Breaking point

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Chapter 9: The Past

Logan: “Pretty impressive”

Elora: “Not really”

Loagan: “You have and accent, where are you from?”

Elora: “Italy”

Leo: “Quanto tempo sei stato qui?” (How long have you been here)

Elora: “tre anni” (three years)

Helen: “possiamo parlare in inglese per l'amor del cielo?!” (Can we talk in English for gods sake)

Lorenzo: “scusa” (sorry)

Elora: “May I ask why you want us to talk in English?”

Helen: “I don’t mind talking in Spanish or Italian, it’s just that the boys do it so often, and now that we live in LA, they need to speak More English, plus, it’s easier”

Elora: “That’s understandable”

Helen: “Sweetie, would you like to stay for dinner?”

Elora: “Uhhh”

Lee: “We don’t bite”

Landon: “That is unless you want us too”

Helen: “Stop scaring the poor girl!”

Lance: “You don’t have too”

Elora: “No, I will.”

Helen: “Elora, would you mind coming to the kitchen with me, just while the boys talk?”

Elora: “Sure, no problem. See you soon”

Eloras POV:

We walked into the kitchen, as Helen started peeling potatoes while trying to cook the meat.

Elora: “Do you need help peeling the potatoes?”

Helen: “Oh, darling no, it’s fine.”

Elora: “No, really I insist”

Helen: “Such Great manners, I just need 3 more peeled. Thank you so much”

Elora: “It’s no problem, I was raised better than that”

Helen: “I love you already”

*Elora laughs*

Meanwhile in the meeting room......

Logan: “I think that’s her, everything matches up, she moved here when she was 13 years, Italian, she looks a lot like her mother, and her name is Elora, There’s no way it’s not her”

Lance: “Okay, what do we do?”

Logan: “I need to cal Sebastian——

*phone rings*

Logan: “Speaking Of the devil”

Logan: “Hey Sebastian, what can I do for you?”

Sebastian: “Logan, I need to do me a favour, Elora is in LA, we need your help”

Logan: “Funny you mention that, my son Lance found her today, she doesn’t know who we are, she’s in our house as we speak”

Sebastian: “Really?! Okay, Logan, do not tell her, she’ll run. Please keep quiet until we get there. We’ll be there in 2 days. Keep her safe!”

Logan: “You Know I will, plus, Helen love she already. There’s no going back!”

Sebastian: “Thank you Logan, truly.”

Logan: “At least one of us will get our youngest back”

Sebastian: “We’ll Fine him too, don’t loose hope.”

Logan: “I won’t, call you later”

Sebastian: “Bye”

Logan: “Goodbye”

Lee: “Dad?”

Logan: “Hes coming in two days, Lance, Luca And Lennox, protect her at school, and make sure she’s okay. But she can’t know until her family gets here. Pretend you know nothing, don’t act suspicious, is that all clear?”

Lance: “Definitely”

Logan: “Thank god, lets go have dinner”

Logan: “So, Elora. Do you have any siblings?”

Elora: “Uhhh, Yeah. I do. They’re still in Italy”

Logan: “Parents?”

Elora: “My mum died when I was 10, but my dads still there”

Logan: “I’m sorry truly, I lost my wife, the boys mother years ago. I know how it feels. May I ask why you’re here and Your family is in Italy?”

Elora: “I’m sorry for your loss. They wanted me too move on with my life, I wasn’t happy there, so we gathered up enough money and sent me here, I stayed in a hotel for a while, then I met two girls Violet and Kelsey, now I live with Kelsey and her mum”

Logan: “That’s good, how is living in LA?”

I took a deep breath in, I can’t let people know what happened when I moved here.

Elora: “Well, it’s been okay. Some rough spots, and I guess I’m still trying to recover from those incidents that happened soon after I moved here, And it’s hard going from Italy to LA. But I’m fine”

Lance: “What do you mean recover from incidents?”

Elora: “Oh! Nothing, it’s fine.”

Helen: “Can you stop harassing the poor child!”

Logan: “Sorry Elora, just wanted to get to know you”

Elora: “It’s fine.”

After dinner.....

Lance drove me back to Kelsey’s house after dinner. We pulled up, just before I got out of the car, Lance stopped me.

Lance: “Elora!”

Elora: “Yes?”

Lance: “What happened to you, when you moved here?”

Elora: “Nothing.”

Lance: “Elora, it’s not nothing, i can see it in your eyes, it’s hurting you”

Elora: “Lance, we just met today, and I already believe that we can be friends, but I Don’t trust you yet, especially with Information about that. Please don’t push it out of me, it already hurts enough knowing that it’s happened”

Lance: “Okay, I’ll stop, but you have to promise me something”

Elora: “What?”

Lance: “That we can be friends”

Elora: “Definitely, see you tomorrow”

Lance: “Adiós Hermosa” (Bye Beautiful)

Elora: “buenas noches Lance” (goodnight Lance)

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