Twilight Rouge: The Awakening (1/5)

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POV: Leon

I didn’t exactly know where I was going or where I wanted to be. I’ve been riding around on my motorcycle for days, maybe even weeks looking for someplace that would take me in. But no one wants an Alpha that was forced out of his pack. Yeah. I was a Rogue Alpha, not the first in history but the first in centuries. Eventually, I met up with a distant family member on my father’s side who took me in but in return, I had to renounce my birthright as an Alpha in front of his by bowing down at his feet and paws, and it was the most degrading thing I have ever had to do. It honestly made me sick for a week, but I was still young. I knew I could reclaim my birthright at some point, just not now. Now I had to focus on the school a year was taken from me, so I had to make up my senior year before I could continue with my plan to clear my name. I found myself at the second largest and most elitist school ever known, Preston Preparatory Academy.

“This is gonna be a pain in the ass,” I mumbled while walking inside

As soon as I stepped inside, all the attention was placed on the blonde hair guy that walked in with me. I didn’t mind it, but people were ignoring me altogether. It was like I had some fatal disease.

“Did I stank?” I questioned smelling my arms before shrugging it off

The rest of the day was me getting lost, showing up late to classes, introducing myself to people who could care less about my existence, and being a nobody among the rest of the student body. I knew things would be different after I gave up everything, but this was a new low. I just wanted to find one of my last classes, after glancing over at one of the school maps before I crashed into her. Her dark brown hair tied into a ponytail. She was small, but I could tell the thick clothes she had on hid the curves of her body structure to bring less attention to herself. And then her eyes, her dark brown eyes, void of any emotion any life and any passion. She stared right past me as if I was transparent; I tried to start up a conversation while picking up her stuff, but her distant responses only pissed me off. The fact she wasn’t even trying to look at me only pissed me off even more because despite everyone trying to avoid talking to me, at least they acknowledge my presence. They saw me, so why didn’t she?

“Well, I gotta get to class.” She stated

“Hey. Hey!” I shouted before grabbing her wrist, “Can I at least get your name?” I asked

“Will you let go of me? I gotta get to class.” She said

So goddamn arrogant.

“You should at least Look at the people who are talking to you,” I said with a slight growl

“And why the fuck should I do...That?” She asked falling speechless

She stared at me, unable to look away, and for some reason, I could see it. A spark that desperately wanted to be a flame, yearning for excitement, a desire to be wanted, to be needed to break free, and sadness that touched my very core as if she’s experiencing the same pain I have, but I had to keep a straight face. While I stood up and gotten closer to her, she lightly trembled like she was terrified to say anything else.

“An Alpha,” She muttered under her breath

I was shocked to hear those words fall from her lips and so easily said maybe it was the way I carried myself or the tone in my voice. Still, there’s no way she’d know that unless she knew everything else that happened, but I had to play it cool.

“Good. Now that you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Can you help me?” I asked

“Wi...will you let me go?” She asked

I let go of her and backed away, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just aggravated, trying to find this class.” I said

She took my schedule right out of my hands looking at it as if not a second ago she wasn’t scared of me, “Follow me,” She said, leading the way, “And by the way, I wasn’t scared, okay? I just never been around a wolf so powerful, that’s all. It threw me off.” She said

“Heh. I’m sure it did.” I mocked with a smirk

“Who the hell are you anyway? I heard a new student was coming in from the capital, but I thought it was that blonde-haired fuck boy.” She said

“The name is Leon. I’m from the capital but due to some complications I had to come here,” I said

“Was it your pack?” She asked

“Let’s just say my family isn’t as great as everybody else would think it is, and I’d appreciated it if you’d drop all the Alpha stuff. ” I said

“Don’t want anyone else to know about it? Okay. Well, here you are, two-ten. Try not to fall asleep during Miss Johnson’s lectures; the bitch can talk a mile a second and hardly repeats herself, so if you miss something, you’re fucked for the week.” She said making her way down the hall

“Hey! I still didn’t catch your name.” I said

“I never threw it at you, but here’s a hint.” She said throwing something in the air before walking away

When I caught it, I couldn’t help but laugh, “A Pokeball? Ash...very clever.” I said before heading into class

After two more classes, school was finally over, but I was a man on a mission, I had to see her again. I had to know more about her, but first I had to find her. Everybody seemed like they were in a hurry to escape this “captive imprisonment” and roam free outside the school walls. I stood near the stairs, leaning over the rail, trying to oversee everyone to at least get a glimpse of her from in the crowd, “Where is she?” I muttered to myself

“Where’s who?” A guy asked sneaking up behind me

“I’m looking for someone important, so if you don’t mind fucking off somewhere else?” I asked still looking over faces in the crowd

“You know I can’t do that. I’m under particular orders from Alpha Black, you know the man who allowed you to stay here after you were kicked out of your pack, so tell me who are you looking for?” He asked

Trevor was the blonde-hair “fuck boy” as she put it, that double as my probation officer and Alpha Black’s Delta. He was the youngest in the pack’s inner circle at seventeen years old. He somehow climbed through the ranks faster than any werewolf in recent history, and the fact that he marked Black’s daughter didn’t hurt him either. He wasn’t all that strong, but he was smarter than any other wolf when it came to a battle strategy.

“Well if you must know, she goes by Ash,” I said

“I haven’t met her, but some of these girls are falling at my feet, though. I kind of like it.” He said

“What about Miley?” I asked

“Just cause I marked her that doesn’t make it permanent, it’s just for the season, and besides, why have one when I can simple everything like her the red-head in the corner over there.” He pointed out, “I wonder who’s that girl she’s talking too. Maybe we could all be friends by the end of the fall,” He said, licking his lips with a smirk on his face.


I watched while the girls hugged, and while the redhead left, her friend turned around. It was her. I didn’t even think when I leaped over the staircase to catch up with her while she was running down the hall. I managed to hit the corner before she locked herself in a classroom. I peaked my head through the window to see it was an art studio. The inside looked pretty old like nobody hasn’t been in there for a while so I thought since its' been a while since I painted, “Maybe I could re-engine an old passion,” I mumbled under my breath

“Hey! HEY LEON! We have to go. You have to check in with Alpha Black,” Trevor said

“Yeah. I’m coming,” I said heading towards the exist

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