Breaking point

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Chapter 8: familia

Nat: “She’s In LA”

Felix: “Thank you”

Felix and Broady left the room.

Nat: “Can you let me leave now?”

Holden: “No, I don’t want too”

Nat: “What do you mean?”

Holden: “I think you know exactly what I mean”

Nat: “Holden, w-we I-I

*Holden chuckles*

I pushed Holden.

Nat: “Goodbye Holden.”

I started to walk out of the room.

Holden: “NAT!”

I turned back around. As he took a step closer.

Holden: “I’m not finished with you yet, baby”

Nat: “Wha——

He came really close, I felt his breath on my neck.

Holden: “You can’t get rid of me that easily”

With that he walked off.

Nat: “Holy shit.”

Back in the Meeting room....

Sebastian’s POV:

Felix: “Guys!”

Felix has entered the room with a very cheerful manner.

Sebastian: “What? Can’t you see we’re trying to find your sister here?”

Broady had entered as well.

Broady: “Stop trying”


Felix: “We know where she is”

Sebastian: “How? when?! Where!”

Broady: “Nat told’s a long story”

Felix: “She told us just then”

Holden stood at the door.

Holden: “We’re going to LA”

Sebastian: “I’ll call Logan.”

Back in LA.....

After school...

Violet: “So your telling ran into him”

Elora: “Yes, can you stop talking about it?!”

Kelsey: “Hell no! I ship them already”

Elora: “Shut up guys!”

Lance: “hablando de mí otra vez, princesa?”

Elora: “Spanish?”

Lance: “Si”

Elora: “Anche tu desideri”

Lance: “Italian, cute”

Elora: “When did you learn Spanish?”

Lance: “Nacido y criado en Spain”

Violet: “Can you please speak in English?”

Elora: “Born And raises in Italy, then moved when I was 13”

Lance: “Cool, So i was wondering, do you Maybe wanna......come to my house?”

Elora: “What?! Excuse me?! I just met you! I’m not that type of girl!”

Lance: “Hold your horses, I meant to hang out, I wanna get to know you more, I moved here a while ago but still haven’t become familiar with it, I was just asking, cause you seem cool”

Elora: “Oh, right, sure.”

Lances POV:
She matched everything, she knew Italian, raised and born their, she left when she was 13. When I bumped into her, I called my dad, he asked me to bring her over, cause he will know. I do feel bad for lying to her, but I know how her family feels, I’ve never seen my little Brother Liam. Although the situation is different, he had to go, it feels the same. It hurts the same.

Lance: “Cool, are you gonna follow me in your car or, come with me?”

Elora: “ummmm”

Kelsey: “Girl go with him, I have to take Violet home! And have fun!”

Elora: “I guess I’m coming with you guys”

Kelsey: “I’ll see you when you get home!”

Elora: “Bye”

Lance: “When you get home??”

Elora: “I live with her”

Lance: “Oh.”

Elora: “It’s a long story”

Lance: “I’m Lance by the way”

Elora: “Elora”

Lance: “hermoso nombre” (Beautiful name)

Elora: “Grazie” (Thank you)

Eloras POV:
We had gotten into his car, it was actually really nice, it was obviously expensive, I wonder what his family does. After about a 10 minutes drive, we pulled up to this gorgeous mansion, it was huge! His family must be rich!

We got out of the car.

Lance: “Warning, I have a Lot of siblings, and I believe my cousins and Uncle are over so, I’m sorry I’m advance, it’s a war zone”

Elora: “I can relate”

Lance: “You have siblings?”

Elora: “Had. That’s a conversation for another time”

Lance: “Okay, shall we?”

Elora: “We shall”

As soon as we stepped into the house, i heard yelling.

Landon: “idiota” (idiot)

Leo: “no es mi culpa!” (it’s not my fault)

Logan: “puedes dejar de gritar?!” (Can you stop yelling)

Lance: “estúpido” (Stupid)

*Elora laughs*

Helen: “deja de gritar, tenemos un invitado!” (Stop yelling me have a guest)

Elora: “Hey”

Lee: “Well aren’t you a pretty one”

Elora: “Thank you....”

Lance: “Back off dude!”

Louis: “Ohhh.....Someone’s a little jealous”

Lance: “Shut it!”

Elora: “All Guys?”

Lance: “Yeah, sorry I didn’t tell you...I didn’t want to scare you off”

Elora: “That’s alright”

Helen: “They’re not all Men”

Lance: “This is my Auntie”

Elora: “Hello”

Helen: “Call me Helen dear, also I’m so sorry for my husbands, my brother in law, my sons and nephews in advance”

Elora: “It’s Definitely alright, I’m used to guys”

Lennox: “Oh, it’s the girl that ran into Lance today!”

Luca: “And showed him up for that matter”

*everyone laughs*

Elora: “It’s a talent”

Lance: “anyway, let me introduce you, This is my dad Logan (46). Then we have my the eldest brother, Lee (25), Leo (24), Louis (22), Landon (22), They’re twins, and then its me, (18). Also, this is my Unlce Lorenzo (46) twins with my dad, and then we have my stupid cousin twins, Lennox and Luca (18) as well as the only woman in our family, and who keeps us from killing eachother, is, My aunt Helen (44).

Elora: “Well it’s nice to meet you all”

Lorenzo: “Nice to meet you too”

Logan: “es ella la chica?” (is she the girl)

Lance: “Uhhh——

Elora: “puedo escucharte, hablo español.” (I can hear you, I speak Spanish)

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