Breaking point

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Bonus Chapter: All My Love

You’re going to regret it.

You’re going to regret everything.

Although you don’t know you hurt me, although you don’t know what you’ve done. You will pay. I’m not the most feared man in the WORLD for nothing. I may be in Jail, I may be on Death row, but people are watching, people are reporting and at the end of the day. I know everything. These bars can’t stop me. Nothing will stop me. I will succeed, but you will all fall.

I Am Death itself. I bathe in the blood of my victims. List after list of all the people I’ve killed and families I’ve ruined. I Will not die in here, I will not perish. But the bodies will pile up, everyone you know and love will be gone. And all you’ll know is pain.

The pain I once felt. That’s a promise.

Enjoy life and happiness while it lasts.

All my love,

Romano Hernández

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