Breaking point

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Chapter 5: Pain

Holdens POV:
I was mad at Elora, what she said truly hurt me, us. But I still loved her, and I would kill whoever stood in my way, If something happened to her. It was 10am and usually Elora was an early bird, but then again, she’s upset right now, she’s probably crying in her room. But dad wants to see her, so here I am going to wake her up.

Holden: “Wake up Elora!”
I knock on her door.

Holden: “Elora!”

I break because I heard nothing, she was either ignoring me, sleeping, or she was already up and snuck past us.

Holden: “Elora! Don’t make me fucking come in there!”
Still nothing.

Holden: “This it! I’m coming in!”

I opened the door, to see her bed made, her room was a little messy, but I didn’t take the chance to have a look, she’s probably already down stairs, she’s probably hiding somewhere, Natalie would help her if she wanted to hide from us, I might ask her.

Holden: “Guys?!”

Felix: “Whats up?”

Holden: “She’s not in her room”

Sebastian: “Does Natalie Know where she is?”

Jace: “Ask her”

Holden: “Natalie?!”
It was her day off, so she was probably sorting out her stuff. She walked into the room, her eyes were red, she looked like she got not sleep and had been crying all night.

Natalie: “What do you guys want?”

Broady: “What happened to your face?”

Nat: “Thanks”

Broady: “You’re still as gorgeous as ever”

He wasn’t wrong, Nat was 3 years Younger than me, but she was drop dead gorgeous. I’m surprised none of us have had her in our bed, although, he is dads best friends, daughter.

Holden: “He’s not wrong there”

Sebastian: “Stop flirting with her already! Natalie, do you know where Elora is?”

She took a deep breath in and out...
Nat: “What do you mean?”

Felix: “Don’t Play dumb with us, do you know Where’s she hiding?”

Her face dropped.

Nat: “Truly, I have no clue where she is! Don’t you?”

She actually didn’t know. This wasn’t good.


We all ran to get everyone on this. Nat just sat down, saying nothing. She looked.... sad?

Hours later....

Roman: “No one can find her!”

Sebastian: “Lets go check the cameras”

Natalie’s POV:
As soon as that he said that, my heart dropped. I sat on the seat in the living room, I heard them come out.


Sebastian: “Someone fucking deleted it! The only footage is of her running this morning why the hell would she leave?!”

Nat: “I could think of a few reasons” I said that really quietly.

Broady: “What was that Nat?”

Nat: “Nothing”

Holden: “Do you know something?”

Nat: “Yes, I do”
They all looked at me, including my dad.

Eli: “Nat, what do you mean?”

Nat: “I know why she ran away.....

Sebastian: “She didn’t run!”

Nat: “What do you call running through the yard and getting into a taxi then?”

Sebastian: “Why would she run?! Did she tell you why?!”

Nat: “No, but it’s pretty fucking obvious, look at yourselves. You’re not the brothers she grew up with! You’re not the people she looked up to. That changed when Lilian died, but what you don’t understand is, her death didn’t make Elora hit her breaking point, you did.”

Holden: “Whats That supposed to mean?!”

Nat: “You’re fucking hypocritical guys. Who think that just because they’re in the mafia that everything has to hurt more. And that you need revenge, but SO many people’s parents get killed in house invasions, robbery’s, accidents etc. but because you guys are in the mafia it makes you change, it makes you think that you need to become heartless to survive, that you need to block out any emotions after one thing happens to you, yeah it sucks. But you’re caught up in this life, don’t expect not too loose people you love. But in this case, instead of losing just one person, you lost 2, one to death, the other, you pushed away, not realising that she’s the one who witnessed it, and in reality, she handled it better then you guys combined, and she’s the one that went through it all, you’re just a bunch of selfish pricks. She left, but you left her first”

With that speech, I walked out of the house. They really don’t deserve Elora. They never did.

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