreams”

With that we fought, he threw punches, which I mostly dodged. I threw punches, which he was surprisingly quick to Dodge. He got out a knife, a little bigger than mine. Before he could do anything I kicked the knife out of his hand, catching it then stabbed his shoulder kicked him again as he falls, hitting his head and loosing all consciousness.

This whole time, the driver did nothing. Although there is this black, almost a wall in between, so he couldn’t see what was happening only hear. I went to the back of the van, seeing if I could open it from the inside, and I can. I started too, when I heard the thing slide across, the only thing keeping the driver from seeing me.

Driver: “What are you doing?!”

Elora: “adios”

He pulled out a gun, as I opened the back of the van, he shot once, missing me barley. I looked out onto the road as we were driving it was pretty abandoned there was grass and woods on the roadside. I knew I could only do one thing, jump.

So I did, as I did I heard another gun shot. I felt a pain in my shoulder. I landed on the same shoulder that was already in pain, as I hit the concrete ground, I rolled till I felt grass. I stood up, knowing I couldn’t stop. I ran into the woods as fast as I could.

I looked down too see that my shoulder had only be grazed by the bullet but I’m pretty sure it was dislocated. I stood looking at my surroundings knowing it was going to get dark soon, in a couple minutes I’ll head back to the road. At least then I’ll have something to follow. Until I reach somewhere I can call my family.

I really hope they’re alright.

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