Twilight Rouge: The Awakening (1/5)

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Full moon Fallout

POV: Ashely

In the next few days, Leon made sure to stay by my side even when my dad would drop me off at school. As soon as I walked through the door, he'd put his arm around me and walk with me to class. Leon opened up more and made sure that he was around every time I needed him. I never thought he has this soft, warm side to him, but I knew he was hiding something from me. When I'd question him about his past, he'd open up on minor things, but he wouldn't go into full detail. I asked him why he was kicked out of the pack he stated that there was a disagreement and he had to take the fall, but he wouldn't go further than that. Even though the details are vague, I still developed some form of trust and understanding of him, and he understood me.

"Sooo...the full moon is coming up. Got any plans?" He asked

"You know what's gonna happen my dad is gonna trap me in again," I said

"You wanna know what I'm going to do?" He asked

"Not really but I'm sure you're gonna tell me anyway," I said

"I'm going to be spending the entire week trying my fucking hardest to bust you out of there," He said

"You're serious?" I asked

"Of course. You said your dad had a lot of security blocking all the exists even the windows maybe I could...I don't know bust down the walls and free you from that hell hole," He said, "Oh yeah, I'm done with the painting by the way, and I think it's my best work. Come check it out." He said taking a step back admiring his handy work

I stopped writing to walk over by his side, and the color patterns of the beauty that was in every brushstroke, and the smallest tiniest of details were there. I couldn't believe it was me staring at out the window with that glow and shine, and yet my eyes so darken and black it was almost like I was soulless, but my reflection showed the light golden caramel color that was always there. I was smiling on the opposite side, and I was happy and alive like the person I wanted to be.

"This is beautiful," I said staring at the painting

"This is you," He said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and kissing my cheek, "I swear I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy," He whispered in my ear

"You shouldn't come by tonight," I said

"Why not? I like sneaking over other than that I made it a habit to see you before bed to help me sleep," He said rocking me gently in his arms

"To help you sleep?" I asked

"Well yeah. I can't sleep you're miserable so I can at least make sure you smile and laugh before bed," He said

"Well, not tonight. The full moon starts today, and I don't want you to get hurt," I said

"Yeah, right. I'm still coming," He said

"Didn't you hear me? I don't want you to come other than that you won't be able to come in any way the house will be on lockdown." I said

"More reason for me to see the layout and what kind of security I'll be going up against. Everything will be fine; trust me." He said

"Not for me," I muttered

Trust me when I say I am honestly sorry for what happens next.

"Get The Fuck Out Of Here!" I shouted throwing a lamp across the room

My rampage was already starting, and it was barely even sunset. My father was ducking and dodging the random things I was throwing across the room. Screaming my head off while feeling like my brain was going to explode. I hated this with every fiber of my being. It wasn't me, all this yelling, throwing things, taking things off the walls to destroy it, and punching everything in sight. I hated losing my composure, so to lose complete control like this wasn't even fair to me. The sun was completely gone. The walls and windows were all covered with solid steel. I couldn't even look out the window; meanwhile, my father, on the other hand, is already outside shifting freely without any regard for how I feel. I spent the night ramming myself against the metal, trying to bust through breaking my shoulder only to run around on my hands and feet to one of the windows. Trying to lift it, scratching at it until my nails and fingertips bleed before trying to ram down the wall at the front door again.

Let me out.

Let Me Out!


Please let me out. I can't...I can't do this anymore.

Someone. Anyone. Please help me.


When I finally woke up the next morning, I was exhausted than ever before. My eyes felt heavy like I was crying all night my fingers were unless my shoulders felt broken, and my dad was nowhere in sight. I somehow managed to crawl my way off the floor, making my way to my room only to see those solid steel walls still up, blocking the doors and windows. I laid in bed thinking that no one was coming and that last night was pointless. Eventually, the walls were slowly moving down, and the light from the sun blinded my eyes.

"Great can't even get any sleep after the shit storm last night," I muttered throwing the covers over my head

I heard something from downstairs almost like a door opening and closing before the footsteps and creaks of the stairs replaced it. I tightly closed my eyes, thinking that it was just my dad hoping he wouldn't come in the room after his night of living freely as a wolf. I could hear the footsteps growing louder and louder as my door was open and closed.

"Hey. Are you okay, Ash?" Leon asked carefully pulling the cover off me

"I just wanna sleep. Please let me sleep." I said softly

He got in bed and gently held me stroking my hair and back, "I waited. I heard you on the other side sounded like you were crying in wolf form. That howl, it was painful." He softly said

"You were here this whole time?" I asked

"I told you I wasn't going anywhere and that I'd help you get out of here. Get some sleep you need your rest." He softly said

I didn't know why I felt the need to cry, but having him here with me was the best thing I could ever ask for, along the lines of crying, I fell asleep on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

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