Twilight Rouge: The Awakening (1/5)

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POV: Leon

I'm getting tired of this guys shit.

I couldn't agree more with my better half. Turning around to him, gripping her arm like he was digging his venous claws into her. I told him exactly how I ended up in his mess over my mother; now, he should think long and hard about what I would do for her. She was once again frozen by him, and I understood why. I had no idea what he was capable of, but she did, and despite his mostly calm tone throughout the entire hour, we've all been trapped here talking I knew he was up to something.

"Why can't you just let her go?" I asked

"I wasn't done talking to my daughter Rogue," He said before directing his attention on her, "You know I did my best to put up with you. To give you the world on a silver fucking platter, but you are so damn ungrateful. Just like the bitch, you had the nerve to call your mother, and at this point, I don't see a goddamn difference between you two. Both of you selfish ungrateful don't know a good thing when it's right in your goddamn face," He said

"Don't talk about her like that. I don't care what you say about me, but you're not going to degrade her anymore, not while I'm around," I said

"Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up, already? You want her to stand on her own, right? Well, let me finish what I have to say," He said before directing his attention back on her, "You see if you leave this house, don't bother coming back. I will disown you. I will forget you. You will be a stranger to me like you never existed, you understand me?" He asked

She nodded, "Yes. I understand," She replied

"Now make your fucking choice," He said

Her eyes darted back and forward between him and me, and while he finally let her go, she had a choice to make. Give up everything to be with me or stay with her father. She was weighing her options and being honest; I didn't blame her. This was a choice I'd kill to have with my case, not to mention I don't have anything to offer but my love and time since even my name doesn't also mean anything anymore. I know she deserves better than me even her asshole father knew that much, but did she know that too, or was she living in this moment with me? I've never felt this strongly connected to someone before and yet so unworthy despite my birth status, I was nothing, and I had nothing but a few bucks and a bike to call my own. I watched her turn around and went back into the house while her father felt high and mighty about getting in her head.

I hope you'll be happy one day, Ash.

As I turned towards the forest, something was telling me not to move. My wolf, maybe? Something clicked I turned around to see her with a bag over her shoulder and a sadden but a light smile on her face. She walked up to her father and hugged the man.

"I'm sorry it had to be this way, but just know whenever you want to make things right I'm always available," She said while backing away

"Get The Fuck Out My Sight RIGHT NOW!" He roared

"Good-bye, Dad. I love you," She said before walking over to me, "I'm ready,"

I stared at her completely stunned speechless and just in awe of her. She grabbed my hand and led us this time to the forest. We didn't talk. We didn't even shift. We just walked for a while, actually without a destination in mind. Away from the howling wolves from the sounds of the small city away from everything and everyone because at that moment, nothing matter to both of us expected each other.

We eventually found this cabin in the middle of the forest. It was an old fixer-upper that's for sure, but it was a place that was forgotten about for a while. After I busted down the door, most of the important things we'd need were barely intact and in working condition. While I went out to grab some wood and bring it to the house, she made a fire. Staring at the flickering flame, her mind was in a whole other world.

Say something to her; she's obviously shaken up by this.

I sat down beside her watching the fire, "How are you holding up?" I asked

"I don't know honestly," She said

"Why? I mean, you could've been happier with someone who could give you a lot more than I could've, so why choose me?" I asked

"I didn't. I chose a chance to be myself with him. I'd never had that choice, but with you, I could be anything. Even myself if I want to," She said hugging her knees to her chest

I pulled her on my lap holding her carefully to me once I did I could tell she started to relax, "This isn't gonna be easy for either one of us. You do realize that, right?" I asked

"We have each other; we'll be fine, I can tell. Just got to be patient," She said

" you know everything about why I was kicked out of my pack," I said

"The Alpha's gone mad attacking a member of his council when his people question his leadership and his father's legacy," She muttered before looking me in the eyes, "I'm sorry that happened to you,"

"It's not your fault. I was blinded by rage even to see let alone think it was all set up," I said

"Did she slap you after you tried to protect her?" She asked

"Yeah. She...changed after my father's passing. We're not as close as we once were when he was alive. Sometimes I feel like she blames me for it. I know she doesn't mean too but still...," I said staring at the fire

"When I told you I wouldn't hurt you like that, did you believe me?" She asked

"I...I'll say this I do want to believe you as much as I do but my mother the actual victim in all of this turned her back on me. How could I ever recover from that?" I asked

"You either confront it, move past it, or forget it. I hated how my fath...Marcus, I hated how he treated me, but throughout my life, he was there. He still raised me, and even though his control over me wasn't exactly ideal, it came from an honest place. At least that's what I think. Maybe it just the Stockholm syndrome speaking. I wish I knew more about him and my mother before I was born. She's not dead, but he always made it seemed like she was and maybe a part of him just left when she did," She said

A broken giggle came out of nowhere, "Look at the mess we are. Maybe this is why we're so connected our problems reflect each other like two sides of the same coin," I said laying back on the floor

"Well since you helped me with my problem maybe I could help with yours," She said putting her head on my chest

I glanced down at those light brown caramelized eyes filled with a future that I'd desperately wanted to be apart of; as she got closer and placed a light kiss on my lips. I sat up, pulling her legs around my waist before going for another deeper longer kiss.

I can't hold back anymore. I gotta have her.

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