Clear Eyes Full Heart

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Chapter 10

The alarm blared, waking Drake up. Squinting he looked at the alarm clock ” 2:30? It’s too early,” he muttered turning it off and going back to sleep. A few moments later, the bedroom light was turned on ” I can’t believe you, you went back to sleep?!” Katrina screeched. Ice cold water was splashed on his face, and Drake spluttered awake. ” What the hell are you doing?” ” Wake up; you’re going to miss your flight stupid!” ” It doesn’t leave till five!” ” I don’t care; you’re so lazy you’ll sleep in! Now get up!” Drake groaned as he got in the shower and got dressed. When he stumbled to the kitchen, he saw Katrina had made breakfast ” hurry up, we have to pick up my idiot brother!” ” You cooked? I dunno if I want to eat that, it might kill me.” “I’m going to kill you if you miss this flight stupid!” ” Stop calling me stupid. Otherwise, you don’t get to come.” ” No! You’re stupid! You’re stupid; you’re stupid; you’re stupid!” ” And you’re a brat!” ” No, I’m not!” ” Yes, you are!” Katrina smiled and walked over to him, tugging on his cheek ” you’re lucky you’re cute. Seriously, we gotta go.”

A half-hour later Drake and Katrina were on their way to King’s house where King got put through the wringer by Katrina who only got moving once Katrina threatened to burn his clothes. Drake laughed as he saw Katrina nag King the whole time he was getting ready, and once Emily arrived, she assisted in nagging him. Finally, they were prepared to go. Tasha wished them a safe journey as they were about to leave, she was staying behind to look after the dogs and Oreo despite offers to her coming with them. The four went to the airport and caught their flight in time. And before Drake knew it, he was en route to his first college visit.

Drake smiled at Katrina who was resting her head on his shoulder ” you are unbelievable, you know that?” ” What do you mean?” Katrina asked smiling at him. Drake grinned, ” you were very mean this morning; I think you should be in timeout when we get home.” ” But I don’t want to be in timeout!” Katrina protested, puffing out her cheeks. Drake chuckled and kissed her forehead, ” tell you what, if you behave, you won’t be put in timeout.” Katrina chuckled ” I’m really excited for you and King, and I wouldn’t mind moving to Philidelphia. I just hope this college has everything we are looking for.” ” Me too,” Drake said. Katrina talked him into watching terrible movie after terrible movie until they touched down. Once they left the plane, Drake and King were greeted by a man wearing a suit holding a sign with their names. King and Drake introduced themselves, and they were put in a limo and driven away.

The four of them were taking in the sights of Philidelphia from inside the limo while helping themselves to the refreshments provided for them. Forty-five minutes later, they arrived at a beautiful college campus with a sign saying “Welcome to Philadelphia State University, Home of the Border Collies!” And underneath the sign was a banner that read “Welcome Drake Solace and King Sawyer!” They were dropped off in front of the school were they greeted by the dean, Mike Newman who gave them a tour around the campus. Drake had to admit; it looked perfect. They had one pool, and a rec room in each dorm hall, and each dorm room was more like a two-bedroom apartment. From there they were guided to the state of the art weight room where they met some of the players including their senior Quarterback Yankee Simmons and senior Tailback Paul Harman. ” Nice to meet you two, Coach feels like you two will be perfect fits for our offense,” Yankee said, shaking both their hands. ” Well we certainly hope so,” Drake said as they shook the players’ hands. ” Hey, Coach will be meeting with you two shortly before our Pre-game but, why don’t you boys show us what you can do?” Paul asked. ” We can head over to our practice field, and you can show us what you can do.” ” I’m okay with that” King said with a smile.

