Breaking point

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Chapter 22: A Moment Ruined

Eloras POV:

Violet, Kelsey and I were all ready.

I was wearing a red mid-thigh dress with most the back showing as well as a small V line at the front. I wore black heals, with my black clutch, red lipstick, the rest of my makeup was natural. And my hair was just straight out.

Kelsey was wearing a white cropped top, with a black mini skirt. Black boots, makeup all natural and her hair in beachwaved curls.

Violet was wearing a Navy mini dress, with cut outs and lace as sleeves, it was classy but hot. She had black heals, a deep blue lipstick and natural face makeup, her hair was half up half down. It was all curled to perfection. And she had a little black bag.

We’re all bring jackets in case.

Kelsey: “Damn Girls, we look hot”

Violet: “You can say that again”

Elora: “Lets do this!”

Violet: “Hell yeah!”

We walked down stairs, where EVERYONE was waiting. I saw Lances jaw drop as well as Landon’s and.....Tyson’s.....oh, he’s looking at...OH MY GOD! KELSEY! I need that gossip, but we’ll worry about that later.

Lance: “You look—-

Sebastian: “Beautiful, just like your mum”

Lance: “Yeah, that’s the word I was gonna say...”

Tyson: “Kelsey you look....”

Kelsey: “Thanks”

Landon: “Violet, I know it’s your birthday, but this is my early Christmas present”

Violet: “Smooth”

*all laugh*

Helen: “Well, you three better get going then. Call us if you need anything”

Elora: “Bye!”

Sebastian: “Stay safe! Don’t die!”

Logan: “Don’t get kidnapped”

Kelsey: “See you guys tomorrow!”

Felix: “Don’t get arrested!”

Jace: “Don’t get drugged!”

Violet: “Thanks for everything! Toodles!”

Ricardo: “Don’t get wasted!”

Lee: “Don’t get home too late!”

Leo: “Don’t talk to strangers!”

Pierce: “Don’t forget to call us!”

Holden: “Don’t get pregnant!”

Lance: “Seriously dude, pregnant?”

Holden: “Well...I felt left out, and I didn’t know what else too say!”

Landon: “Trust me, if Violet was going to get pregnant, it would be mine”

Logan: “Landon, do you like Violet?”

Landon: “No, I only want her to be my wife, have my kids, until we grow old together. But you know, that’s all”

Logan: “That’s not liking son, that’s love

Eloras POV:

We got into the club, with our fake IDs. I got a rum and coke, Kelsey got the same, Violet got some fun weird drink cause its her birthday.

Violet: “Lets go dance!”

Kelsey: “YES!”

Elora: “Definitely!”

An hour later.....

We’ve been having so much fun. Dancing, even though we’re only tipsy, it’s been great. We obeyed the rules that were set out for us, Kelsey’s driving so she only had one drink, while me and Violet had two. We danced most of the time, guys came up to us, by we ignored them, or left that spot.

Violet: “Hey, wanna go outside for a second?”

Kelsey: “Yeah”

Elora: “I’m coming too”

We went outside for a bit of air.

Violet: “Hey Guys, I just wanted to say thanks”

Kelsey: “For what?”

Violet: “Well, I know that our lives (Mainly Eloras) arent the best, and we’ve had issues but I’m really glad I met you guys, you’re my best Friends and I’m thankful for that, I wouldn’t take anything back. And it’s been the best birthday ever”

Elora: “Aww, Thanks. I’m really glad too”

Kelsey: “Same, GROUP HUG!”

*All laugh*

Dan: “What a sweet little moment this is, what a Pity I had to ruin it”

Elora: “What the hell do you want?”

Dan: “Revenge, you took out a lot of my men”

Elora: “Yeah like three, that’s what you get for (trying) to kidnap me”

Dan: “You’re gonna regret ever messing with us”

Kelsey: “Please, what are you gonna do, hit us?”

Dan: “No, not yet anyway, I mean, maybe your mum. Such a sweet woman, wouldn’t it be a shame if something happened to her”

Kelsey: “You mother fucker!”

Kelsey goes to punch him, but he stops her.

Dan: “I don’t think you wanna do that, after all, I have men with your mum right now. So, how about you girls be good, and come with me. Or I’ll give my men the go to hurt her”

Elora: “Fine”

We started walking behind Dan, as we lead us too a car, I quickly texted Lance saying we need backup and too meet at Kelsey’s house. I sent that message and turned my phone off so it wouldn’t make a sound.

We got to a black van, Dan opened the back as we walked in. I heard the door slam, and soon we were driving.

Kelsey: *whispers* “You texted him?”

Elora: *whispers* “Yes”

Lances POV:

I can’t believe she left, wearing that. She looked so hot, fucking hell.

We were sitting around in the games room, eating and relaxing.

After hours of doing the stupidest shit, I got a text.

Don’t ask questions, we need your help. Meet at Kelsey’s house. Be prepared. Please hurry”

My heart sank. What did Elora mean?

Lance: “we need to go now!”

Tyson: “Yo, dude. What the hell? What’s up?!”

Lance: “Elora just texted me too meet at Kelsey’s and be prepared and to hurry. So grab your things, grab your weapons and let’s go!”

Sebastian: “Shit! You heard what he said, let’s go!”

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