Breaking point

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Chapter 20: Official

Lances POV:

As soon as Elora told us, I had to leave. I couldn’t bear seeing her cry. She’s been through enough shit in her life, and I have a feeling I’m just going to make everything worse.
I just got up and left, I headed to the gym, I need to release anger.
I know it’s not my fault but I can’t help but think if we’d moved here earlier maybe this wouldn’t have happened. I took off my shirt and I put on some gloves, and I headed to the punching bag.

Landon: “What the hell Lance?!”
Lance: “What?”
Landon: “Why’d you leave? She probably thinks you don’t care!”

Lance: “Just go away.”

Landon: “No Lance, what’s up?”

Lance: “I said leave me alone!”

Landon: “I’m not leaving”

I was still punching the bag, as we were talkng. Landon was really getting on my nerves.

I swung my fist at Landon, but he dodged it.


My head hung low, I couldn’t help her. What makes me think I can now.

Lance: “I couldn’t protect her”

Landon: “It’s not your fault Lance”

Lance: “I can’t protect her, how can I? What am I meant to do?”

Landon: “You like her?”

Lance: “Like isn’t the word I’d use”

Landon: “WAIT—-

Elora: “Lance?”
She was standing at the door way, her face was red from crying and her eyes still had a glisten from where the tears were.

Elora: “Please, Lance, don’t push me away”

She walked closer too me. A tear rolled down her eye, she was weak. She was starting to fall. I ran up to her and caught her, as we both slowly slid to the ground, she hugged me, she was on my lap, crying into my shoulder.

Lance: “I would never”

Elora: “I’m sorry—-

Lance: “Don’t you dare say sorry Elora! It’s not your fault, don’t ever blame yourself for this again, it’s his, and he will suffer”

Elora: “If it’s his fault why are you blaming yourself?”

I took a deep breath in.

Landon: “I’m gonna go”

Landon left the room, Elora looked up at me. I placed any hand in her cheek, with my thumb I wiped away a tear that fell from her eye.

Lance: “What if I can’t protect you? What if I can’t be there for you, I want to keep you safe”

Elora: “And you do”

Lance: “You’ll only feel pain with me, and I can’t take that away”

Elora: “Stop doubting yourself, I feel safe in your arms Lance, I want you, and I don’t care if we get hurt, that’s what is going to happen in this lifestyle. But we’ll get through it together, don’t fear something you can’t control, Lance. Don’t leave me, I don’t want you to feel this is your fault. Cause it’s not, I want you, and hopefully you want me too”

Lance: “God, Never leave me Elora. You’re so amazing”

Elora: “Kiss me”

Lance: “What—

Elora: “You heard me”

Lance: “I’ve been waiting to do this since we first met”

Her lips met mine and it was the most amazing feeling in my whole life, the electric shock that ran from my mouth, all over my body. I ask her mouth for entrance which she granted, we kissed until we couldn’t breathe. We parted and I started into her eyes.

Elora: “MY DAD!”

Lance: “That’s what your thinking about right now, your dad?”

Elora: “No, I need to make sure he’s okay. The kiss was amazing Lance, but I have to make sure he’s okay. Meet us in the living room, we’re gonna watch a movie.”

She got up, pecked my lips and ran off.

Elora: “Be there in a couple minutes, Love you

Then she walked out if the room.
Does she realise what she said....
She-she, she loves me?

Eloras POV:
With that I walked out of the room with a smile on my face, I can’t believe me and Lance just kissed, I HAVE to tell the girls, and then I said I loved him, wow, what a great——-
I said I loved him!
How embarrassing hopefully he didn’t notice or, maybe didn’t hear, or hopefully he knew I didn’t mean it, but, I did. Oh my god, I love Lance.

After the movie everyone went to their own rooms or went to set up beds in the lounge room to sleep.
It was just me and lance, we were sitting next to eachother During the movie, but didn’t talk. All of a sudden he places his hand on my chin. He’s looking right in my eyes, he moves closer.

Lance: “I love you too”
With that we kissed again, and after a while we fell asleep on the couch, in each other’s arms.

Wait, are we official now?

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