Breaking point

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Chapter 21: Surprise


Eloras POV:
It’s been about a month since I was “kidnapped”. I’ve stayed at Lances house to get used to my family and Lances family, again. Lance and I are officially a couple, he asked me out a week after our kiss, we have taken thing slow from there though, if you know what I mean. But, on a completely different note:

Its Violets birthday!
Kelsey came over to help decorate, it’s a surprise party, We’ve got so many things set up, karaoke, a pool table, games, snack bar, drink bar, pool, spa, decorations everywhere. I’m so excited. And as her gift, we all pitched in and bought her her dream car. A overland mini Jeep in White, with Navy blue interior. We told her to get to the house so we can discuss what she wants to do tonight, for her birthday. Cause we were gonna have a sleepover, at Kelsey’s house, cause she’s got the most room, and it gets us away from the boys.

Elora: “She’s going to be here any minute!”

Lance: “Babe, everything’s ready calm down”

Elora: “Everything has to be perfect”

Lance: “And it is, she’ll love it”

Lance pulled me close to him, ready for a kiss when the doorbell rings. I saw Lance roll his eyes.


Everyone was right behind me, so she could see everyone when show opened the door. I opened the door, and there was Violet looking gorgeous as ever.

Violet: “He—-

Everyone: “SURPRISE!

Violet: “What the hell?! OH MY GOD!”

Kelsey: “Happy birthday!”

Violet: “Thank you guys so much!”

2 hours later....

We’ve all been hanging out, eating drinking swimming, playing. The parents have been talking in the living room the whole time.

Logan: “Hey Guys, why don’t we show Violet what we got her for her birthday?”

Kelsey: “Oh my god! Yes!”

Violet: “What do you mean?”

Elora: “Follow us!”

Kelsey: “Okay you can open your eyes now”


Elora: “Go check it out!”

Violet: “YAY”

Violet runs over to the car, still being in her swim suit, I can tell she’s on the verge of tears. She runs back over to us.

Violet: “Thank you guys so much! GROUP HUG!”

We all went in, and I was nearly squished to death.

Landon: “Wanna take it for a test drive?”

Violet: “Hell yeah”

After an extremely fun day, we were all relaxing in the living room.

Violet: “This has been the best birthday ever, but—-

Landon: “But what?”

Violet: “Well, the girls and I were thinking on having a girls night out”

Lance: “Yeah, aren’t you all going to Kelsey’s soon?”

Kelsey: “Well, Yeah, but.”

Sebastian: “But what?”

Violet: “Wewantedtogotoaclub”

Landon: “What’d you say?”

*Violet coughs*

Violet: “We wanted to go to a club”

Landon: “WHAT?!”

Sebastian: “FUCK NO”


Lance: “NEVER”

Kelsey: “Please—-

All boys: “NO!

Helen: “Excuse me, I think they deserve to go”

Lorenzo: “Helen, please stay out of this”

Helen: “No, the last time I check half of you aren’t even related too Kelsey and Violet, and Elora”

Lee: “For the time we’ve known them, we think of them like our little sisters, and for Lance, a girlfriend....*coughs*maybe even Landon and Violet”

Landon: “What’d you say?”

Lee: “Nothing”

Logan: “And the other adults see them as our daughters, so yes, we’re protective”

Helen: “Boys, let them go, it’s a one time thing”

*All Girls cough*

Helen: “ANYWAY, I think they should go”

Lance: “Auntie Helen....”

Helen: “No, stanno andando! è finale!” (No, they’re going! That’s final!)

Kelsey: “I can’t understand Spanish”

Elora: “That’s Italian”

Kelsey: “Fuck”

Sebastian: “Fine they can go, but call us when you get there, send us your location, call us when you leave, call us when you get to Kelsey’s. Call us before bed. And a maximum of 2 Drinks”

Elora: “But—-

Felix: “They’re the conditions, or you’re not going”

Violet: “I’ll take it! Let’s go get ready!”

We all went upstairs ready for our night out.

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