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Viola Evans. She was a simple and kind 18 year old girl who loved her life and enjoyed it with her family and friends. Until the most horrifying thing happens to her, leaving her empty and scared and shattered. What would she do to survive, living with this, constantly giving her nightmares and panic attacks. Will the boy who loves her be able to bring her back or will he end up losing the love of his life to depression and madness?? Will she ever be able to move on or will she forever consider herself alone and TARNISHED? Read on to find out. (Warning: Mature Content)

Drama / Mystery
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His hand slowly crept up my thigh, that menacing and devilish look was on his face. The crooked smile he gave me sent waves of fear through my body. I struggled against his hold, fighting for my life knowing that to give up was not an option. His huge palm held my hands down as his nails dug into my wrists. I painfully screamed, praying someone out there would hear me. Tears fell on my cheeks and flowed into my hair.

How did this happen? Why did fate play such a horrible game on me. I wasn’t even supposed to be here if it wasn’t for my loyalty. My foolishness and my naïve trust. I hated myself for being so weak and fragile. My arms ached with his weight and my back hurt as the jagged edge of the dumpster pressed into my spine.

“Please, don’t do this. I beg you. Please.” I looked at him in the eye, pleading him to let me go. He grinned and licked my neck, his pungent and foul smell filled my nostrils, making me gag. The alcohol in his breath made me choke as he pulled away, hovering over me.

“Well love where is the fun in that.” He smirked as his eyes roamed my body and I felt sick and dirty. I knew exactly what he wanted to do and I couldn’t let him. He can’t touch me I told myself as those horrifying thoughts entered my mind. I struggled under his weight trying to wiggle my hands out. He just enjoyed watching me struggle and kept tightening his hold. As he came down on me again with those lust filled eyes, I panicked and instinctively raised my leg and kicked him in the gut with all the strength I could muster.

“Oaf.” He whispered as I bit down on his hand, sinking my teeth deep, drawing blood. He yelled and finally let me go. I ran away from him trying to gain as much distance as possible between us. The dark alley ahead, made me scared and I couldn’t see anything in front of me except blackness. I ran blindly but I didn’t see any light or a person to ask for help. I had no clue what time it was but there was that small hope in the back of my mind that maybe someone would come looking for me. As I turned at every corner, I prayed to see some sign of help. I heard him behind me as he yelled, screaming curse words at me. He was gaining on me and so I pushed my legs to run faster. As I turned at the next corner, my hopes sank and my eyes took in the sight in front of me. A big wall loomed above trapping me in this hellhole. I hit the wall in desperation begging it to just fall away and disappear.

" No no no. This can’t be happening. Oh god please please no.” I cried banging my fists on the wall, not caring as my hands and nails began to bleed. I kicked and hit the wall in desperation, as my resolve slowly dulled away.

“Well well, aren’t you just the runner.” he said in a heavy French accent, as he came up behind me. I felt so small under his huge figure, his 6′ 4" height made me shrink in fear but as he stalked towards me, my adrenaline kicked in and I tried to run around him by dodging him. He must have known my move because he shot his hand out and grabbed me from the waist lifting me above the ground, his arm jamming my insides. An agonizing pain surged through out my body and my breath came out in heaves. But not willing to give up I took a long breath and yelled loudly straining my chords. “HELP. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP.” I fought his hold but he wouldn’t budge. He threw me on the hard concrete floor and my hip stung as it hit the floor. Pain flooded my body again but forced myself to ignore it. Before I could lift myself up, he pushed me down with his body and the weight knocked the air out from my lungs.

“Ohh I always loved a fighter. It gives me a kick.” He snorted as his hands roamed my body in hunger. His touch made my skin burn and as he squeezed my breasts with his hard hand I felt so disgusted. I screamed again loudly, feeling my voice slowly drift away until only small whispers escaped my mouth. There was no one to help me. No one to hear me, no one to save me. This can’t be it. Please this can’t be it. If this was a dream then I wanted to wake up, this nightmare was eating me alive. Please please wake up I begged to myself.

I didn’t see the slap come as it struck my face, his spiked ring cutting my lip and cheek. My head shook in pain and I lost my sight for a few seconds. “Shut up. There is no use screaming love, no one can hear you.” he laughed, as he choked my neck with his huge hands.

“You’re only making this worse for yourself.” he whispered near my ear as he pressed down on me harder. I felt my air slowly slip away as his other hand lifted my dress and pulled down my underpants. I felt weak, sick and dirty. He still held my neck, making my breath come out in a ragged rhythm. I watched with blurry eyes as he unhooked his pants and took out his huge member. His fingers plunged into my core painful as he stroked his member. His fingers painfully widened my entrance and I tried to yell but nothing but shallow gasps came out from my mouth. The tears on my face dried up as there was no more left to shed. I felt empty, hollow and broken.

I scratched his hand which was pressing my throat and tried to lift my head up. He pushed my head into the ground roughly and as my cheek connected with the hard floor it cracked open and blood gushed out into my hair and on the ground. It hurt everywhere and the impact caused my head to explode in an excruciating pain. I saw him push my legs apart and I felt exposed and so vulnerable but my mind didn’t register anything. I willed myself to bring my legs together but they just wouldn’t move. No mater what, I couldn’t move my body. It felt as if my mind had no control on my body anymore. He entered me, forcefully thrusting his member into my core tearing it, but all I felt was numbness. The throbbing in my head, the ache I had felt on my body, his painful thrusts didn’t hurt. I felt absolutely nothing. I looked up at the night sky as a single tear escaped my eye and trailed down on my tear stained face as I watched the dull moon fade above me into the black background. My body moved in a fast rhythm and I could hear his grunts and moans slowly become distant until everything was silent. I turned to the side watching my blood flow in the ground forming a thin track away from my face. A part of me was thankful that the pain wasn’t there and stayed still waiting for it all just stop.

My life flashed in front of my eyes but I couldn’t register it as I felt my senses fade away. I didn’t fight it and willingly gave in to the darkness, closing my eyes wishing to never open them again.

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