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A red Ferrari sports car whizzed into the parking lot of Don’s pub and pulled to a stop in the parking space. The engine died before the door swung open and a man in a grey suit stepped out. He buttoned up his jacket and pulled on his glasses before making his way to the entrance.

It was Friday night, and he was meeting his friends here. They have been meeting like this every Friday night for the last decade. He and his friends have been close since high school and they still were. Back in the days, they used to be quiet popular, as the playboys who humped and dumped girls as they pleased. However, it was not like that anymore. At least he had stopped, but his friends were still in the act.

As soon as he pushed the door and stepped inside, he heard his name. “Colin!” It was his bros calling from their usual booth, at the back of the bar.

“Hey Colin,” Shannon the waitress, smiled at him from behind the counter and he returned it.

“How are you doing today?” He asked and she looked ready to pass out.

“Fine, fine, I’m fine.” She fanned herself with the menu and pouted her red stained lips at him. “You want the usual?” She barely got the words out of her mouth because the handsome man standing in front of her was making it hard for her to breathe properly.

“Of course, you know what I like.” Colin winked at her before moving away. As he went, Shannon watched him and the memory of that one-night-stand she shared with him three years ago, played in her mind as if it happened only yesterday. She still remembered the taste of his lips, his caresses and firm strokes. That wild night with Colin had fulfilled all her fantasies and she wished to get into his bed once again. Maybe someday, she would get her wish.

“Colin, its good you’re here.” Nathaniel, one of Colin’s friends said. He was sitting on the right side of the booth, with Mark, and Bernard was sitting alone on the left. Colin joined him there.

“What’s up guys?” Colin shook everyone’s hands and took off his glasses, slipping them into his breast pocket. “How was your week?”

“It was just as hectic as always…” Nathaniel begun, “…but you know what we love at the end of the week…” He paused to wink and the others burst out laughing, already getting the filthy joke, he was putting across. “…the sexy girls just waiting for us to come and bang.” He stood up and thrust his hips forwards two times before sitting back down.

“Oh!” They yelled together and gave each other high fives.

“As for me, the sex doesn’t have to wait until the end of the week, because the secretary is always in the office 24/7.” Mark also got on his feet, gave his own demonstration and the boys went crazy, going into another session of high fives.

Colin noticed Bernard who was not participating in their jubilation and asked. “What’s up with you Ben?”

Bernard heaved a sigh and gulped down his tequila. “The bitch got on my nerves again today at work.” He said as his head fell. “She totally ruined my mood man.” He grumbled and reached across the table to take Mark’s glass of scotch. In one sip, he drank it all.

“Whoa, man I feel sorry for you.” Mark shook his head.

“That bitch isn’t worth it. Maybe you should just change someone else.” Nathaniel suggested.

“Hell no, man.” Bernard snapped and raised his head. “The new headquarters needs to be furnished to perfection to my dad’s taste. Do you think I would still be working with Brooke’s Decor if there were another good interior decorator in the country that could do the work much better than she can? Hell no, man!”

“Wait, what did I miss?” Colin asked, looking puzzled and Bernard sighed.

“You remember that new headquarters dad was building for the company?” Colin nodded and Bernard went ahead. “Well, it’s completed and we’re in the furnishing stage. My dad wanted the best interior decorator to get the job done, and someone recommended Brooke’s décor. Have you heard of them?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Good. Well the CEO is a woman, and she is making my work very difficult.”

Shannon arrived with Colin’s glass of scotch and placed it in front of him with a smile on her face. He did not notice it because he was interested in hearing about the Lady CEO Bernard was talking about.

“Shannon, get me a bottle of beer please.” Bernard ordered and went back to explaining. “She makes me work, like all the time and all she does, is sit in her office all day looking pretty.”

“If a woman is this tough, there’s only one question that comes to mind. Is she single?” Nathaniel asked, snapping his fingers.

Bernard nodded. “That’s what her secretary told me.”

“Bingo. Someone’s got to nail her, and I appoint Mark to do the job.” Nathaniel said.

“Why should I do it? Colin is around, why can’t he?” Mark was quick to reject the offer.

“Oh Mark, sweet Mark…” Bernard shook his head with a tsk. “That secretary has got you wrapped around her little finger hasn’t she?”

“That’s none of your business.” Mark snapped and they chuckled.

“You know why Colin can’t be appointed for this job, so don’t ask.” Nathaniel said.

“Guys, leave it alone.” Colin said. “I’m sure Miss Brooke is also under pressure. Who knows, she might be under more pressure than you think, because she is the head of the project. Just, let her be. Sex, won’t change anything.”

The boys looked at Colin as if he just said something stupid and then they burst out laughing. “Sex, won’t change anything?” Nathaniel gasped in disbelief, because he did not believe in that theory. “Sex changes everything, man. You have forgotten that because you do not have sex anymore. You have lost your touch, Colin. You do not have game anymore. I bet you wouldn’t be able to even score at Shannon.”

“Nathan, do you doubt my abilities? I think you have forgotten that back in the days, I used to get down with at least three girls in a day.” Colin boasted with a smirk.

“Yeah, that was back in the days.” Nathaniel rolled his eyes and added. “Now, you are like a nun in a convent. You don’t go out and don’t get involved in any sexual activities” A muscle in Colin’s jaw twitched and he placed his glass on the table with a bang.

“Whoa Nathan, I think you have crossed the line here.” Bernard warned.

“No, I haven’t. Colin just doesn’t have game anymore.”

That instant, Shannon arrived with Bernard’s beer and placed it in front of him. “Thanks Shan.” He smiled at her and she returned it, but quickly moved her gaze to a fuming Colin.

“You filthy bastard,” Colin spat and banged his hands on the table, while raising himself to glare at Nathaniel. “I accept your challenge. I will go after Miss Brooke and I will have her in my bed within two months.”

“Two months is a long time, make it one.” Nathaniel dared and he groaned.

“One month it is. I will show you how the game is played and prove to you that I still got game_ bitch.” With that, he stood up, threw some money on the table and then headed for the door.

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