Twilight Rouge: The Awakening (1/5)

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POV: Leon

I couldn't sleep lying in bed all night staring at the ceiling thinking about her; her smile, her laugh, and the way her eyes lit up and everything in between. I had to see her again. I sat up to look around, glancing at Trevor knocked out in bed after a long day getting his teeth knocked out his mouth by Alpha Black for running away from some crazed girl. It was great not getting yelled at or getting called a failure for once. When they questioned me about where the hell I was, I just said I was library blowing off steam, and with Ash's scent all over me, it seemed to line up with my story. Still, I'd kill to have another moment with her, so I got up, made my way outside, and shifted.

Let's see her.

I raced around for a while without much thought going off basic instinct, my connection drew me to her, and I remember her scent as if it still lingered on me. I came face to face with the three-story mansion. I saw her walking around her room, still wearing my jacket and shorts appear to be dancing around her room. Even in my wolf form, I couldn't help but smile and giggle before turning human picking up a pebble and throwing it at her window. After throwing the third pebble, she finally opened up the window.

"What The Hell Are You Doing Here?!" She asked looking around

"I...I had to see you again. Can I come up?" I asked

Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes. Please, for the love of God, say yes!!!

"Maybe for a second, but you have to keep quiet." She replied

Fuck Yes!!

I instantly made my way to a drainpipe and climbed up it until I made my way to the roof of the car garage. I casually walked across the roof before hopping on the first-floor roof of the house, walking up to her window before jumping up to grab the frame and pulling myself inside well falling inside.

"Are you okay?" She asked with a slight giggle

I rubbed my head, "Yeah, I'm much better now since I'm here with you." I said

"Did you have to see me that bad?" She asked sitting down beside me

"Did you have to keep wearing my jacket?" I asked

She blushed and pulled the jacket closer to herself, "It's comfortable and warm and well...I like it, okay!" She said

"Yeah, I know you do. I saw what you did earlier with the whole walking away from your dad. How...did you feel?" I asked

"Oh My God! I never did anything like that before in my entire life. It felt like a two-ton weight was off of my shoulders for the first time in my life, but then I came home." She said, leaning her head on my shoulder, "He has no clue what's good for me." She muttered

"What about me? Am I good for you?" I asked

"Why would you even ask me that?" She asked, holding my hand, "You're the only thing that makes sense to me lately." She said

I kissed her forehead before sitting my head on top of hers, "Do you want me to stay the night?" I asked

"You're getting too comfortable, and you know what that means." She said getting up, "You should go." she said

"Okay, okay. Maybe I jumped the gun, sorry for the record I wasn't playing on doing anything. I swear." I said getting up and moving out the window

"Sure. You weren't." She said before kissing my cheek, "Goodnight, Leo." She said

I lost my grip and fell on the roof with a smile on my face. She looked out the window worried about me, but I said I was okay. After flipping off the roof and shifting, I never felt more alive. I just wanted to run to howl to fucking fly if I could until I was tackled to the ground.

"What the fuck did you think you were doing without me?" Trevor growled

"Visiting someone now, get the hell off me!" I growled kicking him off me

He landed against a tree before shaking and shifting off his confusion. I shifted to avoid doing more damage to him. I walked over and offered him a hand only for him to slap it away.

"Like I'd want your help, Rogue," He said

"You know what? Being a Rogue isn't all that bad," I said

"What the fuck is wrong with you? You are an Alpha, the leader of a pack, a fucking somebody, and you're refusing to live up to everything you're supposed to be." He said

"Everything I was supposed to be." I sighed, laying on the ground staring at the sky, "Everybody had some great expectations of me, and I let them all down in one single fuck up, they didn't even try to hear me out. I was thrown out without any remorse, but at least I learned how fast people changed even my mother wanted me out. You're the lucky one." I said

"How am I lucky? I'm a weakling a loser, and I had to mark Miley just to be seen as something other than some strategist. No one had any expectations of me, and they still don't," He said

"And that's the best part of it. Without living up to someone else's expectations, you create your own, and you become the person you want to be. All of this is your choice, something I didn't have when I'd be thinking about the entire pack in mind. Every single one of my choices personally affected everyone around me. So...that one choice caused me everything." I said

"What happened?" He asked

"I'd rather not go into that honestly, but there are rules specifically made for Aphlas, we have to follow these rules to the Tee. No matter what happens, no matter if we disagree with it and it doesn't matter if someone got hurt. You must follow the rules no matter what," I said

"Who's the girl you're obsessing over?" He asked

"Well, you know that girl that was covered in paint?" I asked

"Yeeeaahh??" He said, "Wait. Did she know what's going on with us?" He asked

"Well, yes and no. I'm in love with her best friend, so that girl asked me did I need a distraction to get you off my back so I could see her and well...did you pissed yourself on the way out?" I asked

"I swear if you tell anybody in the fucking house that happened, I will kill you. Like in your sleep slowly and painfully as humanly possible." He said

"Wow. I'll keep your secret if you tell everybody that you came out here with me for a walk. Leave her out of this completely, just a walk in the woods. Deal?" I asked

"I guess so, but you know you can't go out on your own anymore. Black would fucking kill me if he found out about this, and I have no clue how Miley would react." He said getting up, "We gotta go before everybody else wake up," He said

"Yeah. You're right, let's get out of here." I said

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