Breaking point

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Chapter 18: Gas Station Guy

Eloras POV:

I was waking for a while, I don’t really know how long, but it’s getting darker each minute. My feet were sore, and I had to get help for my shoulder, and I don’t really want to know the outcome of walking alone in the dark, in a strange place. I was about ready to give up when in the distance I saw a small gas station, I’m praying it’s still open.

With the little energy I had left I ran, or tried too, it was more of a limp-jog. When I reached the door it said open 24 hours. I thanked god for a minute and walked inside. The bell rang and there was a man at the counter, he was older he had a white beard and looked sketchy. But I had no other choice. I walked up to the counter and he looked up at me, his eyes were a dark brown, and he was pretty thin. He smelled of cigarettes and alcohol.

Elora: “uh—-hello, can I use your phone?”

Gas station man: “Whats a girl like you doin all the way out here, eh?”

Elora: “Well, if I told you. I’d have to kill you. And if you look at my arm, I’m in desperate need of medical attention.”

Gas station guy: “Hold your horses there! Just take my phone!”

I waited a second for him to pass me the phone.

Gas station guy: “It’s over there”

He pointed to the wall, where I saw a landline.

Elora: “Thank you.”

I walked over and dialed Violets number, thank goodness for my great memory.

Violet: “Hello? Who is this?”

Elora: “Violet!”

Violet: “Elora?!”

Violets POV:

We got our wounds cleaned up and we all met back in the meeting room. All the boys and Helen were there.

Sebastian: “Okay so, we don’t know much, other than the fact that the Cobras took her, but we have no idea where”

Helen: “Do you girls remember anything else?”

Kelsey: “Other than the fact that Dan wanted Elora”

Felix: “What do you mean wanted?”

Violet: “He kinda has an obsession with her”

Jace: “Great”

Logan: “Sebastian, I think you need to call in your Brother”

Kelsey: “Brother?”

Sebastian: “I think that’s a good idea. They haven’t seen Elora since she was 10, and they’re probably going to be pissed. Until Tony (leader of the Cobras) tells us what he wants we need to be prepared and we need to stay safe”

Holden: “Do you want me to call them dad?”

Sebastian: “Yes”

Holden: “Okay, I’ll be back in a minute”

Logan: “Girls, we need to be ready in case they attack, do you girls know any self defence?”

Violet: “Yes, Elora taught us a bit”

Logan: “Okay, Boys can you take them down to the training room, let’s see what they’ve got”

Leo: “Yep, girls follow me”

Holdens POV:

I walked out if the meeting room and called my Uncle Richard.

Richard: “Holden! How are you? How’s LA?”

Holden: “Hey Uncle, it’s been okay. But we have a huge problem, we need you and the boys here, now.”

Richard: “Well be there by tomorrow, what’s happened?”

I take a deep breathe.

Holden: “Eloras been kidnapped”

Richard: “We’re coming.”

With that the line went dead.

I hope you’re okay Elora.

Violets POV:

We’ve been training for hours, surely it’s dark outside by now.

Logan: “Okay, that’s enough. You girls can definitely protect yourselves.”

Landon: “Yeah, my poor face would know”

Violet: “It’s not my fault it got in the way if my fist”

Landon: “We were on a break when you hit me!”

Violet: “Sue me”

Landon: “Whatever.”

Violet: “Okay then”

Landon: “Piss off”

Violet: “Fuck off”

Landon: “son of a——-

Kelsey: “OKAY! That’s enough”

Luca: “You can cut the sexual tension in here with a knife”

Violet: “Ew”

Landon: “Rude.”

Sebastian: “Such Children”

Violet: “He started——

*Phone rings*

Violet m: “It’s unknown”

Felix: “Pick up it could be a Cobra”

Violet: “Hello? Who is this?”

Elora: “Violet!”

Violet: “Elora?!”

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