Breaking point

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Chapter 2: Heartless

3 years later.....

I’m now 13 and my life hasn’t been the same. The night my mum died, I thought my brothers and dad would care more, and we’d help eachother.

But in reality, they turned dark. They became heartless Almost, my brothers had girls over every night, some of them were in happy relationships, then they became numb, they broke up with them, and resorted to violence and sex to get their minds off things. They became so cruel, that we were known the most feared gang in Italy, and other parts of the world. Which brings me back to something, I didn’t know we were in a gang until that night, they made me train at a young age at 13 I could take down 10 men holding guns in a matter of 1 minute. Which is not something a normal teenage girl wants. But it was my life now, so I got used to it.

I won’t lie to you, my family did notice me, I was mainly raised by the maids but when I didn’t train, or if I talked back, or did something wrong, or didn’t eat etc. they would notice. And only then. They said they loved me, but I didn’t feel loved, only by Natalie a maid, probably the same age as my brother Holden, she was a family friend, her fathers my dads right hand man, so she’s close to me. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and I skipped training because I had a lot of stuff to do, by that I mean, homework, and I made plans with My friend, Rob, he’s been a great friend to me since I moved to that school a couple years ago. But family doesn’t know about him, they would’ve if they asked about my life.

I was happily in my room, on my phone. Until....


Elora: “Shit”

I ran down stairs, to see my dad, waiting for me in our living area.

Elora: “WHAT?!”

Sebastian: “Why weren’t you at training?!”

Luckily my brothers weren’t there, they can be worse than my dad when it comes to my Training.

Elora: “I’m sorry, I had a LOT of homework, I’ll just do extra tomorrow, it’s not a big deal!”

The fact that my dad hasn’t raised me for the passed 3 years, I’ve gotten a bit...well...rebellious.

I was sassy, confident, and not afraid to speak my mind, which could get me in trouble with my family a lot.

Sebastian: “Are you talking back to me?”

Elora: “Yeah, deal with it”

Felix: “Guys! What’s all this yelling about?!”

Felix, my eldest brother cane down from his room.

Elora: “Dad! DONT!”

Sebastian: “Your sister here thought it was a good idea to skip training today!”

Elora: “Oh my god!”

Felix: “Elora! Why?!”

Elora: “Cause I made plans, unlike you guys, I have a life outside this gang!”

All my other brothers came down stairs.

Jace: “Can someone explain?!”

Felix: “Elora didn’t do her fucking training!”

Elora: “I have plans!”

Holden: “What could be more important than training?!”

Elora: “My Friends!”

Broady: “You made plans with a friend, so you skipped training, what’s her name?”

Elora: “Well....h-his name is Rob”

Tyson: “What?!”

Elora: “Oh my god, can you leave me alone!”

Sebastian: “Why the hell didn’t you tell us!!”

Elora: “Because you never listen!”

Felix: “Oh yeah.”

Sebastian: “We’re all trying here Elora.”

Elora: “Not hard enough!”

Broady: “What the hell do you mean by that?!”

Elora: “Maybe mum had the right idea, she left”I muttered under my breath.

Sebastian: “What did you say?”

Elora: “never mind”

Holden: “No tell us, we’re listening.”



Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

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