Breaking point

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Chapter 7: A promise

Back in Italy......

Sebastian’s POV:

Me and my sons were all sitting around the table in the meeting room.

Tyson: “Three fucking years”

Holden: “Not one word”

Felix: “To top it all off, Nat still hates us”

Sebastian: “What the hell are we gonna do we don’t know where she’s gone, we’ve got Logan and his gang searching for her as well, but it doesn’t help when we know nothing.”

We were rudely interrupted.

Natalie: “I cant do this anymore, okay! I can’t keep hiding it!”

Nat Burst into the room, on her phone, probably wanting privacy and this was the first room, she hadn’t noticed us, but she was mad.

*Holden coughs*

Nat: “Holy shit.”

Nat: “I have to go, talk later!”

Roman: “So um??”

Nat: “I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise that it was being used, I’ll just leaving you guys”

Sebastian: “It’s okay, who was on the phone?”

Nat: “Oh uhhh, I-It was nobody. Goodbye”

Pierce: “That was interesting”

Holden: “I’ll talk to her”

Nats POV:

Oh my god! That was so close! They nearly caught on. They can’t know that I’ve been in contact with Elora all these years, I mean, I’m 20 now and I need to move out of here and find a real job and get on with my life. I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

Nat: “come in”

Holden: “Can I talk to you?”

Nat: “Uhhh Yeah sure??”

Holden: “So, who were you on the phone with?”

Nat: “Oh, nobody important!”

Holden: “Give me a name Nat”

Nat:”I don’t think that’s necessary”

Holden: “No, wasn’t Elora by any chance?”

Nat: “WHAT?!”

Holden: “Don’t okay dumb with me, you helped her escape and run away that night, you deleted all the camera footage and stopped the recordings”

Nat: “What——

Holden: “I know this because the morning she was gone, dad said that the camera footage showed her running, but you mentioned her getting into a taxi, but my dad never mentioned that, so how would you know, unless you’d seen the camera footage, which you didn’t, or you were there”

Nat: “Holden, I- that’s ridiculous!”

Holden: “Is it really?”

His whole attitude changed, he went into more of an alpha male tone.

He stepped closer.

Nat: “I promise I don’t know anything”

Holden: “that’s a promise you can’t keep”

He stepped closer to me, again. As I backed up.

Nat: “Holden, please, leave. I can’t deal with it right now”

Holden: “You can’t? You can’t deal with this!”

He got mad.

Holden: “You don’t know what it’s liked to be ripped from not only your mother but sister, all because you were too stupid to realise what you were doing wrong! You don’t understand what it’s like to loose someone that you know now, you never had.”

Nat: “Hold——

He stepped even closer pushing me onto the bed behind me.

Nat: “Holden!”

He got in top of me, pinning my hands above my head.

Holden: “Tell me the fucking truth Natalie”

He never used my full name, unless he was mad.

Nat: “I-I can’t”

Holden: “Where is she?”

Nat: “I-I

Holden: “TELL ME!”

He was really getting angry, and I was scared. I never really feared them, unless they were really mad, but his eyes were full of pure anger. I knew he’d never do anything to hurt me, but I could never be too sure.

Nat: “Please——-

Holden: “Fucking answer me!”

I felt his grip on my wrists tighten.

Nat: “I——

Felix: “Holden? What the hell?!”

I saw that Felix and Broady walked through the door, more like burst through. Holden didn’t move though, and they shut the door behind them.

Broady: “Holden!”

Holden: “She knows where Elora is”

He said that in a very manly, deep voice, like a growl.

Felix: “WHAT?!”

Great. Not one but three of them I’d have to deal with.

Holden: “ I swear Natalie!”

Broady: “We will force it out of you!”

Felix: “Stop!”

Felix: “Natalie, Tell us everything before I let them do whatever the heck they want to get it out of you”

Nat: “I-I’m sorry I can’t”

Holden: “I’m so fucking——

Nat: “Don’t finish that sentence!”

Broady: “First your not telling us where our sister is, then your yelling at us?”

He was right, I was doing that, and I didn’t give a shit. I pushed Holden off me and got up.

Nat: “You Know what?! Fuck yeah I am, did you think it was easy for me to watch one of my best friends leave?! But I had too! It was Better than living here with you monsters! That’s right! She told me what she saw that night! I was scared of you, from that moment forward, if you ever got mad. Now, you’re just proving it! I’m glad I helped her move far away, and I truly hope she’s happy!”

I went to walk forward, I nudged Holdens shoulder as I pass ready to get out of that room.

I had my hand on the door handle, when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist pulling me, and picking me up.

Nat: “What the—-

I was pushed against the wall.

Holden: “If you EVER say that again, I’ll make sure you never leave this room, for your whole life.”

He snarled as his hands were on either side of the wall, keeping me I a contained space.

Nat: “I’m s—-

Holden: “Please Tell is where she is”

Nat: “I made her a promise!”

Broady: “I’m going to be honest with you Nat, you’re a great friend, risking everything so your Elora could finally be happy, which if she was here, she wouldn’t have. But we’re ready, and want her back home with us, or we’ll go wherever she is, we’re ready to make it up to her. I know we hurt her, please tell us where she is, and we’ll be better”

I sighed, I knew I couldn’t keep this secret forever.

Nat: “Fine, but it you hurt her, I’ll kill you. She doesn’t need that shit! And when you see her again, don’t be mad, don’t hate her, don’t tell her off, don’t take her away from the life she’s happy with, if you break this promise, I’ll break you.”

Felix: “We promise. Where is she?”

I took a deep breath, please forgive me Elora.

Nat: “In LA.”

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