Breaking point

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Chapter 4: One way Ticket

Eloras POV:

I can’t believe it. Something that my family hated was the fact that he killed my mum in front of me, an innocent child, and they did it. They’re out of their minds. I ran, I hit the table in the way, I hoped they hadn’t heard it. I ran straight to the maids area and woke up Natalie, my friend, 4 years older than me, she didn’t want to be in the gang but her dad is my dads right hand, so she decided to be a maid.

Natalie: “What the hell is wrong?!”

Natalie had a raspy voice from just waking up.

Elora: “I need to go”

Natalie: “What?!”

She sat up.

Natalie: “Lets head to your bedroom”

Once we got in, I told her everything.

Natalie: “Oh my god!”

Elora: “I need to leave, and I need your help”

Natalie: “No! You can’t leave!”

Elora:l “I can’t stay here, I want a life Nat, I can’t deal with this, I’m not happy. I feel myself slipping away”

Natalie: “But I’m going to miss you, and if they find out that I know about you running away they’ll be SO mad, and where are you going to go? What are you going to do?!”

Elora: “I was hoping you could help with that.”

Nat: “What?”

Elora: “I’m going to LA, I’ll leave tonight, Mum said that if I ever needed emergency money, there was a card under my mattress, that is my mums private account, that she left to me, not even dad knows about it, and they won’t notice any missing money, cause it’s Mums.”

Nat: “Okay, I’ll help. Get the card, I’ll book the plane ticket and a hotel for you too stay at, you can cancel at any time, I’ll make sure you get their safely, I have a burner phone, take it, I’ll save my number in there”

Elora: “Thank you”

Natalie: “For you”

I lifted up my mattress to see an envelope, I have no idea how much money was on the card I found inside, as well as bank account details, the bank, everything I needed to know, and a PIN number. I can’t believe I’m actually going through with this.

1 am...

Natalie: “Okay there is a flight booked for 4am, and I got you a taxi to pick you up in an hour and a half, to take you to the airport.”

Elora: “Okay, I started packing, can you help with the rest?”

Nat: “Yep.”

An hour passed. I was all packed, with necessities. And some pictures and the burner phone and car as well as other small things I could fit into 2 average sized suitcases.

Elora: “I have to go now”

Nat: “I know, please be safe, you know how to fight, call me as you can tomorrow. I enrolled you into a school, please go, get a good education, use all the skills you have, I’ve heard you sing in your room, I’ve heard you dancing from down stairs, I’ve seen you play sports and I’ve seen your grades. Please, do well. Please I’m not letting you go for you to be nothing. We’ll see eachother again. And by no means tell anyone WHO YOU ARE!”

Elora: “It’s okay Nat, I’ll do everything you ask of me. I’ll be okay. I’ll miss you”

We hugged for at least a minute, but I need to get out now, the guards are switching shifts, which means that I have 2 minutes to leave and get in the taxi. Which is what I will do. Nat helped me unlatch the window, as I climbed down.

Elora: “Goodbye Nat”

Natalie: “Goodbye Elora”

With that I jumped to the ground and ran. As soon as I got hoped into that taxi, I knew there was no turning back.

Elora: “To the airport”

Natalie’s POV:


I have to pretend that I didn’t know she was gone. I have to pretend that I know nothing. Crap! The cameras, I’ll have to delete the footage from inside, or they’ll see me. I snuck to the computer room, deleted the video footage from 9:30pm-4:00am. I also switched the cameras off in my areas to make sure they don’t catch me leaving. I went back to bed, praying she would be okay, if she’s strong like her mother, which I know she is, everything will be okay. You got this.

Please, Be Safe Elora.

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