Twilight Rouge: The Awakening (1/5)

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POV: Ashely

I want him. I need him just as much as he had to have me.

A simple light kiss turned into one of pure raw passion. His hands tucked under my shirt to feel my skin and push me closer to him. A once closed mouth kiss turned into something tastier as our tongues tangle around each other. I didn't want him to pull away, but he did pulling my lower lip with him before kissing down my skin once again. I pulled at his shirt before he helped me take it off. I swallowed my nerve staring at some of the scars that covered his chest, tracing over them with my fingertips, sending a shiver down his spine. He tilted my head up away from my canvas before planting one of the lightest kisses on my lips. He slowly lifted my shirt with his other hand while stroking my cheek with his free hand. He stopped lifting my shirt right underneath my beast before leaning into my ear.

"Are you really going to make me do all the work here?" He whispered in my ear

"Maybe," I said

Those intense green eyes hid vulnerability watching me take off my shirt. It wasn't until now that I realized it took a lot for him to be patient, and it was finally paying off. Piece by piece, we stripped each other bare admiring and tasting each other skin. My legs placed around his waist after we got each other's jeans off my back pinned against the floor lightly moaning, feeling him grind against me through his boxers and my panties. His pace seemed a lot slower than I expected, most likely for my sake. He sat up, staring at my body for a moment, taking in everything before kissing literary every inch of skin he could see until he started to feel over my panties.

"Are you sure about this? I want to make sure this is my Ash, not the wolf, just taking over. I really want you to be sure that you want this," He said looking at me

I sat up, kissing him deeply, pulling him back down to the floor with me, "I want you, Leo. Please stop holding back when I know you're capable of so much more," I whispered near his lips

"Holding back? More like showing restraint, I don't want to hurt you at least not yet," He said

Not yet?

I didn't have much time to think about it with his fingers rubbing me; he pulled his hand out, looking at his fingers before sucking them clean. His primal undertones were taking over, especially with that devious smile on his face, he pulled down my panties off with his teeth before staring at me, licking his lips with anticipation.

"Leo, don't st..."

I wasn't able to finish my sentence before the feel of his tongue took my breath away. He was licking over every crevice, making me moan before I felt it slide inside me. He was licking me intending to devour me. After a light release, he took his tongue out, replacing it with his finger.

"So sweet," He quietly said before going back for more

"Leo...," I whined

He added another finger, and his pace started to speed up, making me squirm. He was relentless lifting my waist off the floor, sliding his fingers deeper, gently pushing down on my abdomen. The pressure was building up in my body, feeling like it was on fire. If he kept going at this pace, I was going to explode.

"Le...Le...Leo I...I think...I'm gonna," I started in between gasps of air just as he pulled out his fingers

His hand was completely covered, "You made a mess you're ready," He said

"Ready?" I asked

"Just tell me if it's too much, okay?" He said

I nodded slowly before hissing at the feel of him entering inside of me. My body ceased up while he went deeper way pass the length of his fingers. There was a slight moan under his breath, only pausing to make sure I was okay. After another second, he was entirely inside. He rubbed over my skin, trying to get me to relax.

"You okay? You were squirming a lot," He said

"It's okay," I said trying to relax

He slowly started to move his hips very slowly and carefully; eventually, he moved faster. I was moving faster. We were rolling around, trying to pin each other down kissing biting, demanding more of each other a taste a feel anything. After him biting my neck made me claw at his back, he pinned my arms behind head and only went harder deeper and faster than ever before. Once again, the pressure was building up his pace only had gotten faster, making moan and scream out with each thrust.

"Le...Le...Le-," I started just as he kissed me

We ended up climaxing together; my body trembled after taking in so much. He rolled on his back while we took some time to catch our breath.

"That was....holy fuck," He softly said, glancing over at me, "Are you okay?"

"Okay? That was amazing you're amazing," I said

"Well, you have this way of bringing out the best in me," He said

I turned to my side, facing him, "Leon?" I said watching he turn on his side

"Yeah?" He asked

"Can...can we go slow this time?" I asked

"As you wish, beautiful," He said

The morning after was hazy but in a good way. I've never felt a pleasurable numbing experience before, but then I notice it was quiet. I opened my eyes to the sunlight creeping inside, and I was alone in this cabin. I put on my jacket and some shorts before digging around my bag looking for a water bottle or some kind of food, hoping he'd just come back soon.

"Morning beautiful I got us breakfast," Leon said sitting down in front of me

"Good because I'm starving," I said, sitting on his lap looking through what he got, "Did you go all the way in town for this? We have no idea how far out we are," I said before drinking some water

"Well yeah, and I kind of do. I thought I saw this cabin on my way here while I was looking for somewhere to stay," He said

"What's it like living at the packhouse? Hardly anybody goes there unless something good or terrible is happening and normally its the ladder," I said before stuffing a pancake in my mouth

"It's not that bad, but results may vary depending on your statues. Alpha Black is a good leader though he'd take you in with open arms," He replied

"Well, what about you? How were you welcomed?" I asked

"Ummmmm...Trevor was my probation officer. I was on a strict schedule, and for a while, I had to earn a place here," He said, rubbing his head, "But it's fine now, I guess. Having you around makes things easier," He said

"You know I meant it when I said you were capable of so much more like you hit a rough patch sure, but you can't get any lower, can you?" I asked

"Since I've been with you I don't even know if I want to keep fighting knowing I have the option to start all over," He said



I shook my head, getting up, "That's insane. You know that, right?" I asked

"I mean, what's so crazy about it? I get you. I get a second chance at a life I could've had. I'm not being forced into doing anything. I can live without the pressure of an entire pack to look after. A chance to be my own man," He said getting up

"But you're not. You have a responsibility to look after your people," I said

"The same people who turned their backs on me the first chance they got?" He asked

"Yes! They're your family you can't just turn your back on them because of one bad choice," I said

"Even though they did that to me, I have to be the bigger man and the bigger wolf well I'm tired of that. That didn't get me anywhere but here. Bowing at some else's feet bowing at another wolf's paws forcing me to give up birthright and have me run away from everything I once knew. I'm tired of caring, so is there any point of trying to begin with?" He asked

"What does your wolf think about it? Surrendering just giving up? Wasting away the best part of yourself. Why?" I asked

"Because I don't know if this is what I want to be. I didn't have a choice in this, but now I do, and I don't know if this is something I can choose for myself," He said

They really did hurt him. An Alpha that's been damned by his people.

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