Breaking point

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Chapter 23: History

Eloras POV:

The car hauled to a stop. And the doors to the van opened as we were pulled out. We were outside Kelseys house, luckily she doesn’t live in the city.

I felt someone grab my arm and I was being pulled into the house, with the girls following behind. When we entered the room, there was Tony, leader of the Cobras standing with Kelsey’s mum next to him, being held by a guy, with other guys surrounding him, some that looked a lot like him, must be his sons.

Tony: “Elora, what a pleasure to meet you after so many years!”

Elora: “Fuck off”

Tony: “An attitude just like your mothers”

Elora: “Don’t talk about my mother!”

Tony: “Keep talking to me like that and you’ll end up with the same fate as her!”

Elora: “I’ll take my chances”

Tony: “Thats the same passion that got your mother killed”

Elora: “You think you can use her against me?!”

Tony: “No, you’re strong. I underestimated you”

Violet: “Damn right you did”

Tony: “Ah! The birthday girl, Violet!”

Violet: “Go to hell”

Tony: “Oh, I see, you’ve all got a mouth”

Kelsey: “What the hell do you want?!”

Tony: “Right, I should get to the point. You see Elora, I hate Sebastian, that’s why I killed his wife, but I still want revenge. So, I thought about killing his daughter”

Kelsey: “Don’t you dare touch her!”

Tony: “SILENCE!”

All of a sudden Kelsey was slapped in the face.

Violet: “Kelsey!”

Jules: “Kelsey! Please let her go!”

Tony: “Motherly love, now shut up all of you!”

Tony: “As I was saying, I WAS gonna Kill his daughter, but I thought of a better way. Elora, you will Marry my son Dan.”

Elora: “WHAT?! HELL NO!”

Tony: “Really? It’s either that, or Jules here, dies.

Kelsey: “NO!”

In this moment, I couldn’t breathe. It was either save myself and my best friend looses her mother, like I did. Or, I sacrifice myself and save them as well as everyone else.

I sigh.

Elora: “Fine I’ll——

Lance: “She’s not doing anything”

I look up to see all the boys and Helen behind Tony holding guns.

Tony: “The lover”

Sebastian: “Let all the girls go!”

Tony: “You know I can’t do that”

I heard a gun shot, a body dropped to the ground. It wasn’t Tonys but it was the guy who was holding Jules, she ran behind my dad, at least she was safe.

Tony: “You!”

As soon as Tony spoke, a fight broke loose. I managed to get out of the guys hold, and knock him out, and I see Kelsey and Violet do the same. Soon it was silent, bodies were on the ground and It was all of us on one side, Tony and his sons on the other.

Logan: “We’re only letting you go because I’m not going to kill you in front of the ladies. But you do have 10 seconds too leave before I shoot you all.”

Tony: “One last thing, you’re going to regret showing us mercy. We’re not finished. I’ll tell you this once and only once, a war is coming, get all the men you need. Including your son Liam—-

Logan: “What the hell are you taking about?!”

Tony: “I’ll give you something, just to make it fair. Red Oak assassins, Scarlett and Ryder. Take that how you wish, just so you know, I’m only doing this so I can take out your whole family in one go, well except for L——


Tony: “See you around”

With that they left.

Lance: “Dad, what was he talking about?”

I saw Logan look at my dad, my Uncle, His brother and Helen.

Logan: “Probably talking about your mum, trying to imply that she’s gone”

Leo: “Okay, well, what do we do now?”

Landon: “Lets head home”

Elora: “Gladly”

Violets POV:
It’s now 1am, what started off to be a good birthday ended badly. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Elora: “I’m sorry you didn’t get the birthday you hoped for”

Kelsey: “Yeah”

Violet: “Guys! This was amazing! One of my best birthdays. It may have not ended great, but at least it started amazingly.”

Landon: “Violet, can I talk to you?”

Violet: *whispers* “It May have a good ending after all”

Elora and Kelsey chuckled as Landon and I walked out of the room. We headed to his room, I walked in first, he switched on the light when he walked in, I turned around to face him.

Violet: “So, what’d you want to talk a—-

Suddenly I felt his lips touch mine. I was shocked at first but soon kissed back.

Landon: “I’ve been waiting so long to do this”

Violet: “Same”

Landon: “Thank fuck”

Soon we were on the bed, my dress was off, So was his shirt. When he stopped and looked into my eyes.

Landon: “Are you sure?”

Violet: “I mean, technically my birthday was yesterday, but I’ll count this as your gift to me. I’m ready”

Landon: “Positive?”

Violet: “Definitely, but I want you to know, I’m a Vir—

Landon: “I know babe, just relax.”

He started kissing me again. I deepened the kiss.

Violet: “Oh my god, I love you”

I gasp at what I said, I-I can’t believe I just said that. Landon looked at me, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. I’m so embarrassed!

Landon: “I love you too”

He smirks and I let out a giggle.

And the rest, was History.

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