Breaking point

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Chapter 24: New York

Eloras POV:

It was the next day, we were all in the meeting room. Logan called us in, he looked very tired, he must’ve been up all night.

Lee: “Whats going on dad?”

Logan: “What he said was true, the assassins, Scarlett and Ryder. I found my son, I found Liam”

The room went silent, our mouths hanging open.

Lee: “I swear dad, if you’re joking!”

Logan: “I’m not, boys, get ready. The rest of you will go back to Spain, me and my sons will go get Liam”

Lance: “Where are we going?”

Logan: “New York”

Lances POV:
We’d been in NY for a day already, and tonight was the night we got Liam. I was so used to being the youngest brother, now I have a little brother. I wonder what he’s like, god, I’m nervous.

We’d finally broken in, and alarm went off. We hid in a room. You know, for assassin you’d think they have better security, we heard a girls voice outside the door.

Unknown: “They’re secure”

Then Lee opened the door and grabbed her. She was pretty, obviously I only have eyes for Elora, but I’m not blind.
Unknown: “what the hell?!”

Lee: “Can you shut up?”

I could see anger build up in her face.

Unknown: “You broke into MY house setting the alarm off, pulled me into a room and you’re telling me to shut up?!”

Lee: “Yes”

Landon: “Where’s Liam?!”

We heard Moving outside the room.

Liam: “Rose are you Okay?!”

So that’s her name, it’s suits her.

Rose: “Liam!”

He bursts through the room, there’s no way this isn’t my brother. He looks exactly like us.

Liam: “Who the hell are you?! Let go of my girlfriend!”

Lance: “He’s got a girlfriend”

Liam: “Wait.....”

Everyone was crowded around the door, there was a lot of them.

Unknown 2: “What is happening?”

Liam: “Who are you guys?”

Logan: “Hello, Son

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