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Twilight Rouge: The Awakening (1/5)

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Ashely Turner has never seen a full moon due to her father's overprotective nature. Refusing her birthright, to let her most animalist instincts to take over. To keep her becoming the one thing she was always met to be a werewolf. As her eighteen birthday draws near it's her final chance for her to break free from her father's control and experience the freedom she's always wanted or risk losing her connection to her inner wolf forever.

Drama / Romance
Tiffany B.
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Another Day

POV: Ashely

As I felt the cool breeze against my skin, I ran with every ounce of my physical being. Everything looked blurry as I picked up my second wind the hairs on my neck stood up as I could hear the call of the full moon leading me, taunting me to unleash the animal within finally. As the howls of others filled the night sky, I wasn't the only one affected by this taunting, but I had to focus on getting there before anybody else. The thick forest fog and trees made it nearly impossible for me to reach it any other night, but this felt different, this felt like instinct finally taking over. Along the lines of running towards the mountain's peak, I didn't even realize I was on all fours; my body was slowly warping itself with my dark brown hair. I could feel my nails grow into claws while I climbed up the side of the mountain, and when I finally reached the top there, it was the full moon at its' highest peak. It looked so close I could practically touch it. I looked around before slowly walking up to it, completely turned into the one thing I always meant to be a werewolf.

"This is it! I'm finally going to turn!" I thought to myself

After a deep breath, I finally did it. I howled at the moon becoming a full-blooded werewolf, but before I could celebrate, I heard a low growl behind me. I quickly turned around, and once I did, those eyes had me locked in a trance. Those deep endless dark green emerald eyes slowly getting closer and closer piercing through me, making my heart race with every step, without a second thought I stepped backward, sliding off the mountain falling into the deep dark abyss.




"HUUUUUUUUUUUU Shut Upppp!!! Five more minutes," I groaned slamming my alarm clock off

I threw my pillow over my head and prepared for the worst, my dad. Right on schedule, not even a second after throwing my pillow over my head, he's already "knocking," aka kicking down my door. Trying his hardest to get me out of bed to no result since we've been doing this for as far as I could remember. After hearing him quit and go downstairs, I stayed in bed, weighing my options if I want to go back to school as the only person who hasn't gone through the right of passage or participated in mating season or anything werewolf related but if I didn't, she'd get pissed. After rolling out of bed, taking a shower, dealing with my mane-like hair. I changed my clothes and met with my dad downstairs, and of course, it was uncomfortable breakfast, and the car ride to school was no better.

"Hey? HEY!? Are you even listening to me?" He asked

I slid off one of my only forms of salvation off my ears as a random mixer of songs came blasting out my headphones, "Three o 'clock. That's all I heard," I said

"Look, I know, I've been a bit overbearing." He started

"A bit overbearing is an understatement, dad. You're keeping me from my birthright for Christ's sake!" I shouted

"I'm just looking out for your best interests; you know that, especially since what happened with your mother." He started

"You act like she's dead," I said

"She walked out on us," He said

"And you act like she doesn't exist," I said

"And she doesn't. Simple as that, I'm ending this conversation right now," He said

"Fine," I said

"Remember I'm going to pick you up at...

"Three o'clock. I know. I know." I said putting my headphones back on

I felt restless and numb, staring out the window the entire time as everything flew by. Tree after tree with only a few shops in the middle, once we did finally stopped at the school, I couldn't wait to see him off.

"Bye, Dad," I waved off before rolling my eyes and looking around, "Where is that girl?" I muttered before getting tackled to the ground

"Biiiiiiitch, I thought you weren't gonna show up." She said straddling me

"I was thinking about it, but can you get your over hyperactive ass off me?" I asked

"Nah. I feel oddly comfortable." She replied sitting up

"Oddly comfortable? Is that code for being a hoe all summer long?" I questioned

"Jealous much?" She asked

"Jazz. I will hurt you; you know this bitch." I said

"Fine. Fine. Fine." She said, helping me up, "So what have you been up to all summer other than being held hostage by your dad." She said while we walked inside

"Oh, you know. Besides throwing a bitch fit single full moon ever since the house is on lockdown and I can't get out to turn, meeting potential husbands since my dad doesn't believe in mates, and trying not to lose my mind scholarship independence and my connection to my wolf all in one go around. Nothing much." I answered, "What about you? You dyed your hair again, so who's the new guy?" I asked stopping at my locker for a few things switching out my headphones for earbuds

"Do I make it that obvious?" She asked

"Last time it was blonde because you were trying to get with some random Beta. Then it was brown for a month because you wouldn't stop drooling over an Alpha and now it's red. So, who's the new flavor of the month?" I asked

"Well trick if you must know. There's a new guy who just moved here from the capital, and I'm trying to get dibs before one of these other girls stink their dirty ass teeth into him." She said

"Yeah. Well good luck with that slut, see you in seventh period," I said walking to class

"Not my fault your dad is a control freak!" She yelled through the door of my homeroom class before running down the hall.

I sat there in my seat with one of my earbuds in and my notebook acting like I was taking notes, but in reality, I was writing out my dream into a story. The monotone sound of the teachers' voices faded together into one endless loop. The classroom of interchangeable students made it seem like time itself was fast-forwarding around me. I could care less as long as I made it to seven-period to be with my bestie nothing else mattered. I made my way through halls with only the intention of just surviving the day, but one bump changed everything.

"Oh, I'm sorry, allow me to get that for you." His said leaning down to get the papers

His voice sounded husky and slightly deeper than the rest of the guys in school, but I just ignored it, "No, I got it. I'm running late anyway," I said quickly grabbing everything I could

"I'm new here I kind of got myself lost. This place is huge compared to my last school." He said

I paid little to no attention to his ramblings while picking up the last few papers, "Yeah. Well, I gotta go," I said shoving everything into my backpack before walking away

"Hey. Hey!" He shouted before grabbing my wrist, "Can I at least get your name?" He asked

"Will you let go of me? I gotta get to class." I said

"You should at least Look at the people who are talking to you." He said with a slight growl

"And why the fuck should I do...That?" I fell speechless

His dark black slick back hair perfectly complemented his lightly tan skin, but what got my attention was those deep dark green emerald eyes. They were locked on mine while he stood up muscular yet tone from a firm grip of my wrist to a gentle hold of my hand in his. This wasn't normal, I'm used to being told to do random stuff by dominants before, but I'd just ignore them or tell them to piss off and show my own form of dominance, but this felt completely different. The tone in his voice was a force to be reckoned with it demand audience attention. It demands control. It demands power. It demands my complete and udder obedience. He wasn't just another werewolf. He wasn't just another dominant. He was something I never thought I'd encounter.

"An Alpha," I muttered softly

"Good. Now that you know exactly what you're dealing with. Can you help me?" He asked

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