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When her phone vibrated the last thing, Florence was expecting was a message from Madison. She had already made her mind up that their friendship was over, no friends of the FBPG stuck by them when they became outcasts, despite herself she found herself smiling. She knew her friends would come through for her, though she wondered where Cooper and Lauren’s texts were.

Sure enough, at 4.30pm there was a ring on their doorbell, she heard her Mother greet Madison and send her upstairs before hearing a knock on her own door.

She opened it

“Maddy you don’t know how glad I am to see you!” she practically shouted throwing her arms around her friend, the hug lasted for around a minute before she realised Madison was stiff, not reciprocating her hug, she backed away feeling the sting of hurt.

Madison wouldn’t meet her eyes, they were fixed on a point just above her head.

“Hi Florence” she replied but she sounded monotone and distant.

So, this wasn’t going to be the sobbing, happy reunion she had pictured.

“Why are you here Madison?” she asked, her mood immediately changing in sync with her friend, she wasn’t it the mood to be played around.

“I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t have run off this morning Florence!” Madison sounded annoyed like they were having a small, petty argument that she was above.

“We could have styled this one out, made it all into one big joke, if instead of being some drama queen storming out of school you just shrugged and laughed it off today could have gone very differently!” Her pale face was slowly reddening.

“Cooper went after you of course she did all she’s done today is worry about you. You’d think she didn’t have me and Lauren, I had to persuade her not to come with me, she loses everything if she acts a fool about this whole situation, we all do.”

Florence couldn’t believe her audacity, how were these words coming out of her mouth?

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand Madison” she said coldly.

“But then, of course, you three would never be put on a list except for being the prettiest. I always thought you were jealous of Cooper and me you had Lauren, but she wasn’t ever enough for you. She wasn’t the most popular, this must be your dream come true.”

“Just stop” hissed Madison “Don’t make me out to be a bad friend, none of us deserve this drama, you’re the one who ran off and we’re the ones who had to deal with all the fat girl crap today”

Florence was crying now, angry tears.

“The fat girl crap?” she repeated.

“Thanks, Maddy, way to make this all about you, I’ve probably had the worst day of my life, I’ve been ridiculed, labelled and now my best friend is screaming at me”

“Boo hoo” shouted Madison “Well guess what Florence, maybe they were right, maybe you are the fat girl!”

Florence recoiled. She felt like Madison had punched her in the stomach. Madison seemed to immediately regret her words and for a second her posture relaxed, and her eyes became wide and sorrowful.

“Flo, I didn’t mean that I’m sorry” Madison finally looked at her, a plea in her voice.

“Get out of my house” Florence replied stressing each word. “You get out of my house and don’t come back”


“Get out!”

Mrs. Clarke had appeared at the top of the stairs holding her hands up.

“Girls is everything okay?” she asked nervously.

“Mum, get Madison out of this house and if she ever knocks on our door tell her to go away!”

Florence slammed her bedroom door on a crying Madison and her bewildered looking mother. She could still hear them through her door, so she put her hands over her ears. Tears flooding down her cheeks she prised open her laptop and typed into the search bar:

“How to lose weight fast”

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