Twilight Rouge: The Awakening (1/5)

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The Room

POV: Ashely

The next couple of days were that same empty and numb feeling until I’d see him. He was a loner, that was okay since he didn’t mind it at all. Whenever we’d have a class together, he’d always sit behind me, and I could feel his green eyes piercing through me trying to read me, my movements, my thought process, the small things that I’d do without even noticing. He was trying to figure me out, but he never said a word unless he was told to do so. Everybody instantly wrote him off as just another weirdo, but I didn’t. I knew what he was, and no matter how badly I wanted to tell someone, I couldn’t like something was forcing my silence.

Was this the power of an Alpha?

“Helllloooo earth to Ash! Bitch, don’t make me bite you!” Jazz said

“I wish your dumbass would,” I said throwing a fry at her

“Come on. Who are you drooling over because you have a look in your eye like you trying to trap somebody.” She said

“Trying to trap somebody?” I repeated

“Well, let me rephrase it. You have a look in your eye like you’re ready finally hand over that V-card and join me in the slutty side of life," She said

“I doubt it,” I said looking around for him

“Yeah, right. Who are you looking for then, because I swear if I have to sniff him out, I might claim him,” She said

“You do that our friendship is over,” I instantly declared

“Woah. This guy must be something for you say something like that,” She said

“I’m sorry. It’s just I want to know more about him, but he’s I don’t know how to put it. I just know I feel something there, and I hope he does too.” I said rubbing my fingers through my hair

“Wow. I’ve heard of this, but I didn’t think it was legit.” She said

“Heard of what?” I asked

“Imprinting. An instant connection between lovers, it’s like one true love for werewolves. Some people say it can happen on sight,” She said

“But I don’t have a strong connection to my wolf,” I said

“You don’t have to, but this guy you’re getting soaked over could’ve just imprinted on you, and you can feel the same effects.” She said tossing a paper ball into a passing trash can

“Is that possible? Like how does it all work? Do you know?” I asked

“Easy girl. Ea-sy! Okay, I told you all I knew about the process, and they don’t exactly teach you this stuff in this cage. I’m sure you’ll figure it out you’re smarter than me,” She said

“Not really,” I said

“Yeah, try telling that to my fucking progress report. My parents would have brutally murdered me, thank God I don’t live with them anymore,” She said

“I can’t believe they got you an apartment after you turned for the first time,” I said getting up

“Yeah, well, dad said he wasn’t gonna get any sleep if I’m up all night fucking some random guy during full moons so...” She said dumping her tray

“You just nasty as fuck that’s all that is,” I said

“Yeah, well, at least I can get off on something other than two fingers and vibrating toothbrush.” She quickly replied

“Thank you for proving my point,” I said, slowly clapping my hands, “You slut bucket.”

“Hopefully, I gave your thirsty ass some ideas, and you can always picture that guy you’re drooling over on top of you putting in work.” She said before heading into class

Even though Jazz can be a little bit over the top, she was right about a few things. If I wanted to know more information, I had to find out about it on my own, so instead of heading to six-period, I went up to the library. Of course, it was quiet, a little too quiet, honestly. I knew libraries were an ancient civilization, I just like that it was always straight to the point with factual information I need, instead of being edited every three seconds because trolls disagreed. When I was looking through some of the books, I noticed a library assistant was following me around.

“Can I help find what you’re looking for?” He finally asked

He was very sheepish coy and shy like, it was like he’d rather be around books than people or so I thought.

“Umm...sure. I’m looking for something about imprinting,” I said

“You should know all about that. I mean, it’s in your DNA unless...” He started

“NonononevermindI’lljustgo,” I muttered through

“Check near best sellers. I’m positive you’ll find something there.” He said

“Aummm, thank you?” I said

While I was walking over, I couldn’t help but feel like he was staring at my ass. His tone of voice switched up to; it sounded a little more confident almost cocky the way he said it.

“I’m Positive you’ll find something there.”

What did he mean by that?

I thought to myself before shaking the notion out of my head, looking at a book titled The Dos and Don’ts of Hunting a Mate. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it was close enough. Once I tried to pull it off the shelf, another one beside it opened up to an underground staircase. I should’ve just turned around then, but curiosity had me, and this had my attention. Each step felt like I was descending deeper and deeper into a black void or hell itself. Sooner or later, I could soon hear music playing lights were flashing around in a rapid motion, and the smell of drugs clouded over everything. I couldn’t believe my eyes; humans werewolves, and some in between were all having sex. The endless moaning, groaning, and screams of painful yet pleasurable orgasms echoed one another, following up behind each other like a siren. I wanted to know more, so; I might as well look around for a second or two.

After an hour, I came back to the library, and the assistant was waiting at the exist, pretending to sack books until he saw me, “Heh. So did you learn some new tricks?” He asked with a slight smirk
I didn’t even answer; I just left thinking about everything I saw, smiling softly to myself. Would he touch me like that? Would he’d bite me like that? Would he taste me like that? The images of him at his most primal left my head spinning and my body demanding more.

“Fuuuuuck,” I muttered under my breath thinking about those deep green emerald eyes and the growl in his voice

“Ash ASH!” Jazz quietly said before hitting my arm

“Yeah! What?! What’s the question again?” I asked standing up trying my hardest to catch my breath

“What was Gatsby’s motivation for throwing such extravagant parties?”

“To be seen, of course. He wanted Daisy’s attention from across the lake in hopes she’d be curious or bored or excited enough to drop by. I’d probably be excited to see something as grand as that since staying trapped in a house where not even the love is going right with Tom’s adultery being the main cause of all these problems. Daisy should’ve just left with Gatsby instead of settling in my option.” I answered before sitting down covering my head

“Maybe you should take your advice and leave with your own J. Gatsby.” Jazz softly said, rubbing my back

She knew I wasn’t just talking about the story so, once class was over, she’d want to talk again, but I wasn’t in the mood. I headed straight into the art studio, locking myself inside before she could get even get a word out. I found myself sliding down the door, trying to catch my breath until that feeling made me look up to see him standing there, setting up a canvas.

“I was wondering when you’d show up.”

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked

“I need a model. What do you say, Ash?” Leon asked

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