Breaking point

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Chapter 3: Monsters


Complete silence.

They all looked at me mad, my dad nodded.

Felix walked over to me and picked me up.

Elora: “Put me down!”

He ignored me.

He placed me in my bedroom, he started to walk out.

Felix: “You’re never leaving this fucking house again!”

Elora: “What about——

Felix: “Only exceptions are, school, holidays, or something/somewhere where you are needed”

Elora: “That’s unfair!”

Felix: “Life’s unfair.”

Elora: “Trust me, I know”

He didn’t say anything else, he just walked out of the room.

I burst into tears.

Was that harsh? Yes.

But it was the truth.

I wish they’d listen.

Hours later......

Roman: “Elora dinner, now.”

I didn’t want food, I didn’t need it. I hadn’t eaten since lunch but, I wasn’t hungry, honestly, I wanted to leave. But knew I couldn’t.

I opened my door, my eyes were still red from crying, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Walked down stairs to the kitchen. I heard my dad taking to Holden, Broady and Felix.

Sebastian: “Eli said Ive got a guest, I’ll have to skip dinner, but you boys eat, then meet me in my office. Make sure Elora eats!”

I knew why he was telling them to make sure I ate, when mum died, I had a very unhealthy eating schedule, I would eat not even once a day. It got so bad they had to take me to hospital, but practically, when I’m upset I wasn’t eat, sometimes even for days.

I got down stairs, my dad walked straight past me, I knew why. When I walked into the dining, my brothers were mad, which honestly, wasn’t my fault, I was just speaking the truth.

Pierce: “sit.”

I went and sat in my usual spot, while the boys in theirs. I sat at one end, dad usually sat on the other end. The maids handed out the dishes, the boys started eating. I pretended to start eating the meat when in reality I was putting it in a folded napkin in my hand. I could only put so much food in a napkin, I bearly touched my food.

Felix: “Eat.”

I heard my brother say.

Elora: “I’m full”

All my brothers stared at me, then my plate.

Holden: “No you’re not, eat.”

Elora: “How would you know?!”

Felix got up came close to me, grabbed my hand the napkin was in, grabbed the napkin and put it in the table.

Felix: “Really?”

Elora: “I’m not hungry”

Roman: “Elora....we don’t what to take you to the hospital again.”

Elora: “Then dont”

Holden: “you’re not leaving till you eat half the plate”

Elora: “But l——

Jace: “Nope!”

Elora: “Fine.”

I ate about a quarter and the boys were finished, I kept eating and about 10 minutes later, I ate half.

Felix: “Thank you.”

I just rolled my eyes.

Holden: “Go back to your room”

Elora: “Gladly”

I started to walk off.

Roman: “Wait!”

Elora: “What?!”

Roman: “Give us your phone!”

Elora: “What?! No!”

Holden: “Now.”

I handed it to them and walked off. As soon as I got to my room I put on some shorts and an oversized shirt, and tried to sleep.

I don’t want this to be my life, having to live with them, I know they changed when mum died, but why? Why did they have to change?

It was around 10pm and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to go get a glass of water. I crept down stairs, I heard people talking. I knew I couldn’t let them see me, but I still wondered what they were doing. I walked into the living room, and next door was the meeting room, the door was slightly open, so I peeked in from a distance to see what was happening.

Sebastian: “Where is Tony!”

Unknown: “I’ll never tell!”

Felix: “Tell us!”

Unknown: “I’m a loyal Cobra!”

Cobra.....that means it’s gang related. This guy was down on his knees, face bloody.

Holden: “Are you sure, what about your daughter? How is she?”

Unknown: “Don’t touch my daughter! She’s innocent! She doesn’t deserve to see any bad things, I was already a terrible fathers. She’s innocent”

Sebastian: “So was my wife! Broady, get her out”

They got a girl from the closet off to the side, my brother had his hand over her mouth, she was kicking, she looked around my age, maybe a year older.

Unknown: “Let her go!”

Sebastian: “Holden?”

Holden took a knife from his pocket and held it up to her throat.

Elora: *whispers* “Oh my god!”

Unknown: “Please!”

The girl had tears Running down her face.

Sebastian: “Tell me, what’s her name?”

Unknown: “Kelsey”

Sebastian: “How old is she?”

Unknown: “14”

Felix: “Holden”

He took the knife down from her neck, I saw her face relax.

Sebastian: “Kill him”

The girl started kicking and screaming as Holden, my brother held a knife to his neck.

I didn’t want to watch, but I did. I wanted to see if Holden, my brother who I had always been closest with, would kill him, in front of his daughter.

Unknown: “Please! She doesn’t deserve to see this!”

Those words brought me back to when my mum died, she said the same thing. With that Holden sliced his neck. The girl dropped to the floor, trying to get to her dad as Felix picks her up and takes her into that room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. What i saw, they killed her father in front of her, just like a guy killed my mother in front of me, that’s when I knew, this wasn’t my family, or the people I loved.

These people were Monsters.

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