Twilight Rouge: The Awakening (1/5)

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Moonlit Dream

POV: Ashely

As soon as I walked in, I went straight to my room, ignoring my dad's screaming for me to come back and get another lecture from him. Like, the first one in front of the school wasn't enough, or the one during the ride home wasn't pushing it. I threw my backpack against the wall and locked my door before trying to look for any of my extra notebooks, taring my room apart. When I couldn't find any I blanked out, I came back to reality, and everything was a mess, even me sitting in the middle of the room floor unable to feel anything. Not the tears that were falling off my face. Not the fact that I was cold. Not the blood that was sliding out my wrist. Nothing worked, and I was alone with nothing more than my thoughts. Nothing terrified me more than quiet moments like this.

Who are you?

Where are you?

Are you dead?

Are you alive?

Can you see?

Can they see?

Could he see?

"Shut up!" I muttered under my breath curling up making my way to a corner

Why do you deny the best part of yourself? Do you not have control over your own life?

"I do. I do have control." I replied

It doesn't seem like it. He's breaking you. I'm breaking you and now look you're even breaking yourself.

"No. No. No. NO! I am not!" I yelled


For the first time without the aid of a full moon, my inner wolf took complete control, forcing me to snap my head to look at a mirror. The reflection was not mine, but it sadly was. I slowly moved closer and closer, seeing myself in such a shape scared the hell out of me. I wanted to destroy the mirror the image and everything else, but I couldn't because that meant I had to destroy myself too. I shattered just like glass and repaired, but the cracks still visible, so much more fragile.

I'm sorry, but you need to see how he is ruining you. His control will kill us both unless you fight back.

To me, nothing else mattered. I was exhausted, my eyelids felt heavy, maybe from the crying or the lack of blood, but it didn't matter, I just wanted to sleep. To honestly start over and at this point, I didn't care how I'd get my reset button. Maybe this was a better way than nothing. I curled up back in the corner and waited, hoping just to let go of everything.

"Whe...where am I?" I asked looking around

Everything in the room was solid white like heaven, but I knew I wasn't dead at least, I thought I wasn't. I don't know, feeling numb and cold for so long, it was hard to tell the difference between the two something, even I had to confess. I wandered around the room before, noticing a door appear out of nowhere, and with nothing to do in the room, I decided to leave. Once I did leave, I came face to face with a dark brown wolf staring back at me with its' golden caramelized brown eyes. It glanced down before lightly growling, leaning its head to the side before slowly walking.

"But what about" I asked before noticing it was gone

The wolf was staring at me for a moment before continuing to push forward. I followed it down a long empty dark hallway to another door leading outside to the forest. The wolf stopped and stared at me, desperately wanting to move forward, but it was a full moon, and I didn't notice it at first, but a chain was on my ankle. I pulled at the chain, trying to break it anyway I could before hearing the wolf whimper. I looked over to see this beautiful creature with a collar on, straggling it slowly, making sure every second the wolf was suffering. Its wine was endless, as it fell to the ground crying out for something or someone to free it from that damn collar.

"STOP IT!" I shouted breaking the chain and grabbing the wolf off the ground

I took off the collar while running as fast as I could through the forest. It was barely breathing in my arms, and all I could say was that I was sorry. I stopped to look around for a moment, trying to figure out what I could do to help it. But then I heard an alarm go off and people coming near us, I had to keep running, so I did utterly blind. After a while, I felt like my legs were going to give out, the endless trees made finding the right path to follow was, well tricky would be putting it in kind words.

"Where the fuck should I go!?" I asked, looking around in circles until I heard a growl behind me. I slowly turned around to face a black wolf with solar green eyes. It growled at me and took off without a second noticed, expecting that I'd follow. I could barely keep up with its fast endless pace, even with legs completely numb; they felt heavy with every step I took. I felt drained; I couldn't talk because if I did, I was afraid I'd only waste energy; meanwhile, this wolf's stamina seemed endless. Quickly jumping over branches lakes and anything else blocking the path, I thought we'd never stop, but it eventually slowed down to a walking pace. I was finally allowed to catch my breath, and once I did, I could smell fire and food cooking.

"Hey, Al. Welcome back home."

"Leon? That's...that's your..." I started trying to catch my breath

"I see you brought a guest and a friend." He said walking over

I felt like I was going to pass out until he caught me and guided me over to a log to sit on. He stared at me before glancing down at the wolf in my arms. I nodded carefully, passing him the injured wolf, he looked concerned, holding it in his arms before looking back at me. I couldn't look him in the eye after passing off the wolf. Who the hell, I was trying to fool the wolf was mine, and he already knew if the best part of myself was damaged, then I was no better; in fact, I was worse off. He carefully placed the wolf in a grass patch while his wolf walked over, rubbing his snout against her fur and gently biting her ears before curling up beside her lightly, whining in hopes she'd get better. After having a moment to catch my breath, Leon gave me some water and poked at the fire sitting on a log across from me.

"I...I never wanted you to see us like this, either one of us." I said gripping the cup

"And you think I wanted you to see him or me like this? Our connection is something we can't avoid; you know that, right?" He asked before glancing over at the wolves

"Yeah. I'm starting to figure that out," I said before, redirecting my attention to him, "Why are you here?" I asked

"If you wanna know that'll have to wake up." He said

"Wait! No, not yet just a little while longer, please!" I begged

"Don't worry, we'll take care of her, but you have to wake up." He said

"Just five more minutes, I want to say....."

"Bye!" I shouted waking up to the sound of my alarm clock going off

I looked around my room in a panic, reopening my eyes, trying to catch my breath eventually. When I looked in the mirror, I felt like a part of myself was missing, but I oddly enough never felt better. The scars and buries that covered my skin was heal to the point where they looked nonexistent. I was thinking more clearly, and for once, I could feel something other than the morning dread still one thing lingered in my head.

What the fuck was that?

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