Breaking point

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Chapter 6: Mysterious stranger

3 years later....

Kelsey: “Elora!”

Elora: “What?!”

Kelsey: “Get up! We can’t be late for the first day of school!”

Elora: “Fine!”

Eloras POV:
3 years away from them, 3 years without them, although these 3 years haven’t been great, I try so hard to block it from my mind. But it’s still there, I’m okay, truly. It hurts, I’m hurt. But everyone is going through something, I’m not special.

I’m in my second last year of high school, I have two besties Kelsey and Violet. I live with Kelsey and her mum, she said her dad died years ago, but she never told me the story. She said her and her mum moved here after it happened to start a new life. it’s nice having a mother figure in my life. I just wish things could be different.

I got dressed into black jeans, a grey long sleeved, loose fitting, crop top and my white Vans.

Kelsey: “Elora! Get your ass down here!”

Elora: “Okay! Coming!”

I just tied my hair into a high ponytail and ran downstairs. Their house was a small two story with a big living area and kitchen downstairs as all the bedrooms and bathrooms were upstairs.

Kelsey: “We’ll get coffee on the way”

Jules: “Okay Girls, have a good day. Love you”

Kelsey: “Love you too”

We hopped into Kelsey’s small white Jeep and went thru A Starbucks drive through. I just got a plain ice coffee, with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, She got some fancy drink, as well as getting Violet something.
Kelsey turned 17 in January, so she had her lisence already, I on the other hand had too wait till July. Violet gets hers In November, she’s the youngest out of all of us.

We got to school, adnd Violet was waiting for us, her mum probably dropped her off at school again.

Elora: “We got coffee!”

Violet: “Did I ever tell you guys how much I loved you”

Kelsey: “No.”

*we laugh*

Elora: “Ready to start this year?”

Violet: “Hell yeah”

Kelsey: “I heard there was 3 new guys”

Elora: “Of course that’s what you think about”

Kelsey: “What?! I need to get myself a man”

Violet: “Whatever, just don’t go overboard”

Kelsey: “I won’t”

Elora: “Lets Get to class”

It was my second last period, and I was running late, I couldn’t be late to this class. I was so focused on getting there that I didn’t look at my surroundings. I hit something rock hard.

I felt myself falling as a pair of arms caught me, once I regained my stance, I looked up to see a guy holding me in his arms. He was the most handsome man I’d ever seen, his strong jaw, soft eyes, they were a bright emerald green, and his black hair that was neatly cut. I realised I had been staring, and that this was really cliche, like what is this, some love story?

Elora: “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

He chuckled.

Lance: “I’m fine, princess. Don’t stress”

I saw that he had tattoos all up his right arm, he was well built and really tall, I’m not short but I’m not tall either, and his accent, Spanish, it was so hot. then I noticed that behind him there were two other guys, also well built and tall, they looked like twins, actually, they all looked similar, but I don’t think their triplets.

Lance: “Like what you see?”

I rolled my eyes, then noticed that I was still wrapped in his arms, one was on my back, pulling me close to him, as the other on my waist.

Elora: “No.”

I pulled away.

Elora: “I-I have class”
I hate that I stuttered.

I was about to walk past him when he grabbed my hand and pushed me against the lockers behind us.

Elora: “What——

Lance: “Don’t lie to me princess. I see the way your body reacts to my touch”

He said that as he put one hand on my waist and the other on on my chin, making me look at him.

Elora: “I-I

I’m usually a girl who doesn’t give a shit, I have a tough exterior but somehow he’d already broken down my walls, that I thought I’d built so high.

Lance: “Lost for words?”
He winked.

I couldn’t let him win, so....
I kicked him in the shin. (Hey, That rhymes)

Lance: “Shit”

Elora: “How does your body like my touch?”
I winked.

I walked away, into my class, which now I was Definitely late for. I walked past the twins, but they were laughing too hard to care.

Lennox: “That’s hilarious”

Luca: “I know right”

Lance: “Shut up.”

Luca: “Okay, Whatever”

Lennox: “Anyone else thought she looked familiar?”

Lance: “Yeah Actually”

Luca: “It could be her...?”

Lennox: “Lets not worry too much now, we should’ve asked for a name though”

Lance: “Trust me, I’ll get one”

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