Breaking point

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Chapter 19: Past, Present and Future

Sebastian: “How’s your shoulder?”

Elora: “Fine, Dad”

My brothers, dad and I were sitting in the living room. They had traced the phone I called them with and picked me up, it was only about an hour away. When we got home they asked me questions and got the doctor to check my arm. Luckily it wasn’t dislocated I just landed on it wrong, and my other injuries should heal soon.

Felix: “Umm, El——

Elora: “I’m sorry”

Sebastian: “Why are you sorry? We’re the ones that pushed you away, we’re sorry”

Elora: “Well....”

Broady: “What?”

Elora: “I forgive you

Sebastian: “You do?!”

Just as I was about too say something. Everyone else walked in, Lance and his family and my best friends.

Logan: “Sorry to interrupt but they’re here”

Violet: “Who?”

Sebastian: “Well you see, we thought you were in danger so we kinda——

Suddenly the door flew open, and well, i got what my dad was trying to say.

Richard: “Where’s my niece?!”

Elora: “Uncle Richard!”

Richard: “There She is!”

I ran up to him and hugged him, I saw behind him were my 3 cousins. Ricardo, Rocco And Rodrigo.

Rocco: “Don’t forget us”

Elora: “Never”

Rodrigo: “Holy, you’ve gotten big”

Ricardo: “And you look exactly like your mother”

Elora: “Thank you”

I embraced them all in a tight hug.

Violet: “Sorry to ruin this moment, but who are they?”

Elora: “Oh right! These are my cousins and uncle”

Kelsey: “Oh, hello I’m Kelsey”

Violet: “Violet”

Richard: “I’m Richard, you can call me Rich. These are my sons, Ricardo, Rocco and Rodrigo”

Rocco: “Nice too meet you”

Kelsey: “Same to you”

Lance: “Elora, what were you saying before we interrupted”

Elora: “Oh right! I can’t go without my family any longer. I’m done holding in secrets and....I can’t keep pushing you guys away, knowing that some people have lost a Child, in more ways than one. So, I’m moving on....but I also have to tell you all the truth”

Violet: “Elora, are you sure”

Elora: “Positive”

Kelsey: “We’ll be with you”

Elora: “I know”

Tyson: “Can someone please explain what’s going on?!”

Elora: “You all might wanna sit down”

Sebastian: “Honey, what’s wrong?”

Elora: “Please, just listen. It’s the truth on what happened between me and Dan”

Lance: “We’re listening”

I took a deep breathe, knowing they’re going to go crazy. I know my family will, and Lance will, I hope it doesn’t offend him in some way, cause I really like him, like a lot. I know this is going to bring war, but, I’m ready, I meant it when I said no secrets.

Elora: “Okay, so about a year after I moved here, I was 15 and Violet, Kelsey and I wanted to go to a party. We were having fun. I had 2 drinks and a guy come up to me, I didn’t know who he was at the time, but he offered me a drink, I took it, i was so naive and stupid—

Lance: “Please Don’t Tell me what I think you’re gonna say”

Elora: “If you couldn’t guess it was drugged. Later he raped me. I felt so gross I didn’t tell Violet and Kelsey till months later, they noticed a change in me, then they helped me. I heard that Dan moved back to wherever and I didn’t see him again till a couple months ago”

The room fell silent. Kelsey hugged me, I felt a tear slip from my eye. Violet held my hand, she was crying too, she’s definitely a sensitive one.

Sebastian: “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here for you honey, I’ll do everything I can to make him pay”

My dad came and hugged me, I bursted into tears. My brother hugged me, my cousins. I know they were containing their anger cause they didn’t want to scare me. They can all get scary when they’re mad.

Lance: “I’m going to the gym”

He just left, I was kinda hurt.

Landon: “I’ll check on him. I’m sorry Elora”

Landon left the room patting my back on the way out. Minutes had passed, some of my brothers went on a walk or run, some went to the shooting range. Holden, Felix, my dad and my Uncle all went into the meeting room with Logan and some of his sons. I was with Violet and Kelsey, I wanted to be with them. We just sat in silence. They hugged me for a long time.

I did hear yelling in the meeting room. But all I could focus on was Lance.

Elora: “Hey Guys, I’m gonna go check on Lance”

Violet: “Okay we’ll wait here”

Meanwhile, in the meeting room....

Holdens POV:

What she told us broke our hearts. We tried to contain our anger for Elora in the moment but then we went our different ways, we got into the meeting room and when we did, dad threw a chair.

Felix: “DAD!”


Logan: “I get you’re mad, but you need the calm down Sebastian! This isn’t going to help anyone!”


Felix: “DAD! We’re all mad but Logan is right! Yelling won’t help anyone especially Elora. We need to take this slow. Now calm down. We will get revenge on everything they’re done to All of our families. They won’t get away with anything”

Sebastian: “I know, I’m do I help her, what do I do? I wish my wife was here right now, Logan, what do I do?”

All of a sudden I see a tear slip down my dads face, I haven’t seen him cry since my mum died. He really is Heart broken. I mean I feel like I’ve failed as a brother, but my dad, he lost the love of his life, then his only daughter got raped. I can’t imagine the stress and the failure my dad feels. He’s a great father, I just wish he knew it.

Felix: “Dad, you’re a great father. You didn’t fail her”

Dad: “But I did, First I failed my wife, then in fail my daughter. What type of father am I?”

Elora: “A great one”

Dad: “Elora? You shouldn’t be in here, you should be resting or—-

Elora: “Dad, you’re amazing, you didn’t fail mum, you didn’t fail me, I would never blame either of those things in you, or anything. But who we can blame is Dan and his family, so, let’s not waste this time crying over the past, but instead showing the Cobras that they messed with the wrong family”

Sebastian: “That’s my daughter”

I saw him and Elora brace in a tight hug.

Sebastian: “Can you still fight?”

Elora: “Please, I could kick your old ass with my eyes closed”

Sebastian: “We’ll see about that”

*all laugh*

Logan: “Okay, I need to talk to Sebastian and Richard alone for a second. Get everyone in the living room, and we’ll watch a movie”

Elora: “Okay, Felix you call the boys and tell them to get back from there run, Holden get the boys from the training area, Lee and Leo go get anyone else from around the house you can find. Me, Violet, Kelsey and Helen will get the snacks”

Holden: “Yes, your majesty”

Elora: “Shut up”

Elora pushed my shoulder and we all walked out of the room.

Logan: “Okay, what im about to tell you, only my brother and Helen know, nobody can find out. Especially my kids. They’ll be mad at me for eternity”

Sebastian: “What is it?”

Logan: “Well——-

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