A half-hour later Drake and King were dressed in shorts, shoulder pads, and helmets, heading on the practice field going through the complex playbook and being walked through the plays by Yankee and Paul. ” Alright, let’s try 27 Dolphin, one of our easiest plays,” Yankee said. Drake nodded after looking over the play a few times. He got under center, grateful that the practice squad was willing to help him out. ” Down! Set Go!” Drake took the snap and faked a handoff to the Fullback before pitching it to King who managed to get ten yards upfield before being brought down. They ran a few more plays, managing to execute them successfully. ” Let’s try one more then we want to show you two a few tricks for your next game,” Yankee said. Drake nodded, and after one more play in which Drake throw a touchdown pass to King, Yankee and Paul showed them a few ways they could improve their game before they were interrupted by the Head Coach who introduced himself as Coach Gregory Taylor who eagerly greeted them and escorted them to a conference room.

" Well gentlemen, what do you think so far?” ” Coach, I must say, this is a great campus you got here, and I speak for King and myself when I mean, we have been enjoying ourselves so far,” Drake said. ” Well, we appreciate that gentlemen. In a few hours, it will be time for our rivalry game against Penn State, and we would like it if you not only led us out but if you joined our captains in calling the coin toss.” Drake and King looked at each other, shocked before looking back at Coach Taylor ” uh, we’d be honored to accept sir, that is a big honor” King said. ” We were hoping you’d say that,” Coach Taylor said. ” Gentlemen, we have a very proud football program here, and we know that other schools are heavily hunting you boys and we really want you here, so we are willing to match any offer made to you and then some. And your senior year, we will introduce you boys to our connections in the NFL. We will do anything for you two; all it takes is a Verbal Commitment.” ” Tell you what, we’ll have our answer tonight,” Drake said.

At seven in the evening, Drake and King found themselves wearing customized jerseys standing in the most elegant locker room they had ever been in, looking at the Border Collies in their black and white uniforms, holding their white helmets with their respective numbers on their helmets Drake and King led the Border Collies out of the tunnel to Aurora Stadium, home of the Border Collies. Drake and King’s breath was taken away as they saw the pageantry and felt the electricity from the excited home crowd. It was like nothing Drake had ever experienced. They walked with the team captains to the fifty and shook the hands of the Penn State captains and the referees. They called the toss and shook hands with everyone again. Drake and King then watched the game from the sideline, enjoying the whole experience as Philadelphia State University beat Penn State 41-27. After the game, Drake and King went to a high-end restaurant with the coaching staff with Emily and Katrina. "Well gentlemen, what do you think?” Coach Taylor asked. ” Coach, this whole thing has been amazing. Words cannot describe how grateful we are; this whole thing has been a lot of fun.” Drake said. ” Well it was our pleasure having your boys here, and I don’t mean to pressure you but what we want to know is, have you given our offer any thought.” King and Drake looked at each other and slowly nodded before looking at Coach Taylor ” sir; we talked about it and, we both would like to commit to playing for Philadelphia State University next fall,” King said.

Drake, King, Emily, and Katrina flew back home Sunday morning and told Tasha about their decision who smiled and hugged them both tightly ” I’m so proud of both of you.” She said. ” Coach Taylor wants you to call him so he can get you set up with a new job if you still want to come with us that is,” King said, handing her a card. ” Of course I’m coming with King.I’ll call him when I get a chance.” Drake’s phone rang, and he answered it, ” hello?” ” Hey, Drake it’s Coach Bud. How was your trip?” ” Good coach, we’ve decided to play for PSU.” ” Good for you, they have a fantastic program there, is King there?” ” Yeah, why?” ” Can you put me on speaker, I’m afraid I have bad news.” Drake frowned and put Coach Bud on speaker ” boys; I’m afraid Damien Colepepper’s parents aren’t too happy with you boys, they claimed you headhunted their son, and the Athletic Board agrees. They claim you quote ′ executed a cold and unwarranted assault on Mister Colepepper.′ Thus they have decided to suspend the two of you as well as James, Samson, and Andy for two games.”

Drake and King stood in place stunned and looked at each other ” that’s the rest of the season. How are we going to get to the playoffs?” Drake asked Coach Bud, King and himself.

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